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In Topic: Bring Back 45 Minute games

02 April 2014 - 04:22 PM

despite what comp i'm playing, I enjoy healing against LSD, personally. I think there's a lot of mind games to be played, a lot of ways to manage the dots / dmg / cc, but so long as I have decent teammates it's pretty fun to me. A lot of that probably has to do with me being a shaman... but yeah.

i dont think that the damage is the issue personally i think the damage is about where it needs to be if you're trying to balance it out with other stuff, but if anything is an issue it's the suitability... but that's not really an lsd problem it's a problem with the game / a lot of (maybe most) classes having a million cds (rdruids, ele sham kinda, warlocks, mages, etc) to keep alive. That's just kind of how the game is now.

I do kind of wish though that there was still kind of a factor that you will be punished if you just turtle. Like i felt like a long time ago, if you focused on living you could live longer, but you would not be able to pressure and force cds / force a possible win. Now you can just turtle (as many comps) and eventually get a kill or gib (or have dampening kick in if that's something that helps your team more than the other). I'm not so much complaining that you should not be able to live if you focus everything on that, just that you should have to offer more offense or something in order to play so defensively.

I think that the current state is just really boring and not so much strategy or really even like high synergy anymore, but rather constantly trying to force the stars to align so you can win (FINALLY mage no block no snap no trinket, druid no block no trinket, and our pom is up and all our cc drs are off)..


In Topic: [RMP] Struggling vs RSham KFC

08 February 2014 - 11:50 PM

if u can handle it the best thing u can do is just run at the shaman and never miss a kick, don't get juked, don't let them get a cast off, don't die / get completely peeled off.

otherwise best opener is on hunter with a nice healthy cc chain on shaman u should be able to force at least deter, possibly a trinket with just normal damage as long as you don't get all shockwaved or feared (cc chain usually like deep into polly polly polly blanket cs chastise fear, or something along those lines). hopefully u can rinse and repeat as drs will be up on that cc chain, maybe look to swap onto warrior if overextend or sham if no trinket and in a good spot 4 ya. Make sure if u gonna deep or any stun on sham for cc that u are going to have a nice cc chain, if u deep and cant follow up and they get ns off before the pom polly or blanket or w/e, the sham can't be chained long enough to force stuff and u can't swap cus waste stun dr so ya.

In Topic: Charge nerfed

01 February 2014 - 01:27 PM

i wish could just like vote to give kaska 30 Prideful Gladiator titles spread across his toons and let us skip the season into xpack to c if its any gucci xp