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05 May 2011 - 06:04 AM

Hey there.

I'm looking for some tips on WLS vs. MLS. We lost 3 games to a WLS team tonight, all 3 times in dalaran sewers. It seemed like I had a lot of trouble getting any pressure out. If I got on the mage, I'd sit in novas and not put out any pressure. If I sat on the lock, the mage would constantly keep me slowed/rooted and between that and port I couldn't get out a lot of pressure. All 3 games I was getting trained the entire match, I was spell reflecting shatter combos (they never fake casted SR once in any of the matches), charging fears/polys to stop our shaman from getting cc'd, focus pummeling UA/fear/poly, trying to line up kills with throwdown and all of my cds. We came close to getting a kill on both the lock and mage two seperate times but it felt like because I was getting trained I couldn't get much pressure out. Not only that, the WLS team was overlapping CC's like crazy but since they had so much cc it didn't seem to matter. My shaman was LoS'ing when he could but would get deeped into a RoF or poly, into a double silence, into a coil, into a fear, etc.

The 25s spell reflect nerf really sucks against this comp :<

Any tips on who to get on or how to handle their CC? Or really any tips in general. We were swapping, LoS'ing, interrupting, not overlapping any cc, etc. and it still felt like an uphill battle even with the other team playing pretty badly :\ I don't like saying something is a hard counter but there was a lot of times when it felt like it. Maybe we're just doing something wrong?