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A Question for the PvP Community

02 January 2015 - 04:21 AM

Hey, i have a question for the community / generally competitive players of the game.
with the state of the game being where its at, stuff like:

-BoP capping bases in RBGs
-Grip knocks in RBGs
-Double DK 3k rating 2s
-General win trading in all brackets.
-PQR (register your kicks etc /Stopcasting) gg you just got out skilled by a 1500 Russian player 50x in a row that just picked up the game from gamestop 3 days ago.
-Honor buddy (Oh hey imma just put this on and win..) [ https://www.youtube....h?v=jDVJ-Z2I35Y ] you can find routines like this for every single fucking class.. Imagine this in the hands of a gladiator, turn of the stupid rotation etc and put on auto saps, auto blind trinkets, etc, etc
-80% of the bracket is piloted.. Literally.. Just ask how carries reckful, sodah, venruki, minpojke, dakkroth has done in their time playing this game.
-The wrong classes getting nerfed constantly due to the impact they have on PvE (basically breaking PvP)
-Noobing down the game by removing half the spellbook
-Flyhacking (Bailamos what up)
and probably alot more that i'm not thinking of just now..

lets be honest the community for wow PvP is generally disgusting. Granted there are nice people around, But generally its filled with elitist virgins that think they are better than everyone and acts like they are gods among men while using stuff like said above.

I agree wow can be funny from time to time, some arenas w/e, its fun until you face someone that blatantly cheats (usually takes 3-5 games) in EU on standard mmr like 2.2/2.4.
BUT with all said above why do you still care to keep playing that much? Trying to be competitive in a game where the end reward is equal to nothing?

I have personally played since 2005 and never before have i seen the game in this bad of a state when it comes to competitive play.
So my question to all of you who read this is; what keeps you running? why do you still queue even though you know there will be win traders taking your gladiator spots / r1's at the end of the season anyway?

TLDR; Cheaters, Cheaters everywhere. What keeps you motivated to play this game?