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Surging Mist on PTR

13 November 2013 - 08:42 PM

Surging Mist Heals the lowest health party or raid member within 45 yards for [ 17,242 + 180% of Spell Power ]. Generates 1 Chi. If cast while channeling Soothing Mist, Surging Mist will be instant cast and heal that target over all others. Requires Serpent Stance. 8% 8.8% of Base Mana. 40 yd range. 1.5 sec cast.

I know surging mist is still expensive, but does this mean we can use it out of LoS? If so, that's pretty nice, even if they did increase the mana cost slightly. Being able to surging mist a partner while being safely behind a pillar would be so awesome.

If I'm not critting...

03 November 2013 - 11:09 PM

I often don't have the globals to keep my partners up, even when I am not being CC'd.

Also, sometimes I need to tell my partners to "wait" for things like Hand of Freedom, because damage is so high that if I use the global someone else ends up dying.

Anyone else? Nerf battle fatigue more please. Healers too stronk.

Resto Shaman Discussion: Season 14 Edition

18 September 2013 - 02:43 PM

Lets talk all things Resto Shaman for season 14. What comps are everyone running? How are you finding things? What do you think the general state of the class/spec is at the moment? Glyphs, Talents, Tips? Let's hear it all.

Let me start...

• So far I am thinking Warrior/Spriest/RShaman is our strongest comp... RLS and Shadowcleave also seem decent, on paper at least.

• TSG is running rampant, which is pretty frustrating. Warriors and Rogues are strong again, which is equally frustrating.

• Train the blue is still the main cleave strat, it seems. Would be fine if we had real ways of dealing with it.

• Ferals, one of our better partners last season are no longer the peel/off heal bots they once were. Of course, they still cleave us well...

• I currently believe CoE > Projection in most if not all circumstances.

• Hunters seemingly have more CC than last season, which is pretty hysterical.  

• The new healing steam talent is pretty nice.

• I feel we are near the bottom tier of healers simply because of the amount of cleave and rogue teams currently playing.

All that said, we are only one day in. Would love to hear other experiences so far, and would love to hear what is currently working well and how everyone is doing in general!