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#4185250 Skills or Talents that Irritates You

Posted Vanguards on 03 August 2014 - 08:11 PM

What are some skills / talents you are frustrated with? Or perhaps a mechanic in general? Here's a brief list from me.

MOP Skills / Talents:

1. Burst of Speed - This skill promotes a style of play with using cooldowns, and running to reset it which is quite frustrating for players to deal with. Even after playing Rogue myself I find shadowstep to feel much more rewarding when using it properly, and I feel this talent greatly contributes to a bad playstyle for rogues.

2. Angelic Feather - Makes priests run at mount speed, making it unnecessarily too easy to get fears especially with Spectral Guise. The only reason this doesn't seem like a big problem right now imo is the huge number of Shamans you see in arena, but Tremor nerf can change this in WoD.

3. "Trinket" like abilities and Talents: Unbound Will, Desecrated Ground etc. - I feel like these abilities are just far too strong in general to be balanced around.

4. Unpredictable Burst abilities: Lava Burst procs, Starsurge procs - These abilities do far too much damage to be unpredictable.

5. Instant Burst that results in nearly ~30% HP without or with little setup from a single character: Enhance Ascendance, Starsurge, chain Lava Bursts, Chimera Shot Crits and more - They can create ridiculous sudden deaths.

6. Damage Reduction Stacking Talents and Glyphs - Certain classes can stack a near passive 30% damage reduction, while I understand some classes need damage reduction more than others nearing 30% passively seems a bit ridiculous.

7. Stealth abilities such as: Subterfuge, Spectral Guise, perma Hunter invisibility, AOE Invisible from Rogue, etc. - These abilities create largely uncounterable events, and while having some of these abilities in arena is nice I believe there are too many in MoP at the moment.

8. CCs and Haste - This isn't really a talent or skill, but how Haste interacts with CCs. CCs get progressively harder and harder to stop as an expansion drags on. I feel like haste should maybe interact with CCs differently so that a Fear / Cyclone / Polymorph isn't almost 30-40% faster at the end of an expansion compared to the start.


Here's a few from WOD, this is based on a few hundred 2s games and dozens of 3s. Some of this may still be inaccurate, and may have already been changed without my knowledge as WoD gets patched pretty quick.

WOD Skills / Talents:

1. Sudden Death - This proc is making Warriors do insane amounts of sudden burst.

2. 8 Second Horrify from Shadow Priests - Don't really need explaining, but an 8 second stun that isn't on stun DR is insane. I've been told this may be a bug.

3. Double (70%?) Shield Wall from Druids - I believe this class already has too much defenses that has been carried over from MoP, particularly for Boomkins / Resto Druids that never had this skill to begin with. This makes Druids ridiculously hard to kill between their high mobility, and amount of skills usable even while they're in certain CCs (barkskin, displacer beast, etc).

4. Shaman Level 100 Talents - Saying this as a player that plays Shaman, these talents just seem horrible and extremely underwhelming in PvP no matter what spec you are. Elemental fusion could maybe be okay for Elementals.

#4185343 Skills or Talents that Irritates You

Posted Jim_Jim on 03 August 2014 - 10:38 PM

MoP :
  • Offensive dispel.
  • Spamable cc.
  • Instant-on-demand cc : NS Hex, Cyclone, Pom sheep
  • Fear pathing.
  • "The target have dots? Nah, it's ok"-Glyphs : Scatter/Trap/Sheep/Paralyze
  • Feathers combined with Spectral Guise.
  • Blanket silence
  • Things usable during stun (Cocoon, Guardian, Divine protection, Barskin...)
  • Burst of Speed
  • Symbiosis
  • Ironbark/Cenarion ward usable on silence/counterspelled(?)/shapeshift
  • Deep Wounds
  • AoE cc : Shadowfury, Disorienting Roar, Dragon Breath, Blinding Light, Solar Beam, Shockwave, Leg sweep, Ring of frost...
  • Beacon of light being the main reason Hpal have shit direct casted heal compared to others
  • RNG : Elemental shaman, moonkin, divine purpose, offensive dispel, crit, fear pathing...
  • Icelance compared to frostbolt.
WoD :
  • No more reforging ! :mad:
  • Same thing about Beacon of Light.
  • Resto druid 100 talent : Rampant Growth. Where is the logic ? (Remove the cd for swiftmend but consume Rejuv for each swiftmend and increase the heal by 100%)
  • Offensive dispel.
  • No more CD management for Hpal, just one big CD to be OP during Xs every 3min.
  • Every %heal without battle fatigue : Conversion/Ret's 100 talent/...
  • Burst of speed, again.
Rdruid are really too strong (again) on the beta right now. Especially their heals. They still don't cast, and outheal lots of classes. (But number can be tuned, hopefully.)

#4180633 Dannycarey 2850 Mistweaver pvp

Posted Hasuit2 on 27 July 2014 - 11:49 PM

Hey, seems like there's a big lack of mistweaver pvp videos/streams.  I know most people use bot as mistweaver, and it does make it much easier, but it's still possible to play at a high level legitimately.  I'll try to record and upload more of my games vs the best players with no cheats, just skill.


#4170970 Boomkin - Tell me how fine they are

Posted Snuggli on 16 July 2014 - 03:19 PM

View PostRawrbertlol, on 16 July 2014 - 03:11 PM, said:

Literally everybody knows boomkins are retarded, they heal for absurd amounts, do unreal damage, and have the most obnoxious abilities (treants that spam root instantly on a 10 second recharge..). I am beyond sick of them, and I really hope they are just unplayable in WoD.

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#4170139 morning wintraders eu

Posted Gracehelbig on 15 July 2014 - 12:25 PM

Hi =)

Its summer and like a lot of people i've fucked my sleeping schedule up pretty badly. Being awake until the early mornings made me find out theres quite alot of wintrading going on around 8 am until noon.
These are some of the players that are 100% wintrading, so if theres people out there that dont want half the r1 spots go to these people I suggest people start reporting them. Heres some of the players (check the clock they get their wins):


#4168270 Winkay, Imbajohn and Amoeba abusing again....

Posted Adden on 13 July 2014 - 12:21 AM

I dont get it.. What do they gain from doing this? It's not a satisfying way to win and the points are irrelevant anyway because its RBGs.

#4152188 Arena123 targetting actually hurts arena

Posted Woundman on 23 June 2014 - 01:16 AM

I agree *arena123* macros add much bloat to WoW and should be addressed. Removing the *arena123* function in macros and keeping just target and focus arena123 would be a great change for WoD.

#4153046 Self-claimed ''Best RBG team EU" Wallbugging/hacking in RBG

Posted Ayrasaurus on 23 June 2014 - 09:10 PM

I actually made an appearance in Noblocks Teamspeak and I met up with people from his RBG team who were involved with the wall hack and ddos incidents. I talked about the sheer level of autism it requires to care about RBGs and consistently post threads no one cares about on AJ, and as a past RBG god we actually shared a lot of opinions. I'm not promising anything but all I'm saying is a lot of people will be VERY surprised about the future of RBGs and the correlation between making shit threads on AJ and aspergers syndrome  :)

#4152770 Seems legit

Posted Ayrasaurus on 23 June 2014 - 05:36 PM

I actually made an appearance at DH2014 and met up with Solo (the warlock) and his 3v3 team there, I talked about the game from my perspective as a autistic player and we actually shared a lot of opinions. All I'm saying is a lot of people will be VERY surprised about the future of his rating in the coming weeks :)

#4141940 Last chapter of World Of Warcraft 3v3 Ladder pvp ? ggspz banned~

Posted rizzy on 13 June 2014 - 11:21 PM

RIP in pepperonies.

#4141934 Last chapter of World Of Warcraft 3v3 Ladder pvp ? ggspz banned~

Posted Polsk on 13 June 2014 - 11:19 PM

Ruptured shithole

#4139084 Arena123 targetting actually hurts arena

Posted Nadagast on 10 June 2014 - 10:28 PM

Even though I abuse the shit out of them, I agree that arena 1-3 binds are not good for the game.  They reduce the importance of court vision and contribute a huge amount to keybind bloat.  I hope they do something about them in WoD.

#4140221 Best Underrated Player (Hidden Talent)

Posted rizzy on 11 June 2014 - 10:25 PM

Vegar, Weck and Hetar

#4139225 Best Underrated Player (Hidden Talent)

Posted Praii on 11 June 2014 - 12:31 AM

arkasia doppel rimen

#4138967 Arena123 targetting actually hurts arena

Posted inhume on 10 June 2014 - 08:44 PM

It's an interesting idea that's occurred to me recently, arena123 targetting is actually bad for arena. It gives the ability to gurantee that you will hit your desired opponent at anytime. This is regardless if you actually know where they are on the map or if they've just come out of stealth(insert some sort of you can't see me mechanic). You just mindlessly spam your mechanic to peel for someone, knowing that they are in arena1, 2, or 3 because they've made that mechanic available. It takes away from the awareness of the player of the position of the opponent and to target said opponent. It has made pvp become more like pve, where you press a macro to select the desired target for you (Think of all the boss fights were you make specific macros just to target a certain mob). It's lessened the value of focus dropping mechanics because people are no longer using their counterspells on focus as much because they are using arena123.

Note: I actually find that arena123 does improve gameplay in terms of ease of use but it greatly hinders the aspect of player capability.

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