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#3833030 Please help to bring affliction back

Posted by Ylandria on 09 January 2013 - 01:46 PM

derp derp
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#3833027 Mother russia

Posted by Ylandria on 09 January 2013 - 01:41 PM

derp derp
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Posted by Ylandria on 09 June 2011 - 01:12 PM

What I dont get is why ppl still stick with the old model mmo's like WoW instead of trying something new. This model is over 10 years old, and only reason WoW did so good with it was cause it was released at a time where no other mmo was as good as WoW and when ppl started getting decent internet being able to play mmo's without having to spend loads of cash just to get a decent internet connection. Unless you come with something completely gamebreaking its no point playing WoW anymore cause another game is just better, there is no point using the same model to make a game.

Its almost as stupid as thinking just cause you have a shit job mopping the floor's at some building, that you wount hate mopping the floors in another newer building.

Ofc there are alot of PvE-nerd wanting to play something new just for the content. But that dosnt really stop ppl going back to WoW once they are done.

I am not saying its a crap game, I am just saying that the reason it will not take over the marked is just because its nothing new about it. And when there is nothing new, ppl wount stay for the gameplay alone. Dont get me wrong though, just cause you make a game that is new and not just a remake of every other mmo out there dosnt mean it will be succesfull. But atleast that might stop this endless loop of flops for everyone that try to match WoW.
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#3142373 ADHD/ADD

Posted by Ylandria on 24 March 2011 - 01:44 AM

My brother got ADHD and since I am 8 years older then him I've been able to watch him grow up and study his behavior. And its just stupid to say its not a real disorder just because so many ppl in the US go to the doctor and want some pills to fix their every problem.

My brother explained really well how it feels like to have ADHD; Try doing something that require consentrating while two ppl are talking into your ear and not giving you the chance to focus on what you are doing. When he was 3-4 years old he was crying almost every day when he had to go to bed cause he was so tired of going all day being stressed out and not being able to relax and be calm. And he could confirm this when he started taking small doses of Ritalin (doses were so small that when I tryed to take em I didnt feel anything different).

Also, its not like its hard to see when he is of his meds. Cause he acts out in the stranges ways, and you can litteraly see that he is trying to think, but its all chaos. Like, if someone is talking close by he HAVE to listen to what they are talking about, often while doing something else. So he always end up asking "what this and what that". Also, when he isnt on his meds he gets insane urges to talk. And if you ask him to try talk more calmly or ask him to try not talking all the time without stop, he have big problems even doing that. It often goes like 10 sec, and he have already forgot he was trying to be quiet. But dont get me wrong, just because he is like this when he isnt on his meds dosnt mean he is a zombie while on them.
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