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In Topic: Tactic's Enhance PvP Guide

Today, 10:04 AM

Awesome guide man!

This macro isn't working for me; it only shows the tooltip for call of the elements.

this one just changes tooitip depending on talent.

/use Call of the Elements
/use Totemic Projection
/run SetMacroSpell("Tier2", GetSpellInfo"Call of the Elements" or GetSpellInfo"Totemic Projection")

In Topic: Enhance shaman WoD!

07 December 2014 - 01:13 AM


You make some good points man. Windshear is really frustrating now. Without the gloves bonus, like you said it's nigh impossible to kick healers if they know how to position. Wtb old earthbind lol that was the best.

I played enhance rogue (we had the most success with combat) and disc to 2k+. It definitely feels like you have to severely outplay a lot of the comps on ladder in order to win. Even then you still might lose lol :P

In Topic: Enhance shaman WoD!

07 December 2014 - 12:40 AM

As far as cc for enhance. it feels so unreliable right now.

We have hex, capacitor totem, and the earth elemental stun if you're running primal elementalist.

Capacitor: Difficult to use against competent teams since it can easily be destroyed. Totemic projection can go a long way to making it useful, and totemic vigor can prevent it from being stomped to some extent. However, I feel like that is a lot to put into a one mediocre spell and taking totemic vigor is rarely if ever worth taking in my opinion since there are so many other helpful glyphs.

Pulverize (elemental stun): Feels super unreliable and clunky.

Hex: Against melee, they can easily kick, stun, etc when you go for a hex (since you're standing right next to them 99% of the time). Ranged classes can obviously stop it as well but it feels a lot more difficult versus cleaves. If you actually manage to not be interrupted, the healer can los it, priests can invis, druids can morph, etc.

I understand and support the decision to reduce a lot of the instant cc in the game and I'm actually glad that there is skill and counterplay involved in getting cc off (at least as enhance), but there is still tons of instant cc (especially on melee classes and hunters) and it feels like a double standard that enhance has to put so much effort into getting cc off, when hex is already on a 45 second cd, a lot of classes can dispel it, and every other melee has reliable instant cc.

Of course, you can solve these problems through better positioning, cross cc when you're playing against a team w/ decurse, cap stunning or otherwise ccing the dps when you go for a hex, hexing druids off of cap stun or your partners' cc, juking interrupts, etc. It just feels like we have to put wayyyy more effort into getting our mediocre cc off than other melees. I understand that enhance is more of a support/utility role but this is still pretty dumb.

TL;DR enhance has to put way more effort into getting cc than other melee classes, hunters are OP.

Discuss :)

In Topic: Enhance shaman WoD!

28 November 2014 - 08:15 AM

rofl dude.. read this and then saw the glyph was available. WTF :D

In Topic: R1/2xGlad Mage LF WoD Teams

18 November 2014 - 05:00 AM

Howdy. I play enhancement. My highest rating is 2400+. I'm usually on every day . Let me know if you're interested :)