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[Warlock] Losing spot to Moonkins?

07 November 2014 - 06:21 PM

This is not a QQ, I'm not asking to buff Warlocks or nerf Moonkins, I'm just explaining my issue and see if some Warlocks (I would specially want to hear from high rated ones) share this concern.

This is about competitive 3v3 arenas btw.

- With the chance in CC DRs, Cyclone and Fear are now in the same category. Cyclone is basically better in any way possible, unless fear keeps it's status of being basically a stun and not breaking (wich is not the case on 6.0 and I agree it was OP as hell).
- Boomkins have better mobility than Warlocks, they can spread dots/starfall for pressure in 3v3, and they can burst than Affliction with Starsurge.
- Boomkins have awesome off-healing utility.
- Warlocks can survive bursts/switches better than Druids tho.
- Warlocks have gate to help your partners, but it was nerfed by a good ammount (range).

Considering that destruction is a turret, thus will not be viable, and Demonology never was good in the first place (so I don't have hopes of it being actually good on WoD, and even then), why would a team bring an Affliction Warlock if they can bring a Balance Druid instead? What can we bring to the table other than our own survivability? Why would anyone preffer Fear over Cyclone?

And more importantly, what can I, as a Warlock, do to be a better player in this scenario so that I can find a good team, instead of losing spots to Druids?

Thanks in advance, and I hope this doesn't come out as a simple QQ, one of the reasons I rolled a Warlock in the first place is because they were the unrepresented/underpowered class (before you start laughing, mind you that this was on patch 1.3~1.4).

[Rogue] Having trouble understanding the mindset

01 November 2014 - 04:03 PM

Hi there guys!
First of all, excuse my bad english, I'm from Brazil.
Wall of text ahead :o

My issue:
I've tried to main a Rogue since WotLK (I think they are really fun), and always gave up after trying some rated arena.
I don't think rogues are bad, I actually think they are really good in the hands of a skilled player.

But I have a really bad time understanding the mindset you need to play a rogue tho, specially regarding cooldowns. I mean, things like Vanish are SO GOOD that I usually want to save them for when I really need it, and miss up the opportunity of using it entirely.
This is specially true in arenas.
I've always watched some good rogue arena videos (neilyo, reckfull, woundman, etc...) and I really feel strange when I see them opening on someone and them immediately vanishing. I understand that they are doing it because they are probably going to be opened on, so they Vanish to prevent that from happening and having a second chance to open again.
On the other hand, immagining myself "wasting" a Vanish on the first 30 seconds of an arena match makes me cringe.
That was one of the main reasons that I gave up trying to play rogues. The other reason is, of course, I live in Brazil and my average arena latency is 180ms. While it's not that bad, sometimes it gets frustrating, specially when you are trying to garrote, or cheap shot someone mounted and running.
Since Blizzard changed how latency works after 6.0, it seems that issue was drastically minimized, so I'm beggining to have that urge of playing a rogue again. But I don't want to be a baddie :(
I'm an average 2k rating player on my Warlock/Resto Druid and I'd like to achiev at least that on my future Rogue. I have no plans of getting gladiator because I know I'm not that good, but when I play Rogue it seems that I'm even worse...

So basically, how can I get around that mentality of not wasting cooldowns? And do you have any other tips on how to be a better rogue in arenas?

Thanks in advance!

TL,DR: Rogues are hard! :(

[Rogue] Ppl complain my opening is too slow

10 January 2014 - 03:54 PM

I'm playing RMD right now, and the mage is complaining that my openings are too slow (me cheap shotting the opening target so he can benefit from Prey of the Weak).
I agree that my opening is way too slow, the problem is that afaik I should only open after having SnD up, so I basically opening like this:

Arena starts, I shroud and sprint
I sap another target (lets say healer).
I premed the opening target and SnD
I cheap shot the target (normally I have to walk a bit more and shadowstep since our opening target is usually not close to the healer I sapped previously).

I totally agree that by the time I get to the target the surprise is gone, the sap is halfway ending, and we are not getting the most of my Prey of the Weak.

What am I doing wrong? Am I doing the right thing, but doing it too slow? Or am I doing some unecessary stuff like Sap and SnD in this case?

Thanks in advance and sorry about the bad english.