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Legion Warlock Preview

10 November 2015 - 02:40 PM


demo has a retardfed amount of casted spells. even more than now, except now at least we have a big burst window we can throw our dmg, but from those it looks like there'll be basically no burst, meaning demo will be absolutely useless in pvp.

destro will probably work fine with the pvp templates so they can buff all the dmg consistently for pvp and CB will be meaningful, although i dont really like the mastery.

not sure how i feel about afli. excited to try something new, but dont know how it'll really play out.
dont like that they're baking the filler spell into drain life,and 3% per tick is way too big. also dont like that drain life doesnt do consistent dmg and is, again, buffed by dots on the target. IMO it should do fixed dmg regardless of dots, especially since they said the filler is supposed to be subpar compared to the dots but then if you have no dots it'll deal less than pet dmg.