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Crit Errors in Arena, macros stop working

01 June 2014 - 10:55 PM

hey guys, i have an interface problem that is driving me crazy, maybe you can help

So basically what happens is:
"something" happens while I am in arena fights, literally something, i dont know what and then all my macros stop working untill i /reload in the arena.
While I /reload (or shortly after), I usually get a crit error and WoW shuts down.

The strange thing is that this only happens on my warlock on Outland-EU, it doesnt happen on the 2 locks i have on Aegwynn-EU, but I copied the interface from my Aegwynn-EU locks.

It also happens on another lock on a different account I play although I copy the SavedVariables/WTF folders and so on.

What could cause it?