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In Topic: SS vs EF vs SH

24 September 2013 - 12:28 AM

Sacred shield isn't dispellable by the way (actually, the 6 second shield proc buff is dispellable, but not the source of it). EF and SH are fully dispellable.

SH - makes you lose lots of globals for something that doesn't even compare to a SS or EF up on all your teammates (its the worst talent of the 3, honestly)

Just did some tests on my full tyrannical hpal: SS provides ~6818 HPS, and EF provides ~12373 HPS on yourself and ~6186 HPS on other targets (without any heal reductions, was on open world). The instant healing of EF is also the same as WoG... I was using sacred shield in all situations, but after looking at this EF seems pretty good when you are taking damage, or when you are playing 5v5/RBG where you cant cover everyone with sacred shield.

Just noticed something big too, EF ticks can crit, while SS can not. So go ahead and multiply the EF HPS listed up there with your spell crit. My spell crit atm is at 22.5% (yes, I reforge crit), so 6186 x 1,225 = 7577 average HPS on targets other than yourself, and 12373 x 1,225 = 15156 average HPS on yourself. If on top of that you added the mastery percentage, it would be even better, but they removed it

Mannn, after taking time to look into this, i fell in love with EF

New change on tues: "Eternal Flame's heal-over-time effect is increased by 50% when used on the Paladin (down from 100%)."
~11365 HPS self, down from 15156
After this nerf, and looking into the fact that your EF will not have a 100% uptime and effectiveness (when you wog at 1 or 2 holy powers, the 3hp hot is replaced by a weaker hot, so using non-3hp wogs would reduce effectiveness) I think i will stick with sacred shield

In Topic: Holy: what is our biggest problem?

20 September 2013 - 04:27 PM

what are you guys thoughts on bringing back insta FoLs on infusion of light procs?