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sliding around the map

18 March 2017 - 12:56 PM

 We all know that wow pvp is not on its primetime, there are some design issues, balance
problems and game pace is not perfect.


I wish someone could at least loook into some basic pvp problems

I dont want to copy paste anything thats already been written, just check



if you didnt read - its about players lagging around arena dodging ur stuff


what do you guys think, could blizzard improve their servers in that matter or its just a dream. 

i guess its not player lag problem but server/client cant handle it properly. even running 2 clients and following my chars myself i see them in different positions (and its more than a few yards)       

is my 40ms responsible for seeing players 20yards away from their real positions? 

i rly understand whyh they gave melees 10 gap closers because they gotta use half of them to start hitting target