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#4053032 BE A BETTER GAMER PT:1.

Posted Clickerz on 13 February 2014 - 06:19 AM

More vods in chat belowVVVVV

Hey guys, Yipz here. I decided to do some analysis on some of my gameplay on twitch tv infront of viewers and got EXTREMELY positive feedback and results so Id like to share the vods and maybe help some people out on some of the awareness that you should be looking to achieve in your wow careers.

This one is one vs RMD where I show how to peel effectively in openers and live throughout the game


This is one vs RLS where I show how keeping your shaman alive is the most important aspect of the game(there is a part where I miss my disperse its not important but I do go back and notice it...


This one is vs woundman and I show how important it is to rotate cds correctly and work together as a team to survive


This is a game vs an LSD where I show you that running when healer is cc'ed and using cds effectively can lead to pressure and winning


FInally this is one vs ret/priest/hunter where I show the value of feral kiting and positioning and LoS

People really found this helpful I will upload these to youtube... there were more commentaries but these are the best.


#4050863 Scrub lock pushing for 2k in 3's, advice about LSD + Warlocks in general

Posted Chanimal on 08 February 2014 - 11:59 PM

always play shadowfury with LSD. It's the best spell in the game.

bash is unreliable and even if your ele is using totem projection, shadowfury is still good to cc healer / break things up.

#4040432 PTR Build - AMS Nerfed by 22%

Posted Filthpig on 25 January 2014 - 08:29 AM

I think i'd rather play LSD grinders all day rather than 2 minute games against some mongoloid cleavers any day of the week.

#4030411 yaspresents tournament discussion

Posted Jayroy on 11 January 2014 - 06:28 PM

My thoughts so far, no hate on the person/player. But I thought a tournament like this was to provoke people to join a cool community and get more involved in arena, and give them a good show to watch top players queue arena. but so far it's given the exact opposite.

#1 This tournament has the 2 highest rated teams in the world #1 in US , Jahmilli's team obviously, #1 in EU, Trille's team, and both are extremely strong comps, RMD , & WMD, both entertaining comps to watch be played by top players, this is the real blizzcon finals.

#2 Why is Zunniyaki doing both of these , camera & commentating by himself? How would that provoke anyone to come play or join a community when the camera is bad and theirs only 1 guy talking, theirs no discussion and it's just pretty boring aside from the arenas. This follows to my point #3

#3 I said in chat "theirs no discussion it's a bit boring, talk about things while we wait such as *a personal experience, asking chat what they think of next expansion, interact with chat, give your thoughts and opinions on current arena etc* " I got timed out for this, meanwhile their a multiple people are posting Nazi symbols which correct me if i'm wrong is a bit immature and everyone knows what it means, and i understand that timing out spammers are a pain, but if you're a mod actually mod, why would you stop the chat and put it in sub only mode, why would anyone want to interact or join a community if their first impression is they can't even talk in the chat, don't make everyone not eligible to chat or suffer because of others stupidity, that's not how a tournament is supposed to be correctly controlled and ran. That's why their are several moderators.

#4 @Zunniyaki , I understand it's stressful and this game isn't like League of Legends tourneys or anything, what i'm about to say is irrelevant to that though, and am not comparing it to League, but why would you even want to have this tournament at this time if it's a lone job? Why are you commentating, & the camera guy, like how is their not 1 person that can come help you or commentate or ANYTHING? That's why NAO 2 was so successful it had the top players (which Yaspresents has) it had entertaining commentators, great camera work, nice and well prepared, this looks like it had no preparation at all in the making. (Sadly NAO 2 finals were ruined to a ddoser) aside from that though, a tournament handled of that caliber with that prize pool was great to watch, and anything less will receive negative feedback as i am giving right now, not in a hateful way, as in i'm not intending to bash particular people, just the tournament as a whole was ran poorly. The effort was great and all but i don't think it worked out as either planned or this tournament was just not ready to happen yet.

#5 A tournament is supposed to be an EVENT, i'm not claiming i could run a tournament, but i also wouldn't be so silly to make some of the errors as made in this one. As i'm sure many would agree, but tournaments are quite rare now, but that doesn't mean the quality of one has to stoop down to, i actually thoroughly enjoyed the previous Yaspresents tourneys, and about every online tourney i've watched (aside from games that time out due to boring comps to watch) but that is apart of it so no complaints. - As a conclusion to this - These tournaments are to spark back activity and promote more people to want to join this *community* , interact with the players, and so on, but It had had very little to none of it.

Example being : http://i.imgur.com/MFOJ9k0.png
Basically how i felt watching the entire thing, a message for the mods, stop being ignorant pricks, and take some criticism and learn to accept someone else's opinion.

PS: The most entertaining part of the entire tournament that made anyone laugh and want to be apart of it was Thugonomics commentating while he was playing at a steady 5000+ viewers and the chat was loving it, that's how it should be hyped up and made exciting,but that should be coming from a commentators point of view. No hate on ANY particular person, just the discussion thread so i decided to write an essay. Props to Zunniyaki for sticking through though and giving the effort.

#4030381 yaspresents tournament discussion

Posted Newton on 11 January 2014 - 06:06 PM

who the fuck asked zunni to solo cast and manage the camera aswell? I guess it's really hard if you're not used to it, I feel bad for him and all the retards complaining in chat just make it a lot worse than what it is

#4030363 yaspresents tournament discussion

Posted Lirox on 11 January 2014 - 05:58 PM

mackenzie u seem pretty salty, how long u been in the ocean for

#4029292 All Cast Speed Reductions Nerfed

Posted Nadagast on 10 January 2014 - 08:44 PM

View Postwatchmepwn, on 10 January 2014 - 08:42 PM, said:

lol? its the one or the other imo.
This is good - 2,8 sec frostbolts is just to painful.

Enfeeblement takes a GCD, hunter pets and mind numbing are automatically applied with no thought.  Enfeeblement has a much larger cost--it deserves to be stronger.

#4028860 Diminishing returns will be reduced

Posted Crawthz on 10 January 2014 - 01:35 PM

View PostVirent, on 10 January 2014 - 12:47 PM, said:

So in the new expansion, stuff like "After fear, let's hex the dps and swap on healer with a stun" won't be possible cuz the stuns will last for crap time then?

Just assuming that's the way they're going to do it. I hope not.

Best way would probably be CCs that you can kill your target during should be on the same DR and CCs that break on damage should on a different DR. Say, fear and poly share a DR the same way silences and stuns should. Although, healing might have to be nerfed alongside this due to resulting in immortality if it stays like it is now. However, that might promote train setups so maybe that would have to be looked alongside it as well. I don't know, it's pretty complicated really. I don't know how I'd fix it. Just hope they don't make it worse.

Here's the problem with having silence + stun DR with eachother: You would HAVE TO score a kill in a stun. That would result in MASSIVE damage increase for all classes, or games would be decided by some end-game draw system like the Crowd Chooses You -bullshit we had earlier.

Also, you just can't have Fear and Mesmerize effects share DR with eachother. The categories are just too massive to be under one Diminishing Table. That would break many, many comps that has worked in the history. Combining DR categories as they are right now would make controlling enemies just completely irrelevant and promote comps that just doesn't need CC to work, like TSG.

The best way I can think of fixing DR's is removing so called "Short" duration CC's. Like this list here: http://us.battle.net...pic/10195910192 - Remove Mesmerize Short and apply it to Mesmerize effects. Remove Horror's and put them into Fears. Remove Stun Short and put them into Stuns categories and so on. Also, remove ALL "auto"-CC, like Psyfiend and Chivarra or w/e the wlock seductionbot is. Remove damage component from Stun CC, like Shockwave/Stormbolt/Fist of Fury when used against Playertargets. No CC should ever have it's "own" DR category, like Paralytic Poison.

The above would require fixes to classes aswell, like Warriors Charge would root the target into place for 1,5sec and remove it's stun component, so it wouldn't DR with rest of the Stuns. But I think it would reduce the amount of "mongo"-cc we have. Nothing pisses me off more than juking 4 interrupts, grounding and MSR just to get chargestunned on the 7th fakecast. "Oh you fakecasted my Pummel and Disrupting Shout.. That's too bad, here have a Stormbolt in your face"...

Also, want to promote casting? Here's a wild idea: Make interrupts have DR table of it's own. If you Pummel my Healing Surge cast once, next time I get locked on Healing Surge within 20sec it will only be half the lockdown and the 20sec Diminishing on casts resets. 3rd time I am immune (fuck 1/4th of DR cc's).

My personal opinion is that roots, silences and disarms work quite well right now but Silences could use 30sec cd instead of 20-24sec they have right now on Hunter/Wlock/Mage (or separate the silence and lockout completely, having 15sec CD on lockout and 45sec CD on Silence). Spear Hand Strike needs to have silence component removed completely.

But then again, messing around with DR categories have unthinkable effect on the gameplay which could very easily break the game completely and it's close to impossible without thorough testing to see the ends of every variable.

#4028878 Diminishing returns will be reduced

Posted Snuggli on 10 January 2014 - 01:51 PM

The problem is, is that a lot of the people who post on Blizzard forums (take what you will from that) have been calling for a single DR category since ever. I've read threads where literally nobody looks at the problems that will arise if that were to happen, and this puts Blizz in a sticky situation because the majority of PVPers want a single DR category, because they 'dont like dying in chain cc'.

Removing DR categories, or even bringing it down to 2, 3 or 4 will mean:
  • Swaps (in Arena and RBGs) will be completely ruined
  • Many Arena comps which rely on CC will break
  • Rogues will get completely fucked (no more sap -> cheap -> garrote)
  • Either healing will have to do nothing or burst damage will have to be insane to counteract the lack of CC
  • Either classes with amazing active defensives (Hunters, Mages) or classes with good passive defenses and self healing (DKs, Warriors) will be vastly better than everyone else in the above scenarios.

The way to fix the insane amount of CC is to reduce the insane amount of CC, not merge DRs. One of the best things about WoW PvP is the different category of DRs, as it opens up gameplay styles like cleaning someone in a CC before swapping to them in a stun, or double/triple CCing and swapping to a different target.

Remove the shit CCs that don't need to be there and have cluttered the game. Disorienting Roar, Mesmerise, Psyfiend, Wyvern Sting, Shockwave or Stormbolt, Ring of Frost, Hunter pet CCs, Blood Horror, etc.

#4028866 Diminishing returns will be reduced

Posted mirox on 10 January 2014 - 01:37 PM

Cant wait for it to be damage bot after they probably fuck up with this and all my stuns and silences, along with blind and sap, DR each other.

#3868267 Weekly viewer casted games by Conradical & Azael!

Posted Azaelz on 28 March 2013 - 11:44 PM

*** Next Broadcast - Saturday, April 13th will be on European servers, but may have to be postponed as I may be in the process of moving ***

Hey guys, been a while since posting here but I had an idea I think a lot of people will enjoy and after talking to Conradical and him agreeing to get in on it I decided to go ahead and give it a shot!

The basic idea is that you show up in stream chat with your 3v3 team ready, and when we're picking a game you post your rating and setup in chat and then we'll select two teams around the same rating and cast your games with the regular tournament UI.  It'll be done on US servers for the first week - maybe we'll try EU servers as well assuming we can get accounts and it's popular enough so as long as you're on US servers and willing to add us on battle tag you're eligible to play!  We'll be queuing up using 5v5 wargames so that Conrad and I can join the game and then you'll simply kill us off and the game will proceed like normal as it does in all the online tournaments.

It's going to be on twitch.tv/egazael this coming Saturday at 2 PM EST so please help spread the word and show up! We'll be able to make it better and better and take viewer ideas etc for this if it goes well - also hopefully going to be able to get some relatively high level games for the end of the night - and perhaps have the most popular team of the day fight against a famous team or something like that!

Thanks and let me know what you think!