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Random Dcs in EU, same in US?

18 February 2014 - 02:50 PM

Pretty much title. Came back a week ago in hopes of just going Glad for the mount and then jk, dcs all the time and stuck on connecting after for 5-10 mins so can't even arena (5-30 mins in-between dcs). Kinda sucks for the end of the season. Was wondering if it's the same in US?

EDIT: Something I noticed. Was doing LFR with a friend on my warrior and we both kept dcing at the same time for 3 times in a row. And then today, I was having the whole connecting issue when I was first trying to log on WoW. Maybe it's just server connection interruption or something like that so you just can't connect to the server at random times altogether, not mattering if you were on before or not?

Balance Changes Soon pls?

24 October 2013 - 02:18 AM

So anyone know when warriors are gonna get changed so people can actually play PvP again?

What changes do you think sps need

01 October 2013 - 02:48 PM

Hai! Been talking with a few sp friends of mine and pretty much everyone seems to agree that sps right now are just tiresome to even play in PvP with the current state of the game. So I figured it wouldn't hurt to make a topic about what everyone thinks that maybe needs changing or if people think that sps are fine.

1. DP should do more dot damage. The damage it does right now is absolutely laughable for the amount of preparation it needs. It does as much dmg as an instant mind spike. Or at least allow it to be usable more often somehow.

2. Should have another way to get orbs (maybe like a 1-3 min cd which allows you to instantly get all 3 orbs) and spell reflect etc. actually giving orbs. It's retarded how long it takes to get orbs against warrior teams that know what they're doing.

3. Inner Sanctum and Inner Fire should be in the same glyph.

4. MD should probably be 1 sec cast instead of 1.5 sec. But maybe not. Not sure about this one, seeing as it's really nice to pre-md stuff with the current md cast-time.

5. Vampiric Embrace should actually be changed in some way so it's at least a defensive cooldown. Right now, assuming I burst, I'd do 100k healing on the target I need to at best. That's assuming I get to fully burst out without being interrupted for the whole duration and I'm lucky with procs.

6. Fade Glyph should be 15% damage reduction at least. 10% is ok, but it's really too low with the current crap survivability that sps have. And it's not like it's passive or usable while stunned/silenced.

7. Maybe a soul-swap like thing which instantly allows you to dot your target on a 1 min cd. That would make it quite interesting too. Or maybe even make something like that with orbs. Say, 1 orb = 5 seconds of VT/SWP, 2 orbs = 10 seconds, 3 orbs = 15 seconds etc. Just to be able to do more stuff with orbs. Or maybe just scrap all that and allow you to just simply transfer dots from target to target. Say, you have dots on the mage but you want them to be on the rogue so instead you could just transfer them off alongside their remaining duration to the rogue

This is my opinion personally on sps right now. Feel free to agree/disagree with any of the points listed here! Or to just give your opinion on the matter.