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#3868634 Funniest Arena/RBG momments

Posted Tist on 29 March 2013 - 09:06 PM

back in the heyday of 2s in s4, I was trying to carry my friend's warrior alt to weapon on my druid, we were 1 win away

we queued into a disc/mage, also 1 win away

after an hour, we didn't want to leave and neither did they

after 2 hours, the priest whispers me and proposes rolling for the game.  My warrior insists we shouldn't just give in to them, we can still win.

after 3 hours, the priest starts begging us to just let them win because "my mage is only 15 and we just need one win for his weapon man please"

after 4 hours, the priest informs me that his mage's gear is starting to break

10 minutes and an evocate and ice block later, we finally kill the mage with now 100% broken gear

that MAY have been where I really started to dislike priest/mage and the 2s bracket.