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#3820400 The current state of Feral

Posted smander on 13 December 2012 - 03:07 PM

druids immune to hex, poly - can be beast feared, hibernated means they have the same amounts of "cc"
Root shifting for the damage they can do is a bit stupid; altho it does use a 1.5 GCD
           Taking a look at the other melee
--warriors insane mobility, near fear invulnerably, heavy damage, strong aoe control (20 sec aoe stun/1.5 min aoe fear)
--rogues hmmm ya
--enhancement insane anti-caster abilities between purges, multiple totems, and ranged short CD interrupt
--dks heavy damage moderate defensive lacking off cc
--monk ?
3x3min CDs vs other classes 1-1.5/2 min CD stacking is a debatable argument
feral fear pathing is the absolute worst in the game b/c they run faster then everyone they also run SO far away
ferals are SQUISHY without symbiosis for bubble/disperse; these arent' OP dual mastery go bear tank with a 20k physical shield absorbtion ability Cata druids. These are 7k armor, 11% dodge kitty form druids
if they take away PS Clone (which can be purged, spell stole, grounded, cc'd through) how do u expect a melee to get off a 1.5 sec 5/3/1 cc... basically makes it worthless after 2nd hard cast just from a GCD cost vs benefit perspective