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In Topic: Skills or Talents that Irritates You

14 August 2014 - 06:20 PM

- Druids being able to use every fucking cd while silenced/stunned
- Rdruids with godlike symbiosis abilities while I get fucking battle rez
- Rdruid with unkickable clones ( Soul, NS, or disorient into clone)
- Getting cloned off a disorient even when you sac the disoreient....
- Heart of the wild for every spec, seriously why is it even in the game
- untrinketable fists
- orb bot healing
-Dispel being on an 8 second cooldown despite there being retarded amounts of spammable or aoe cc in addition to cc'ing yourself by UA or VT every time you dispel a fear
-CC never breaking even after you have taken a million damage
- retarded amounts of screen clutter with a legion of useless pets ( totems, totems that summon more fucking pets, stampede, imps, wolves, druid trees, that  monk image thing, psyfiend, void tendrils, mirror images)
- Everybody running around like africans ( feathers, burst of speed, warrior leap shit, monks in general, displacer, mages rocket boot )