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View PostVolb, on 25 April 2015 - 01:05 AM, said:

youre delusional.
you're underestimating the power of "free $$$".

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Today, 01:25 AM

the problem with shards is that its generation is balanced around corru + drain soul ticks, but we rarely cast drain soul in pvp, so shard generation is reduced by roughly 60%. the 2pt pvp afli bonus is designed to help counter that.

then there is soulswap, which is a really shitty mechanic. its so shitty that ever since its implementation in cata all it's gotten were nerfs, nerfs and nerfs. i'd love to see it gone once and for all.

thirdly theres the fact that single target dmg is crap if you cant haunt drainsoul often (aka being trained).

they should just make it easier to dot things up, and dots should work somewhat like ww's earth wind and fire (dunno the name). the more targets you have multidotted, the less dmg your dots do to each target. that way we can have stronger single target dmg when we want to single target, and still good multidot when we want to multidot.
right now we always multidot because its like the only way to do "real" dmg.

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Today, 01:08 AM

i dont understand how people in that post can thank for the "quick fix".
correct me if im wrong, but hasn't this been this way since mop s1? which is to say, since the implementation of GoSac?

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Today, 12:53 AM

if anything goes as far as suggestions, this shouldnt be really hard...

going f2p without  adding p2w.

pvp isn't in a bad state because of balance or lack of spec diversity or any of that. pvp feels bad because the community is basically dead.
most of the people that play lol and dota do so mainly because those are free games with a big community. wow has a big community overall, but is paid (and not even remotely cheap).

unfortunately wow is probably never going f2p because they cant sustain pve development without the extra $$$ which is a huge income for them. it doesnt make sense from a business perspective to suddenly shift the paradigm like this without any guarantee it'd work out.

View PostROKMODE, on 25 April 2015 - 12:42 AM, said:

lol @ TBC not being rock paper scissors comp based
ofc you can overcome bad matchups when top players are still backpeddling and clicking and not using focus frames
true lol.
do you remember how 1500 mmr was back in TBC? the 1500 of today is like the 2.1k of s1.

View PostSeraphuslol, on 24 April 2015 - 11:59 PM, said:

It doesn't matter what blizzard does for arenas while the game world itself is dead.

The LFG system dumbed the whole game down, which caused an increase in dumb complaints, which led to arbitrary buffs, nerfs, and ability removal. In addition, LFG has let people sit in towns and garrisons just waiting on queues, instead of being forced to go out in the world and participate.

Once upon a time, the best players had reasons to be out and about doing their thing and occasionally kicking massive amounts of ass in the open world. This gave younger more inexperienced players the chance to see amazing players in action and learn from watching them wreck.

The world is closed. People won't make themselves better at playing, because the world is currently a zero - risk place. The ideal of "Learn or Burn" needs to come back, and LFG needs to go die.
the new group finder is AMAZING. its one step in the right direction in reviving the community.
how do you think LoL's queuing system even works for the most part? i for one can confirm that if it wasn't for the new group finder i'd continue to spend the rest of my days rarely doing arenas because its so fucking boring wasting a lot of time looking for partners who you dont know and also have no guarantee they are around your skill level, to do a few arenas and then call it a day. good thing they improved on that department so now i can try more partners for compatibility in less time and less effort.


Today, 12:38 AM

its actually interesting if you think about it, if wow went f2p (without p2w shenanigans), the pvp community would probably be revived literally overnight.
consider this, the main reason LoL and DotA are what they are today is because they are free. i've met MANY MANY friends who would play games like that and when invited to play wow the only reason they'd refuse was because of the entry cost + sub.

unfortunately its safe to say this wont happen in the foreseeable future because they just get so much money out of it, and most of us who have any knowledge of how much work goes into developing new content understand that it is not cheap to achieve. going f2p would probably kill the competitive pve side, even if it'd revive pvp.

at this point they should just really make wow 2 different games. call them wow pvp and wow pve, idc, just fucking prioritize the side that ACTUALLY atracts more potential profit (look at LoL and DotA, both pvp games).