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In Topic: Artifact girding and PVP honor talents. Is this gonna be an issue?

Yesterday, 12:48 PM

View PostNicholaes92, on 23 August 2016 - 12:12 PM, said:

Relics don't work in pvp afaik
he talks about ilvl avg weapon dmg, not the relics or even ilvl boosting stats like mastery, str, crit
we dont know how game handle weapon dmg/speed in instanced pvp, if itst set/normalized value..
many spells(especially physicall spells like mortal strike) dmg was based on  weapon avg  dmg so formulas were like 2*weapon avg+ 1.2*attack power and so on..
ilvl increases avg weapon dmg dramatically so even if stats like str,agility is 1% higher, the avg wep dmg might be like 300% higher
if spells are based on main stats only its fine otherwise it might be problematic especially if dmg forumas cotains multiplied avg wep dmg

In Topic: Artifact girding and PVP honor talents. Is this gonna be an issue?

22 August 2016 - 08:40 AM

relics with 31ilvl drops from bg so basically u can get like 93ilvl from pvping which is actually ~840ilvl that means u wont give a fuck about it anymore, because even if someone have artifact lvl of 900ilv it doesnt mean he has 6% more stats because his average ilvl is not 60hhigher but sth like - if we say we have 16 items with 860ilvls which is equal to 13760(-20 ur weapon = 13740) + 60(his weapon) = 13800 = 862.5 ilvl, while urs is 858.75 so basically he will have 3.75 more avg ilvl which is not even 0.5% stat increase
not sure how game handle wep avg dmg/speed in pvp instances in that case having great ilvl wep might be op

abouttraits? we are limited  because of knowledge levels, nobody will be able to push 10lvls more than u just because he farms it 24/7
if u ll just keep doing ur daily/weekly stuff ull be fine
i wonder if having even 5 traits more will affect game more than having 1 hero raid trinket or sth in first week of season in wotlk or cataclysm

In Topic: Artifact Weapons, Offspecs, and PvP

18 August 2016 - 11:42 AM

knowledge level is kinda hidden limit so farming 24/7 will  be inefficient at some point
whats wrong with slowly getting ur weapon better? ppl will finally have sth to do everyday/week instead of "in this game there is nothing to do but sit in garrison untill late night so  i can play arenas/x" i prefer going instance daily instead of siting in ashran queue for hours
ppl wasted hours on ashran/colliseum to get their pvp items with rng, now u can finally get ur stuff without any rng

the real question is that how far can ppl go with artifact lvl depending on given time/effort, will the gaps be huge or just few levels - u cant hold ap giving items and use it after researching a knowledge level for extra AP

im very curious how the knowledge level works, is it just for spec or character?
how long does it take to get daily AP based on https://docs.google....xLv0/edit#gid=0
is it better to have alts(level them to 110 first week)  with different specs(depends on previous answers) or just keep 1 char with 3 artifacts?

In Topic: Least pruned class in Legion

16 August 2016 - 06:26 PM

surv hunt, even tho its redesigned it has a lot of tools it had before the only thing missing is offensive dispel. correct me if im wrong...
knockback trap aswell but ye u can spec into sticky bomb.. a lot depends on ur talents picks

mm hunter has more shit that in wod - but in wod that class was just empty so its hard to say ... but considering it has no baseline traps and stuff its pruned aswell in comparison to pre wod expansions

In Topic: [Video] MM Hunter Legion Overview

15 August 2016 - 11:26 AM

ye sidewinders+patient makes this spec valuable and fun

for tier1 i would rather swap between lone wolf and careful aim - do we rly need extra focus(steady focus) if sidewinders is like huge focus regen ability? also initiation+careful aimd could work great together and its like we have to press sidewinders anyway to get patient sniper so focus regen would just be a waste for me .. overall i think its always better to play lone wolf  unless u rly need mortal wounds(teamwise)

for cc tier(both pve and pvp ones) i think it all depends on comps u are playing to get better cc(drs) chains/easier to land(for example if there is like rshamy double melee u basically cant cast frozen arrow)

for tier2pvp i think everything might be ok i prefer quickshots tho because i m kinda haste freak :P and once they figureout about ur dmg they wont allow u to get focused fire, and initiation is like - ok ill get theirs 20% in matter of seconds anyway but ye it might work

mm also does a lot of aoe dmg so numbers at the end of the match are high because all ur traits procs/markedshots/sidewinders do aoe dmg especially in matchup with a lot of pets

what i dont like about mm is that if u get trained by 2 melees u are generally fucked otherwise we pump tons of dmg:P