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Some Poignant Qs about the MMR Adjustment

29 March 2014 - 07:03 PM

((as posted on the wow forums by me))

1. Why did CM_Lore and Brian Holinka need to "Look into it" and "Investigate"  (just read their twitter posts) upon first hearing about the zero gains in rating?

2. Was the Lead PvP Designer not consulted or informed about this 'hotfix'?
It seems like it would fall under his purview.

3. If Holinka WAS in the know, were the implications fully explained to him as to HOW these CR/PR to MMR corrections would be made?

4. Given that SOMEBODY knew, why was the community not given a heads-up that this correction was coming?

4a. would that not have been a good idea? (to let us know what was about to happen!?!)

4b. Seriously, why was this not in the patch notes / why no word of it until after players tweeted Devs, and Devs did some investigating?

5. Who is making these changes to the game without letting CMs and Game designers know what's about to happen? and Why?

6. Is there still a need to have a (hidden) Personal MMR separate from your displayed Current Rating?

PS:This wasn't even up on the wow forums for an hour before being deleted!  What posting guidelines did I break here?!  //oi61.tinypic.com/s2qibl.jpg