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Owl Opener

27 August 2014 - 09:38 PM

Hey guys,

been trying out Moonkin lately and the one thing I struggle with are my openers (2v2 double dps). I think once the game is rolling I can keep up pressure and kite and heal somehow reasonably (I come from Resto), however, I always seem to lag behind at start where everyone swiftys the shit out of either me or my partner and I have to play defensively at the start almost every game.

The way I usually do it is start in stealth, position myself, open up with moonkin form, celestial alignment, starfall, moonfire etc... Sometimes I try to cyclone/root/beam someone before the celestial.

However, it seems that the opposing team is always able to put out more pressure in the start before I'm able to spread my dots and before a Starsurge procs. They usually jump right at me, popping all shit and stuff, stunning me several times while unloading CDs (yeah, partner peels, but that doesnt help for putting up counterpressure). This forces me to heal/kite and thus even more diminishing our pressure.

Is there a "swifty opener" for boomkin? Or am I just doing it bad because I start in stealth? Any help appreciated. I tried a few YT vids, but most of them showcase matches not from the very beginning but start somewhere in the middle :(

I'd be grateful for any help.