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In Topic: On vanilla PvP

02 May 2016 - 03:07 PM

huegene, basically all blizzard did was add lower-tier difficulties to raiding and make leveling much more forgiving, along with making the game overall less time consuming (which the latter we all agree is unrelated to difficulty).
normal raids (now called heroic) are much harder than in the past, and all they did was add lower tiers to that. flex raid tier is basically vanilla raids but without the gigantic grind and in some bosses class stacking requirements.

literally the only thing that is easier today is leveling which, yeah, got extremely easy. for everything else they added both lower and higher tier difficulties to accomodate for a different spectrum of players.

if you are your average doe who fulfills himself with completing raid finder, that's not the game's fault (although i do think LFR tier should be removed from the game), that's just the average doe being the average doe. if he literally spends more than 2 minutes in the game he'll realize LFR doesnt mean shit and his "achievements" arent worth anything because literally everyone will keep rubbing it in your face whenever you bring it up. you either go mythic or you are automatically a very casual player.

In Topic: Legion Gladiator Mount Revealed

26 April 2016 - 03:27 AM

[quote name='Fredkarlsson' timestamp='1461601077' post='4578666']
Are they being serious with fucking <insert name here>?

its infernals dude. fucking INFERNALS. cant get much more badass than that.

jesus, people are just never happy.

In Topic: Legion Gladiator Mount Revealed

22 April 2016 - 05:14 PM

with the exception of the unicorn horn and glowing shit, the mounts are... acceptable, at best.

In Topic: On Pruning, PvP, and Our Goals for Legion

22 April 2016 - 12:18 AM

View PostSiuox, on 18 April 2016 - 07:26 PM, said:

  • Refocusing each spec around their core concepts
  • Reduced reliance on cooldowns, both offensive and defensive
- Incarnation Damage + 40% instead of 15% (WOD); 30 % (MOP) (much depth) - just remove it already
- PvE Devs introducing PvE Talents for 5 instant casts (much depth)
- Passive Heal crap like Ysera's Gift still in the game (much depth)
- New fun class fantasies like rezz totem for shamans, so much fun like dks in s5; autobubble for paladins; 3 second spell reflect for warriors, 30 sec interrupt immunity for arcane? mages instead of nerfing meele interrupts etc. etc. just pure troll at this point
- Shiny renames: Garrisons aka Order Halls; Class Fantasy aka Prune; Ashran for 110; LFR (Tools)

Feedback of Nadagast, Cdew, Absterge more or less ignored.

with the exception of rez totem, which is pretty cool and nothing like s5 dks, agree with everything you said.

In Topic: On Pruning, PvP, and Our Goals for Legion

18 April 2016 - 03:56 PM

[quote name='Pinka' timestamp='1460934946' post='4576707'][list]
[*][i]Refocusing each spec around their core concepts[/i]
[*][i]Reduced reliance on cooldowns, both offensive and defensive[/i]
Isn't this what we want. All you can do is to post more feedback in the right way.

while i agree with the premise, it seems they cant even follow their own designs.

what happened to totems? warrior stance distinctions? warlock curses?
pruning, they are definitely doing it wrong.