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Strengths and weaknesses of healers?

22 April 2016 - 12:54 AM

Why are certain healers better for some comps and worse for others? Some of them make sense just based on CC's not sharing DR, like mage/priest, lock/sham, and others like Hpal being good for double melee because of HoF and higher survivability so their teammates can train etc. but are there any reasons besides this?
Specifically, what makes Mistweaver worth using over other healers? I never really played competitively past Cata so I don't know anything about them.

Arcane Viable in Legion?

09 December 2015 - 12:32 PM

So I was looking at the new talents and artifact traits for mages and noticed that you could pull off some pretty broken combos, like:

Prismatic Cloak (Pvp Talent): When you Blink your chance to miss spells (I'm assuming this means chance for spells to miss you) is increased by 100% for 2.50 seconds.

Everywhere at once (Artifact Trait): The cooldown of your blink is reduced by 2/4/6 seconds. (It doesn't look like you can increase the max ranks on this one which doesn't really even matter).

Shimmer (Talent): When you take damage there is a 30% chance the cooldown of Blink is reset, cannot occur more than once every 30 seconds.

Temporal anomaly (PvP Talent): Your Arcane Blast reduces the cooldown of Blink by 5 seconds.

Static (Talent): 1 Min CD. Your next 4 arcane blasts will be instant cast.

Charged Up (Talent): 30 Sec CD. Instantly generates 4 Arcane Charges.

Erosion (Talent): 1 Min CD. Erode the target's resistances, increasing the damage they take by your arcane spells by 20% for 10 seconds.

Torment The Weak (Pvp Talent): Increases your critical strike chance by 30% on any target affected by your Slow spell or any movement slow effect.

Kleptomania (PvP Talent): Spellsteal now has a 15 Second CD but steals all of the target's spells.

Right now Blink has a 15 second recharge. With Artifact trait that goes to 9, and with 1 arcane blast it goes to 4, with another it's reset.

Every 1 minute you can get 4 instant arcane blasts, meaning you can blink, arcane blast instantly twice, blink arcane blast instantly twice. This with erosion, arcane power, and charged up means those will hit pretty damn hard. You'll likely be out of range to be interrupted or stunned by melee attacks but spells will also miss you for the entire 5 seconds, so clearly you will be really hard to CC. You could use the new arcane spell Displacement that lets you blink without CD for 4 Seconds to keep up the spell miss.

On top of this, if you play with someone that can perma slow, like ass rogue or frost dk, you get 30% increased crit chance on them. And you can steal any freedoms off them along with any blanket fodder buffs every 15 seconds to keep up said perma slow.

Or, you could just increase your arcane power to 30% increased damage with the pvp talent Concentrated power (same row as Torment the Weak).

"But won't you run out of mana?" one might ask.
Amethyst Awakening (Artifact trait): Increases your mana pool by 100/200/300%. Obviously these seems bogus and is probably a mistake, but even then:

Aegwynn's Ascendance (Artifact Trait): Evocation makes you invulnerable and causes you to deal massive damage to everyone based on the mana you restore.

Non-interruptable evo coupled with huge mana pool.

If these talents don't change (which is obviously incredibly unlikely) arcane seems to be pretty broken or at least usable, assuming the numbers on 4 stack arcane blasts are still high. But then again I haven't played since MoP so I don't know shit. Thoughts on projected strength of arcane mages or other viable mage builds?