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#4553502 What does this game need to be fun again?

Posted by greeneos on 15 December 2015 - 01:07 AM

"downgrading to ur lvl" thats the dumbest thing ive ever heard

except its not. the game got easier. its true people may have gotten "better" but most likely the game and especially the required level of coordination got dumbed down. currently RMD has rogue mage which has always been the "high skill combo". unfortunately due to this expacs spells/playstyle its the easiest to pull off. a mage rogue today would get CRUSHED running rmp in s8. you cant simply count down 3 2 1 and cheapshot deepfreeze an entire team at the same time. you had to do things kinda on the fly and coordinate at a moments notice. todays players would NOT be able to do it with there current level of skill

other comps are fairly easy to run too. your comp basically breaks down to 1 of 2 types. a dampening comp. stop cc which happens every 30 seconds or a cc comp which uses its cc every 30 seconds

every comp atm save WW dk (and even then) function around a 30-45 second rotation of instant cc or rely on dampening. in wotlk you had a million dif spellcleaves that had to CAST CC (OMG CASTING?!?) and CAST DAMAGE. you had double healer comps, melee cleave comps, melee caster healer comps. the list goes on and on and none of them had similar strats. godcomp and rmd both basically do the same shit dont they? wait for deep and use instant cc to land kills. boring and thats why its dead, its just the same shit
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#3966226 Blizzard Invites Players for a PvP Summit

Posted by greeneos on 16 October 2013 - 11:47 PM

the problem with pvp is simple

- pvp is dif than pve

- make pve and pvp completely sep games including spells, how they work in arena vs pve, how you gear pvp vs pve in terms of timeframes. pvp gear quicker and make gear "weaker" or useless outside arena. make pve gear just not work in arena. 100 percent separation of pvp and pve

- balance the game around what produces the best games. melee caster healer creates games where generally the caster is pressured and the melee are deeper in enemy territory. the healers are the furthest away from the fight

Team 1 healer - Team 1 caster- Team 2 melee - Team 1 melee - Team 2 caster - Team 2 Healer

this basic positioning has give and take. if you go for an enemy healer you give up your healers positioning. in the current game pushing a healer isnt a matter of anything more than cds available. positioning matters but its harder to punish it in mop than other expacs

- melee + range having half of an MS. give each a 25 percent ms so combining the 2 gives 50 percent ms while stacking them brings only 25

this means 2 melee have 25 ms, 2 casters have 25 ms but 1 caster and 1 melee have 50 percent.

its things like this that will eliminate CLEAVE style play

- casters are burst and melee are sustain. casters should do the same damage as melee but only be doing the damage half the time or maybe less damage but again burst for less of the time. this is "setup" if melee are the lockdown and control and casters are the cc and damage that is how the better team wins

casters and melee currently have both cc and control + damage. split it up so that 2 halves makea whole
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