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#4406304 KFC/TSG Tips (Warrior POV)

Posted irubuwrongtime on 02 April 2015 - 06:37 PM

Hey guys~  Irub here.  I haven't been on AJ for awhile but I've been still playing the game.  :)
I'm kinda sad to see not a whole lot of productive posting in our forum.  So I'm going to give it a try myself.

I'm not anywhere high rated atm cuz playing with rdm ppl all the time.  Not having a regular team and high rated players sitting their main and playing on their alt at much lower rating really doesn't help my rating push. :P  I've gone past 2600+ multiple times this season as rdruid KFC and treesg so I'll give my tips based on my experience with these two comps.

First off, I'll start with rdruid KFC altho I have more play experence as TSG...
This comp can be quite strong because of good offensive pressure and a very strong cc chains/cross cc opportunity.  Also, this comp works better vs cleaves that mainly train healer compared to its rsham version because of rdruid's capability to tank and kite along with good peels from the dps.

Basic strategy is to play offensive with trap and to play defensive while waiting for trap.  Playing defensive doesn't mean you play gay behind pilar and not do anything.  You and your hunter should try to put out maximum dps all the time but during this phase, try to focus on uptime and peeling and interrupting enemy cc chain more so that you stop the enemy team from creating any bad situation for you. Do not over extend and just hit the target you can stick to while doing your best to interrupt enemy cc chain.

Your hunter should almost always take the wyvern sting as it is a very strong cc on rather short cd that will start the cross cc.
Your ideal cc chain should be:
1) stormbolt -> freezing trap on healer
2) wyvern sting (as warrior stuns healer) -> clone on off target  (Your druid should be ready to clone the trinket)
3) bash on main target then swap clone to healer
bash can go to off target to follow up with clones if druid could not clone off wyvern for whatever reason.
* I didn't mention warrior fear but it's an extra cc you can add onto it.  You can save it for peel or for triple fear at a good time.

You can try to create this 3vs1 situation approx. every 45 seconds and if you pop your offensive cd along with it, your 2nd or 3rd try should almost always get a kill.

Rinse and repeat, play d when you don't have cc chains.  Collect points.

You should try to coordinate stormbolt -> trap with your hunter as best as you can so he can wyvern sting off target to start the cross cc at the same time.  There is one or two exceptions to this as I will be explaining below and this is why this comp works so much better if your hunter is not so dependant on your stormbolt or his wyvern sting to land the trap.

Against Godcomp and RMD, stormbolt on enemy druid to stop his cc attempt on your team is actually very good.   Reflecting clone is even better if you can.  (These two comps can spam non dr sharing poly/clone and it is just beyond stupid imo but it will stay this way for now)

You should still let your team know when you have stormbolt ready and also call out when you use it.

If your hunter makes you hold onto your stormbolt for his call vs Godcomp then there is a high chance of you being chain cced when your hunter calls for it and you can't stormbolt anyways... :(
Once you get cloned, then it's followed by more clones, poly, root, bash, etc and you will be taken out of the game for a long time, giving them a chance to swap the chain cc on your healer to get an easy kill on your hunter.

Several things to watch out for in general;
1) Bad trinket...  enuf said
2) Getting stunned in battle stance or caster form for druid
3) Getting stunned w/o trinket in a smokebomb
4) If you pop offensive CD and you see the trinket or defensive cd being used from enemy team, try to swap onto next viable target instead of tunneling.  Tunneling is never good unless you don't have other options.

I tried to make it as simple as I can but... it never works out for me...  LOL
I'll give out TSG tips next time around if there is enough demand.  Hope this is helpful to those of you playing the comp and wanting to push rating.

If any of you are interested in playing with me, my btag is irub#1386.  I play with anyone above 2200+ exp/cr this season.  Good luck to everyone and see you guys in arena.  :)