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#3810903 TRUE Swifty One Shot

Posted Veev on 26 November 2012 - 04:25 AM

I don't post many video highlights, but I thought this one was pretty epic, since the winner kept rank 1, there was an awesome swifty one shot (veev one shot?!), AND it happened after we thought we had lost.

Short version:

Long version:

#3805280 Demo Aura change in 5.1

Posted Jidox on 15 November 2012 - 04:12 AM

Remove blood fear, bring back casted fear, bring back consistent damage around the board so that dps can pressure outside of cooldowns adding some form of skill to the idea of which team can outpressure the other (i.e. lock mirror, which lock fakes better, has better dot management and does more dmg overall and fears at the right time to create pressure/peel). This cooldown based game is rather boring I feel, and it makes it so that the difference between a top player and low player becomes even less, because everyone pops their swifty macro and blood fear can be pressed by a 1500 player or a r1 player, due to the execution being just as easy for any player. Delete instant CC, delete blankets, improve consistent damage, reduce burst on cds.

#3798729 Swifty's 1-shot Macro is getting out of hand.

Posted Tosan on 03 November 2012 - 01:34 AM

The chaos must be stopped.

#3798106 Affliction vs Destruction, this season ?

Posted Nadagast on 01 November 2012 - 06:18 PM

I am skeptical that Affliction will be better enough with full gear that it'll be real and fun to play, especially in 2s.

Play Demo!  It's pretty bursty but the sustained is reasonable too.  Ultimately all three Warlock specs in MoP are not fun (for me) to play.  I think there are two big problems:

1. Too many instant casts.  Blood Fear, Soul Burn Soul Swap, almost every Demo Spell, etc.  I'm not sure Wrath Affliction would work with the current crazy state of interrupts+CC, but Warlocks need to actually be able to pressure when not CCed.  Leaving an Affliction Warlock alone to freecast is not at all scary.  It needs to be, at least a bit.

2. Damage is proportioned really badly.  Destruction damage is super weak besides Chaos Bolt, and Chaos Bolt isn't even that strong without Dark Soul up.  Affliction damage is weak, unless you have Dark Soul up.  For those ~20-30 seconds while your Dark Soul DoTs are rolling, you can actually rot the entire enemy team.  Demonology has low non-pet steady state damage, but bursts for huge amounts with Dark Soul.

I think these two points are linked, but this second point is by far the worst problem with the class.  Steady state damage (that is, damage when not blowing all your CDs) is way too low, partially because our generator spells simply hit for terrible amounts, and partially because we're mostly generating secondary resource when not blowing our CDs.  The secondary resources for each spec really feel like they're just an extra bunch of CDs that you blow with your swifty macro.  I need to make sure I have lots of secondary resource for each Dark Soul I cast, otherwise I've wasted the Dark Soul, so I have to be mostly in generator-mode while my CDs are down and mostly in spending-mode when my CDs are up.  This adds to the huge damage spike that we get when we Dark Soul and forces the steady state damage to be low as hell.  Without CDs, Soul Fires hit for about 17k, Incinerates about 20k, and Affliction DoTs tick for about 4k.  These numbers are literally half of what they should be, in my opinion.  Of course, nerf our burst accordingly.

#3793462 DDOSing bads

Posted Athlete on 21 October 2012 - 05:54 PM

View Postmimmick, on 20 October 2012 - 11:32 AM, said:

why are you saying something your team is like the most known ddosers

This isn't completely true.  As many times as I've played with and against Bailamos, we've never had any issues with ddos even though all of our skypes were completely available to him.  I'll list some names here that are frequently involved in ddosing:

Poppychulo / Eleqtriq
Shiftyx / Cosherz

These are names that I can think of off of the top of my head without looking through screenshots, because they are always in groups together.

#3793323 Do they know their own game?

Posted Reesezpiecez on 21 October 2012 - 09:48 AM

Do you even know how miniscule the PVP population is in WoW? Its actually insane if you just think about it and toss some simple math around, its an almost negligible % of the overwall WoW community. You could get every single person that was ever registered on AJ to quit and Blizzard would still be just as bad at balancing arena.

For real though, balance isn't even the key to how viable a game is as an e-Sport and obviously its not the key to the longevity of a game, because according to every PVPer, Blizzard is the worst at balancing and yet here you all are, 12 seasons in, years later, still playing. Wanna know why?

Cause arena is fun, theres nothing quite like it, no matter how terrible the balance is, the mere core concepts of teamwork and fundamentals of arena will consistently make it addicting and enjoyable. In fact, thats how its always been, and its not even a concept that applies to arena or WoW exclusively, it applies to many competitive games at the highest echelon.

Typically I would say that should be good enough, arena is fun and thats why you all are still playing. Unfortunately, the way this game has evolved ( Not necessarily the balance, I suppose i'm lending this statement moreso towards how arena is played due to the overflux/influx of instant CC in the game ), the disdain for the gameplay is starting to outweigh the overall enjoyment of arena. I wouldn't say thats a balance issue necessarily though.

I have no idea where I was going with this. TLDR - You could get every PVPer to quit and Blizzard would still suck at balancing gg no re mi

#3777921 Just a normal day on Abni's stream

Posted Bigmoran on 23 September 2012 - 08:54 AM

#3769103 #1 PvP Server?

Posted diglett23 on 15 September 2012 - 03:55 AM

I think Cho'Gall would be good tbh, since its on Rampage meaning we would still be able to play the people on Illidan as well but not have to deal with the log in queues and spam of the server.

#3768772 #1 PvP Server?

Posted Jah2828 on 14 September 2012 - 10:00 PM

east coast goes to tich .. 100-200ms ... east to illi ~40ms  .... west to illi, ~80ms.

80ms is much easier to deal with than 200

#3678625 US-Stormstrike 2v2 S10

Posted brosearch on 05 April 2012 - 03:21 PM

View PostQtwithabooty, on 05 April 2012 - 12:33 PM, said:

I guess if you enjoy queing into numerous 2100 teams on a dead bg then that's great.

There's maybe only a handful(sub 3) capable 2400+ teams on this bg that occasionally que, not to mention that it seems his previous 3s has replaced him.

I'd prefer to sit and play other games like bf3 or mw3

no disrespect man (and i hope you dont take it this way cuz im really not tryin to be a jerk here), but you and I both know your team doesnt camp for that reason. you guys were handed your rating with pre nerf Heroic vial and a cunning as rls.

now that those 2 trinkets dont do insane dmg, you guys would not have a team at the rating u do with the ratio you do.

again no disrespect but lets just be honest here. I know glad is important and shit but dont post some false reason why you dont que anymore.

edit: im sure you will think im a jerk, so sorry in advance im really not tryin to come off that way cuz i have nothing against you or your team :)

#3538944 Feral pvp

Posted Khryl on 04 November 2011 - 08:29 PM

Hey, for a new feral druid, id recommend a few things if u already havnt done, you need focus cyclone/feral charge/skull bash/roots/hibernate/fairy fire (for breaking grounding and keeping it on rogues/druid), bash, Also because of all these different focus macros, its hard to have /cast arena1 cyclone macros etc. So just get /target arena1/2/3 and /focus arena1/2/3, it works nearly just as well and as a feral u dont have all those extra boxes to put 25 casting arena1-3 macros. So just targeting macros, then do the spell. Your playstyle determines whether to reforge crit or mastery, like most of the druids, i reforge mastery so i can do more bleed dmg while im controlling the other team. Gemming wise, Id recommend getting 20 agi/20 resil for yellow, spell pen for blue, and depending on your resilience, gem 20 agi/resil or 40 agi gems for red. I personally gemmed agility for red, and even wore a PvE trinket, (Ancient Petrified Seed), the 1 min CD for agility, and 1 min CD for my engineering gloves, went amazingly with my 30 sec CD tigers fury when applying hard bleeds. So when i was focusing on controlling the other team i was doing great dmg still when bleeds were up. The only macros I play with besides my /target arena 1-3 and /focus arena 1-3, and focus macros, are combining stampeding roar cat/bear, and putting /cancelaura Dash in there, and also for Dash i put /cancelaura stempeding roar cat/bear in there, so when dash was up, and i was in a nova, i could take dash off and then break the nova with stampeding roar etc. Some things new ferals tend to not notice, is the 15% bonus from tigers fury for a few seconds after activation, this goes amazingly well when applying bleeds, sometimes i even use tigers fury when im 2/3 energy and dont access the full 60 energy from Tigers fury, just because i wanted to apply my Rip/Rake with the 15% dmg bonus from up Tigers fury, because as i hope you know, any dmg buff you have on you when your applying bleeds, will apply a dmg increase to that bleed for its full effect, even if the buff wears off. For example your rip lasts 15 seconds, and before u applied the rip u have a +10000 attack power increase for just one second. Well that +10000 attack power will be applied to the rip for its entire duration. SO, its good to try and apply rip/rake when tigers fury buff is activated. Personally whenever i do manage to do this on every other bleed effect or so, i say in skype to my team, "I got hard bleeds up", because they will do more dmg than normal. Another thing i tend to see new ferals make mistakes on is cycloning into grounding totems, or not rebuffing. In other words they have a very difficult time landing instant cyclones on Resto shamans. Against a good one, it is in fact actually hard. A good resto shaman will try to purge off any instant cyclone, and they have about 2 seconds at least to do it because you need to break the grounding totem first, (to break the grounding totem, use the focus fairy fire macro i said in the beginning). To try and get around this, repeatedly rebuff your team with mark of the wild, the buff itself helps a lot more than you'd think, and it decreases the chance a shaman or priest etc. will land a dispel on your instant cyclone. Also asking your teammates to rebuff constantly if they have any. Another problem with Feral Druids, is our skull bashed is beyond bugged. A lot of players (most of them despise feral druids), will claim that were just bad when we say "My skull bash bugged", and theyll say we just kicked into a paladins aura mastery etc. But this bug tends to occur VERY often, and every descent Feral knows about it. What happens is even if we land a Skull bash on someones cast, it wont lock them out, or even interrupt them. Reason im bringing this up, is its crucial that you never depend on Skull bash being a reliant CC. Its good to take advantage of your instant hibernates on other feral druids, to try bash a healer maybe, instant hibernate a druid, and then cast a cyclone on the healer after the bash. Ofc they'res many different ways you could line this up without it being easily avoided but this is a great way. This can also be applied to rooting warriors, rogues, and DKs. etc. However im sure you wont find that very useful much with the decline in melee being viable in arena atm. pewpew. With the rogues weapons becoming better in every patch, their damage in smokebomb kydneys are being increased, and frankly the resilience of feral druids isnt keeping up. Its extremely crucial that you SAVE YOUR BARKSKIN, I see so many Feral Druids just using it when their feared, and i dont even know why....make sure against a good rogue, that you save your trinket and barkskin for those hard switches those tricky switches rogues like to pull. Feral Druids gives rogues orgasms when they switch to you when your not in bear....and you cant just sit in bear the entire game so its near unavoidable unless you pull something clutch or they make it obvious by vanishing 3 feet infront of your face, and give u 3 seconds to go bear lol. Anyways, with the new damage increases from rogues, you need to try and determine whether you need to barkskin or trinket in the kydney bomb on you. If your allready half hp, id recommend trinketing and getting out as fast as possible, if your full or near full HP, barkskin. If your ever viable for a switch to, and ur half HP and trinket is down....you should be expecting a switch and keeping an eye on the rogue, also try to keep fiary fire on the rogue at all times, it can be annoying for a healer when they need to constantly dispel it, so dont be discouraged when you find yourself applying it every 10 seconds. A lot of ferals tend to ask me when to pop Survival instincts or Barkskin, I actually see barkskin as a MUCH better survivablity than Survival instincts, I tend to find myself using SI just to keep myself playing offencive, but with barkskin being a 1 min CD, and usable while CCd, i find it much more efficient, but theres always those times where I might Survival Instincts right before a rogues bomb. But that would be their mistake for being to obvious. I wrote all this during my schools English class, i was bored. PEWPEW good luck =D

Cleaned it up a lil bit