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In Topic: Showing Class Colors in Nameplates in Arena?

27 July 2016 - 03:53 AM

if they were going to change something about the UI they couldnt have instead done something about the god awful unit frames.
seriously though, default unit frames are so bad its like they're asking you to use an addon.

In Topic: Opinions on Legion

19 July 2016 - 04:17 AM

View Postxvee, on 19 July 2016 - 01:18 AM, said:

My second time logging into AJ in over three years, but this is a completely false statement.

"eat shit. billions of flies can't be wrong."

sub count really doesnt mean anything, but lets assume for a second the only scenario where it can mean something.
where did all these players go to? FFXIV? guilds wars 2? black desert? blade n soul?
players didnt quit WoW to play a better MMO, they quit WoW to play something else entirely. as much as burger king is great, if you eat it every week for years you're probably gonna get sick of hamburgers regardless of who makes it.
MMO had its peak generation a few years ago and now that everyone of that generation has tried what it has to offer they jumped boat to a different genre (MOBAs). of course there are other factors involved here such as LoL and Dota 2 being completely f2p while WoW not only costs money but is substantially expensive at that for a game, but since there are quite a few f2p MMOs out there too that dont see any popularity compared to the top MOBAs i believe money is not the primary factor.

MOBAs might follow the same course as MMOs in the next 3 to 6 years, but wether the players will migrate back to an already existing genre or only if its a completely new one remains to be seen.

In Topic: Opinions on Legion

17 July 2016 - 04:32 AM

View PostGimotqt, on 16 July 2016 - 03:10 PM, said:

legion would be ok if every spec was decent(strong, viable) because if we have a lot of choices even tho there is not that much spells it would require some skills/kknowledge of the game to become good. if there are only like 10* specs viablegame would be instantly boring because there would be not enough shit to learn and be good at .yep this is like legion = similar to moba with just 36 champions(specs)
overall i dont like that idea and i d rather balance current game(wod) to be more cool than frustrating (game pace went wrong)
going back to tbc/wotlk or even cata which i kinda liked would be theoreticaly better but it wont happen. pppl tended to hate wow every expansion so blizzard decided to play around it like never before. with small specs pool it would be healthy to rebalance it every season or 1 raid tier( they said  its gonna be 2seasons=1raid this expansion) but ye we will see.
*(10 is low considering my theory with 40 completely different specs like they seems to be in legion in opposite to all other expansion where just class viability mattered)

i think its not only a foolish opinion to try to balance just, for instance, 1 spec for every class for pvp instead of trying to balance as many as possible but its also bad for the game to do so.
its a different game, but look at overwatch for instance. it didnt take me many hours into the game to realize how unique and interesting each hero was. they all had completely different playstyles and different strengths and weaknesses and somehow all of them had abilities that seemed completely overpowered depending on the situation.
i think that's what wow needs again and it seems like they're trying to go back to this design. beginning in wrath they began to homogenize classes more and more and while that makes it easier to balance it also strips the complexity, sinergy and ultimately fun away from playing the game.
pruning is a very slippery slope but i do agree they should accentuate each spec's strenghts and their respective weaknesses instead of trying to band-aid them so that the plebs in the forums stop complaining about how OP the class that counters theirs is.
im very worried with the amount of pruning they did but some reviews i've seen from trustworthy people seem like its not as bad as it looks and some specs are actually really fun to play.
this is a very unpopular view but i think holinka is turning out exactly what we needed to help save wow pvp, or at least not let it die in the gutter. besides ashran that was a completely failure in terms ot trying to force people to do it instead of being completely optional like wintergrasp and tol barad, the man managed to do what seemed to be impossible. he and his team most likely were for the most part, if not completely, responsible for finally separating pvp balance from pve balance, something which since the dawn of times seemed like would never happen because blizzard was always so adamant to say they didnt like the fashion of the idea. he also is responsible for the honor talents, which are probably one way to help mitigate the pruning that is happening in favor of the pve and casual side of the game. since things like dark simulacrum and blood horror serve little to no purpose in pve they have always been trying to find ways to prune us from our pvp tools and holinka found a way to let them do that with as minimal impact in pvp as possible.

overall im still skeptical of legion considering the path of design choices the game has been making throughout the years but after seeing the pvp q&a a few weeks ago i began to see holinka in a new light. i truly think if there's someone who can help channel our wishes in an ingenious and productive way through the thick head of those pve devs, its him.

In Topic: Opinions on Legion

16 July 2016 - 03:30 AM

View PostJim_Jim, on 11 July 2016 - 09:10 PM, said:

I think the main reason that people find WoD trash, is just because during one year, we didn't have any change at all in term of classes. So, yeah, it's quite boring, and knowing the nature of the PvP community, you just need one popular streamer to say his own opinion to have a mindless herd of people who will blindly follow him. (Like religion, or this site.).

Wod is maybe scripted, but i'm pretty sure if today's people would play TBC (or Wotlk), that would be "meh" too. Of course there would be more diversity in teams, but only because the gap between the 4 chosen ones (SLSLock, rogue, macewar, and rdruid) and the other was way too important. It was not rare to read that anything combined with a rdruid become instantly viable.

TBC was exactly like that, 4 specs during 3 seasons. Play with them, or don't play arenas.

I'm ok to have spec which will be eternally viable while being better and easier than others (Like frost mages), but not with a extrem gap like in TBC, and not with too much time between hypothetical changes.
Maybe the artifact grind can "add" some kind of meta-changes if some spec got "OP" talents in it?
you actually put out some good points, very surprising considering this is AJ.

IMO the biggest blow in WoD pvp was cooldown stacking. im so glad its being addressed in legion, or at least it seems it is.

In Topic: New Mind Control bug in arena causing instaloss

27 June 2016 - 04:26 PM

View Postjaimex, on 26 June 2016 - 05:29 PM, said:

i've played 15k+ arenas past few years and I've not seen this happen once, pretty sure its just another sign of disc priest syndrome
played a lot more pvp than you and can confirm this has happened throughout every expansion since TBC, although i do think it happened more often back then. not sure about vanilla because i didnt play at the time.
its not limited to MC, anything that makes your character move on its own can cause disconnects, such as knockbacks or leaps.
blizzard said back in cata/mop that its probably a real bug considering the number of players reporting the problem but that they so far werent able to reproduce it themselves and therefore dont know why it happens or what causes it. since it doesnt happen that often i imagine its not one of their highest priorities, especially since they already had trouble reproducing it in the past.