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#4630942 Jax - Legion Clips

Posted by Jaxington on 20 March 2017 - 03:05 AM

I'd of never noticed you sap out of that blind thanks for slowing it down :)

no problem!

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#4630861 Jax - Legion Clips

Posted by Jaxington on 18 March 2017 - 06:01 PM

Made a short video of legion rogue clips from my stream.  Enjoy!

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#4628299 [ADDON] JaxPartyCastbars

Posted by Jaxington on 20 February 2017 - 08:42 PM

Jax Party Cast Bars


Raid-frame-attached cast bars for each party member. Currently fixed position on the right side.





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#4627060 [ADDON] Party Ability Bars

Posted by Jaxington on 09 February 2017 - 01:35 AM

Thank you so much for this! :)



Btw, can anyone here summarize the differences between these 2 versions? I am probably going to use Jax's version anyway but I want to know. Thanks in advance.D

EDIT: Question. Do the cd icons always have to appear on the left side of my party frames? What if I want them on the right side? I can't seem to be able to move them (icons not clickable for me) and there doesn't seem to be any options for repositioning them.

in my version you can't re-position the icons, can't do spells based on partner spec instead of class, etc.


if you really want to use my version and want them on the right side here is a right-side edited version

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#4626829 [ADDON] Party Ability Bars

Posted by Jaxington on 06 February 2017 - 04:34 AM

Updated kollektiv's addon Party Ability Bars for legion (7.1.5)




took me longer than expected to update this but was worth it


legion changes:


- Changed to use a built in library of player spells/talents

- Team sync updated

- Removed movable anchor functionality

- Now anchors auto attach to raid/party frames

- Updated various other parts to work with legion client

- Added shared CDS such as Will of the forsaken, Every man for himself, stoneform with medallion CD and avenging crusader with avenging wrath.

- Added support for adaptation CD (60 sec cd on medallion tracker)



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#4625062 SpellAlerter Legion Update

Posted by Jaxington on 19 January 2017 - 05:21 AM

A friend of mine asked if I could take a look at the old SpellAlerter addon made by Kollektiv and update it for Legion.




This works with wow version 7.1.5


Download SpellAlerter v7.1.5


Any other mod ideas or old mods you want updated you can post here or message me

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#4605856 Can Someone Explain This To Me?

Posted by Jaxington on 19 September 2016 - 08:56 PM

looks like I found my new teammate
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#4605160 Known bug list

Posted by Jaxington on 17 September 2016 - 05:05 AM

Warriors bladestorm removes dismantle ? ? ?
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#4550616 Can you idiots please stop calling it "Sap Bug"

Posted by Jaxington on 07 December 2015 - 08:36 PM

Worgens unite!
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#4502322 RLS or RLD?

Posted by Jaxington on 18 September 2015 - 03:01 AM

Hi guys just some more annoying questions:

1. Does Druid or shaman work better in this comp?

2. Which rogue spec works best in this comp? (I'm currently playing combat)

3. Is this comp any good? What are the strengths/weaknesses?

4. The main comp we struggle against is turbo, any tips?

As always thanks in advance ;)

1.) Druid is a more offensive healer and you can play more aggressive (pushed in) with druid healing. A shaman is a more defensive or passive healer but they supply mastery buff which is in turn a massive increase in damage for your team compared to having a druid healer. Each has their advantages :)

2.) All rogue specs work to an extent with this comp but the higher damage specs (mutilate/combat) work best.

3.) Rogue/Lock works but has some trouble verses double melee as you already learned. A strength is that you can pretty much swat down any caster cleave with ease.

4.) Turbo is a tough matchup I would suggest targeting the healer of the turbo with a step kidney into a coil perhaps, very unorthodox but it works wonders. This matchup can be annoying as the rogue because of the lack of pressure you get on the DPS classes of warrior and enhance. Minimize globals wasted on the DPS and target the healer as often as you can for optimal games.

make it fun yo !
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#4496271 Short RMP Video

Posted by Jaxington on 10 September 2015 - 11:45 PM

90% of this video is you training shamans of different specs. guess thats all u que into tho

yeah from that queue session we fought almost exclusively shaman teams
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#4496166 Short RMP Video

Posted by Jaxington on 10 September 2015 - 08:34 PM

Just out of curiosity, why do so many US rogues play sub? Is it because Pikaboo plays it and is really good as it and a lot of people fanboy him? - I don't want to sound rude or anything but thats the impression I get.

Most US rogues attach some sort of meaning or dignity to the spec they play. Getting high rated as sub has a much higher degree of respect involved (for whatever reason) compared to getting that same rating as combat or mutilate.

I know from experience a lot of US players will shame a rogue for playing combat or mutilate. For example you get 2800 as sub people whisper you impressed and inspired to play rogue when if you get 2800 as combat or mutilate people will make fun of you as a FOTM, idiot, mongoloid rogue.

What spec would you play?
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#4491447 Short RMP Video

Posted by Jaxington on 03 September 2015 - 09:12 AM

Recorded some RMP games the other day decided to share some just for fun

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#4409362 Combat 6.2

Posted by Jaxington on 14 April 2015 - 02:52 AM

Even with

  • Mastery: Executioner has decreased in effectiveness by 8%.
  • Backstab now deals 20% more damage.
  • Sanguinary Vein now causes the Rogue to deal 30% more damage to targets affected by Rupture (up from 25%).
Combat will probably still better? 20% backstab and 5% sang vein of 5k backstabs is still only like 1k more damage.

The sang vein buff breaks even with the mastery nerf on sub once you add in ambush damage.

RMD will just tripple CC you anyway for the killing spree's.

Would have liked to see sinister calling get reworked, or multistrike buffed in PvP or Sub get a more offensive 4 piece set bonus.


average backstab is 5000 damage - + 5% (sang vein) = 5250 + 20% = 6300 Oh Wow big buffs guys!!!!!!!!
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#4154285 Jax | R1 Rogue | Twitch.tv Stream

Posted by Jaxington on 25 June 2014 - 01:24 AM

streaming RMD with flummos and pigboy!

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