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Twitch streamer gets robbed live!

10 June 2014 - 09:37 AM

timeline of events

01:56 - Sajedene hears a knock
03:10 - Intruder breaks in, Sajedene runs to investigate.
03:32 - Suspected intruder steps into cam
07:20 - Intruder steps into cam again, seemingly looting.
and carrying Sajedene's firearms
12:30 - Sajedene's team-mates read the twitch chat and find out that a robbery is under progress.
15:50 - intruder steps into cam once again, shutting down the lights amongst other things.
17:09 - webcam gets disconnected
17:17 stream ends, probably from computer getting disconnected.

At this point in time One culprit is in custody whilst at least one additional person is at large.

If she'd just said something on the mic before running off her buddies could've called the police straight away..