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#3993595 This game is a steaming pile of horseshit

Posted jaimee on 15 November 2013 - 08:16 PM

Serious Post.

As many of you may or may not know, I have been playing warrior for a few days. While it is fun, and also retarded, this post isnt about warriors - it is about general game design.

The game has been going downhill for a while, everyone knows this and understands it. Accepts it. The community also, myself included, has been a shining example of arsehole city. Pvecrawler and Holinka (lol) have done so much to ruin this game. Warriors are a good example; instead of tuning them during ptr or in the 3 months since, they have been ignored. Using idiotic excuses such as ''wait for gear'' or ''warriors dont use bladestorm'' - when clearly the problems have not been the damage.

It is almost impossible to do a "quick" cap anymore. I haven't played my priest thus far before today this week and I stayed as far away from shadow as possible - who wouldn't - and tried with atleast 15 dps from trade - at 1800 the games went to timeout more times than i care to think about and today has just been what would commonly be known as a waste. Warriors who leap behind a pillar when their healer is in cc for 4 seconds and stay there for 10 seconds. Monks who port and run and yolo. Ferals who just disorient clone, heal, and let their hunter kill something (here's a nice tip, go resto.) I spam heal something and it just doesnt go up due to the ridiculous joke called Mortal Strike Effects - 15 mins into the game the dps just pops swifty and randomly kills my partner in a fully dr'd poly/fear/clone etc. Of course this works both ways; i wont claim otherwise.

The community is a joke also. For example, a 19 minute game vs Monk/Warrior and at the end they go to timeout because both of them are both spam /loling at me for losing. I can't post on this site anymore without other's bias due to partly my own immaturity and others quite frankly just reading what they want to read/see and not what I actually wrote. A mage friend was looking for a druid for godcomp the other week, the druid told him no because apparently I said warriors werent fine and that makes me retarded for having a opinion. People treat AJ like it's a fucking shooting range, ruining perfectly good, normal, question or discussion threads into large drama posts about absolute shit.

Most of the people I play with wont play with a sp, wont play with my alts because apparently im shit at all of them (Despite them never playing with/against them) and its impossible to get partners even from trade. Getting turned down by a 2k ele/druid was kind of the last straw personally for me.

So yeah, /endrant. Please try and not turn this into a flame thread about me or anything + try to keep on topic, thanks.

TL:DR im mad