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Interesting warlock nerfs

27 July 2013 - 02:19 AM

  • Grimoire of Sacrifice (Affliction) You sacrifice your demon to gain one of its abilities, increase the power of many of your single target spells by 30% 20% and regenerate 2% of maximum health every 5 sec.
  • Haunt You send a ghostly soul into the target, dealing [ 2,804 + 262.5% of Spell Power ] Shadow damage and increasing all periodic damage done by your spells on the target by 45% for 8 sec. Warlock - Affliction Spec. 1 Soul Shard. 40 yd range. 1.5 sec cast.

    So they want to buff our burst and now they're sending us back into dots, just inclusive the nerfs to drains. Okay what is going on?

    OH SHIT !
  • Item - Warlock PvP Set 4P Bonus Increases damage done by your Agony, Corruption, Doom, Immolate, and Unstable Affliction by 10%. Reduces the cooldown of Unending Resolve by 20 sec.

    Okay .... OKAY

Chaos Bolt 25% Dmg nerf

30 May 2013 - 11:54 PM

So yeah

"It’s come to our attention that a change to Chaos Bolt has been causing some confusion, and we want to clarify what’s going on with the ability.

First, some history: since its introduction, the Warlock spell Chaos Bolt hasn’t been interacting correctly with Resilience. There are two sources of Resilience:

  • Base Resilience
  • Resilience from gear
Resilience from gear has been lessened with patch 5.3, and now players at level 90 have 65% base Resilience.

Prior to patch 5.3, Chaos Bolt was taking into account both base Resilience and Resilience provided by gear, but due to a bug, it was actually taking Resilience from gear into account twice. Once we reduced Resilience from gear and fixed the issue with double dipping Resilience from gear, Chaos Bolt started hitting considerably harder than intended.

We’ve since resolved this issue, so now Chaos Bolt only takes Resilience into account once (both base and gear Resilience) and we’ve reduced the damage it does against players by 25% to bring its damage into line with intended values."

Not sure what to get from this, this might be why people didn't think Chaos Bolt scaled with PvP Power.