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#3681910 class balance and flamers

Posted Donald on 10 April 2012 - 03:57 PM

i read over all this stuff so im going to respond individually

View PostKelarm, on 10 April 2012 - 05:26 AM, said:

LSD2 with full pvp gear is barely even viable at the top of the ladder.  We can barely land a kill on a competent, oom shaman/rogue, shaman/spriest, or ret/dk team after rotating perfect CC on them for 5-10 minutes and setting up multiple drinks to get the game to that point.  Cleaves are usually an uphill battle and winning depends on them trinketing retarded shit and blowing their CDs before they even connect (which they all do).  Triple dps is an asshair away from impossible.  -20 every time you see a random 2150 ret/rogue/hunter.

Can't comment on the comp with pve gear though, it's probably stronger.  We can't even get our hands on a single raid finder cunning.


This is total bullshit, LSD2 is one of the most strategic and adaptable comps I've ever played.  If pvp gear was actually the correct gear to wear in pvp, there wouldn't be a team or comp in the game that I would want to avoid.
right, i was under the idea that lsd2 is just very simple and thats why i didnt like it. not sure if i should be convinced otherwise yet. rls might be OP but alteast they have more advanced strats than "k dot the whole other team and oom them" literally no matter what, that is the strat. i rly dont care if lsd2 is good or bad or ladder worthy or whatever, im not discussing that.

btw, i dont know how this thread got so far off track. the idea of the discussion is - do ppl have a right to bitch about just one spec when all the viable specs are relative/comparable, and do i have a right to bitch about lsd2 (or any comp that has 1, very simple strat)?

also, as a spec that can deal with triple dps relatively well (im not hardcountered) i can tell the...

^ i actually got half way through writing that and thought - nope, i rly havent been able to tell the difference btw a good and bad trip dps lol

View PostTosan, on 10 April 2012 - 06:48 AM, said:

I actually don't know how good shadowplay can be right now, since TALBADAR, LORD OF THE SHADOWS isn't around to show everyone how it's done, but that might be the only other comp that may stand next to almighty RLS!  Maybe?
three blizzcon players playing the same comp for thousands of games on TR and on live, practicing on a pro team is to be put on a different lvl - the highest meta game possible. as far as reasonable, comparable teams/comps/ladders go, splay is not on rls' level.

while talking about them, i think they brought a comp that has a simple strat that i complain about (just dot everything) and just mastered positioning/cc rotations they can actually muster. they're clearly a splay on a different lvl, but all i can get out of isaac is "well we've practiced for a year so we got rly good at it." .......

View PostFilovirus, on 10 April 2012 - 09:15 AM, said:

filo's post

as that applies to me, i dont care enough to practice splay nearly to the level that rodney has, or to get the gear needed to out-raidgear good lsd2s. but overall, all of that makes sense, you can play enough to outgear/outstrategize an enemy team/comp in many more cases than this community realizes.

i still think lsd2 requires relatively no coordination/strategy in relation to the success it can achieve. i havent heard an argument to the contrary, though.

im glad some of the posts didnt devolve to 'blah blah is OP' - we already know what is OP, pointless discussing that. just read my original post if you want to see what i wanted this thread to be about.

edit: i've actually answered one of my own questions. of course dot cleaves are stupid. i've played splay alot, it's pretty god damn simple. which begs an important question: what wins/plays in a game should players be proud of? what plays in a game require the most coordination/are hardest to pull off? that is a huge problem in this community, everyone is so incredibly cynical that 'no one ever makes good plays, their abilities are just overpowered.' even if a good play is made, theres never a "nice coordination, good cc, you guys made unexpected/good plays, i usually never seen your comp do something like that."

#3515664 2.2k, Does it mean anything ?

Posted Sascatuan on 13 October 2011 - 03:15 PM

Nothing means nothing in wow, therefore nothing =something+2200/nothing-something. So the answer is even a caveman can do it. Take the game for what it is because no matter what achievment you earn in the game will still prove nothing, play for fun!

#3483236 Old ArenaJunkies.com

Posted Easiestsap on 13 September 2011 - 02:35 PM

I think we should start cutting down with the trolling on arenajunkies and start moving back towards how the site was when it was first brought up.  I remember when I could go onto aj and look up spec's, gear setups, what comps were strong and browse the forums and everyone was helpful. Now it is just full of arrogant people who sit there and troll the forums all day, a good thread can go to shit very quickly from those kind of people.  I think everyone should start to try to show consideration for other people's threads and if the threads are irrelevant, just report the thread to a mod instead of flaming and trolling like a adolescent retard. If you are going to post on a thread at least post something constructive. That is all thank you, have a great day.

#3455527 What 4.3 should bring for Mages

Posted Numbtoes on 26 August 2011 - 10:25 AM

View Postkannetixx, on 26 August 2011 - 06:36 AM, said:

ya i seriously dont know why people complain about mages being human or not .. i was human and still pull ridiculous damage off as a troll im off maybe 3-4k MAYBE .. im still pulling some 35k - 37k frostbolt crits easily with my cooldowns - mastery is an issue for all mages ..


Although, I noticed after trying human for a week, that people can get executed from 75k if I have all of my procs up. And as a gnome my biggest shatters were around 65k.

And stacking mastery is definitely viable for all mage races not just humans.