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#4408344 Reawakened Guild 3v3 Tournament - $6000 in Prizes

Posted Zunniyaki on 10 April 2015 - 04:03 PM

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The Reawakened PvP guild on Ravencrest-EU is organizing their first 3v3 Tournament with $6000 in prize pool.


* First place - $3000
* Second place - $2000
* Third place - $1000

Tournament structure:

Eight teams from the guild will play in a Bo3 double elimination format.
The Semi Finals will be played Bo5 and the Grand Final will be Bo7.

April 15th & 16th, 6:00 CET.

Caster Supatease & Metaclass will be here to bring you all of the action as it happens!

Tournament will be streamed here:


300 (Thug) - Shados/Yons/Hingo

I wish BM was viable (Jungle) - Duduferalul/Joxi/Taz

Skill-Capped (Godcomp) - Minpojke/Zunniyaki/Nolifer

Two and a half men (Rmd) - Talby/Raiku/Whaazz

me and my dinosaur (Phs) - Mystic/Pancakez/Hexur

Melk Trupp (Turbo) - Blizo/Nepho/Lilabart

Clap for us Talby (Godcomp) - Babomage/Froffsy/Mileyzor

When we needed you the most (Lsd) - Zeepeye/Nam/Rynd

Brackets: http://challonge.com/reawakenedlive

#4405282 Four Years of Tears

Posted Nadagast on 27 March 2015 - 06:36 PM

View PostAvengelyne, on 27 March 2015 - 03:41 PM, said:

last edit: Blizzard should ask themselves: What would make arena better? Answer: More comps, and toning down out-liner comps, one small hotfix at a time.

I actually think this is the exact wrong answer.  Balance is not the main problem with arena.  There are balance issues, sure, but the problem is that the changes over the years have led to gameplay which is far too scripted to be fun.

More viable comps, more balance, these are red herrings which we as a community have tried to chase for way too long.  Arena was great even when only a handful of comps were viable, because the comps really played dramatically differently.  Making everyone the exact same and then proclaiming that every comp is viable is a pyrrhic victory.

#4405438 Four Years of Tears

Posted Dizzeeyo on 28 March 2015 - 10:51 PM

View PostVadren, on 28 March 2015 - 06:56 PM, said:

chasing nostalgia of when the game was actually worse than it is now, in many ways, isn't helping anyone
speaking as someone who has played this game since vanilla, pvp has never been as bad as it is now

melee spam thoughtless pve rotations into one target, having near 100% uptime if they play properly

casters either do exactly the same as melee (ele shamans) or spam completely irrelevant casted damage and cc while they wait for cooldowns on their instant cast damage to come back up so they can do unpreventable burst at fixed intervals that the opposing team can do absolutely nothing to prevent (warlocks/mages)

cc rotations are boring and scripted, the 8 second dispel cooldown is a stupid way to try and replicate the way dispels worked in tbc/wotlk, but with absolutely none of the depth and outplay ability that existed then

kiting/peeling does not exist anymore, damage through pve rotations is the only way to actually peel, and positioning (apart from healers) is completely irrelevant, which is why i find it amusing when people make suggestions like the above, reducing the range on stormbolt/fist of justice so people have to "sacrifice position" to use them, exDee :)

either next season or next expansion, they will put polymorph on the same dr as cyclone and fear, making exactly the same mistake they made when they put fear on the same dr as cyclone, and that will pretty much be the final nail in the coffin for how much worse they can make pvp. hopefully then when they actually reach rock bottom, they can start climbing back up to somewhere more half decent again, like they did with pve raids post the joke that was dragon soul

View PostVadren, on 28 March 2015 - 06:56 PM, said:

Rogues training me (as a healer) 100% of the game. Not fun. High mobility combined with an excessive number of lockouts (kick, garrote silence, cheap and kidney, gouge, etc...) and the very difficult to stop burst makes the situation feel bad. Maybe making subterfuge only usable for ambush and making burst of speed reduce energy recovery for a limited duration, OR making it so burst of speed prevents re stealth for some duration?
as with the fear nerf, as with the soon to be upcomming polymorph nerf, when you introduce a gigantic problem, it would be far more productive to campaign for that actual problem to be fixed, rather then introducing even more new variables which you hope might make the problem less noticeable

melee, and rogues specifically right now are in pretty much exactly the same state that resto shamans were at the start of cata when they were handed dispel without any of their existing toolkit which was designed to compensate them for not having a dispel being removed in exchange. it took them two expansions of experimentation with completely random ideas to make shamans not be the automatic best healer in arena after that, and even then, it was only by making disc priest (briefly) and then resto druids even more retarded them shamans

#4404934 Four Years of Tears

Posted Jim_Jim on 26 March 2015 - 11:38 AM

*Imagine a actual feral druid with mortal strike effect*

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#4404472 Four Years of Tears

Posted Dizzeeyo on 24 March 2015 - 08:45 PM

View PostAvengelyne, on 24 March 2015 - 08:32 PM, said:

giving each melee MS ... isn't going to homogenize anything
yup, just like giving every melee a kick didn't and giving every melee a stun didn't


giving everyone X results in homogenization of X, which results in X becoming massively undervalued compared to Y and Z which have not been shared out amongst everyone - when Y and Z are burst damage and sustained damage, which will never be shared out equally amongst everyone because pve game exDee, the bring the player not the class model falls flat on it's face

#4404192 Four Years of Tears

Posted Wallirik on 23 March 2015 - 11:42 PM

yes, profession bonuses were nice.
why remove professions but keep racials? zzzzzzz racials, let me choose what I want regardless of faction and race.

#4403428 Four Years of Tears

Posted Jim_Jim on 21 March 2015 - 11:42 PM


I never said s8 never had flaws, the opposite actually. But the game was fun, which is my main problem right now.

s7 was also good but not as complete as s8 i feel, not every class had the potential to be at the top.
And if pve items were the only reason for you to dislike s8 that's very simply to solve, but i discussed that already.

I was hoping for constructive criticism, guess not

The problem is with this forum, despite the title "WoW Forum without garbage" (._.), people tends to think that their own personnal opinion and feels are fact, and if you criticize thoses fact, or give an different opinion, you will have some toxic and pretentious answer like the previous one (About the access).

In my opinion, i will never understand how people can worship Wotlk that much, of course it was fun, but people complains (even here) in the same amount about how the game was ruined after a perfect TBC, about how "Wotlk heroes" would have never got glad in TBC, about how fast the game is compared to TBC, about PvE gear, about RoV, about bloodlust, about castercleaves, about armor being a useless stat, about 10s cc with haste etc etc... (Find the MS paint rage about TSG against RLS, or the destro warlock spaming immolate against a cleanse paladin)

Wotlk was fun, but it was not the best arena for me because it has lots of frustrating stuff too which make arena sometimes exciting, and sometimes not (RoV, Bloodlust, PvE gear, RNG dispel, RNG talents - Winter's chill, sacred cleansing -, 2v2 being a thing for 2 seasons). I had way more fun during Cataclysm, or MoP than i had in Wotlk, mainly because i played with way less pretentious and arrogant people compared to Wotlk. Even if paladin have been considered as "meh" during most of cataclysm and MoP, i enjoyed those xpac, and if i had to use a DeLorean to go back in time, i would probably play in MoP.

Season 11 could have been one of my favorite, if it wasn't ruined by PvE gear and by how long it lasts (A year?).

I don't have opinion about giving dispel to every healers, but having a universal dispel which cleans everything was a blessing for me. I hated having to spam 5 dispel to have a single CoC/rng root in one game, and purge it instantly next game.

The only thing i really missed in Wotlk was the fact you had to queue with a NPC, so every PvP boy in the realm was there, and everybody inspect each others. :D

#4403254 Four Years of Tears

Posted Zarthog on 21 March 2015 - 03:58 PM

Sup boys,

I’m Babbi and I fucking love this game. Well, at least I used to.

The main question is: WHAT HAS CHANGED? What events have turned WoW into the game as we know it today?

In order to solve a problem, one must first analyze it. I will do so in small steps, and ultimately draw a conclusion.

S8 will be used as indirect paragon as I have always felt like that’s where the game had a philosophy shift, and as a consequence  started becoming uni-dimensionally dull.

Without any further ado, let’s head into it.

1.  Offensive cooldowns and on use trinkets.

The gameplay has shifted from requiring clever positioning and control towards either having or not having the right CDs at the right moment. It’s like everybody is a goddamn BM hunter nowadays. The difference in damage between having CDs up or not is absurd.

2.  Defensive Cooldowns

With the introduction of offensive cooldowns there was the obvious need for defensives to survive the damage spikes.

This turned fragile and elegant classes which revolved around positioning and control like mage and rogue into fucking tanks.

For example, look at mages in WoD. Mages can just stand in the middle of the arena carelessly, the problem is not poly having no cd as many people suggest, the problem is that they are not punishable for standing in the middle of the fucking arena spamming cc. If you ever get close to killing him, blink + blazing speed or Ice Block guarantee safety.
Same if you are a druid with displacer up. It doesn't matter if you stay in the middle of the arena, you know you are safe and your bad positioning can’t easily be punished.

Heavy CC reliant classes and healers should think twice before going in the open, mistakes and bad positioning SHOULD ALWAYS be punished, and more importantly, punishable.

3.  Homogenization

They tried to balance the game by making every class the same, they gave every melee an interrupt, they gave every healer dispel, they gave stuns to everybody (asphyx, fist of justice and stormbolt are pretty much the same ability with a different name).
They took the uniqueness out of every class, shamans no longer had BL, warriors no longer had to stance dance, mages are not elegant glass cannons anymore but fucking steel bazookas.
This might make the game more balanced, but it also makes it incredibly boring.

4. DRs

Not quite sure why blizz decided to put fear and cyclone on the same DR and leave poly as it is, either do both or don't do it at all.
I feel like there should be different solutions and this was just a failed experiment.
One way to address the DR issue would be to remove cross DRs altogether (so CCs only DR with the exact same type of CC. e.g. Fear still DRs with Intimidating Shout), but reduce the duration of every CC to 5 or 6 seconds. This way, coordination of CCs is rewarded by allowing CC chains to be much more effective, and most class combos remain viable.

5. Endless mana pools

What do you guys think about this? Should everybody have infinite resources or mana management adds depth to the game?
It’s only going to get worse as the expansion continues, as healers get more and more Spirit, while mana costs stay the same.

6. Dampening

Wod meta needs it, but should the game need it?

Maybe rather than reducing healing it should improve mana cost of healing spells? Not quite sure how I feel about it, looking for some constructive answers here.

I feel like those were the most important failed experiments. Now, what were the steps taken in the right direction?

1.  50% healing reduce gone to 25%

Still unsure if I like or dislike the change. It was probably for the best; 50% felt overwhelming and 25/30% is where it should be.

2.  Legendaries/PvE tems in PvP

It took them around 8 years of tears to take some steps towards the right direction, it is definitely better today than it was in the past, but the problem is still not completely solved.

3. Removal of titles from 5v5

I have always seen it as an irrelevant bracket, people either cheated or played to get their friends titles. Not going to miss it, thanks blizz.

4.  Removal of Bloodlust from arena

To be discussed, was it healthy? Definitely removed depth from the game but it's probably gone for the best.

5.  Cosmetic rewards

This is more important for pvp representation than most people think.

If you were to be a reasonably new player at around 2/2.2k what incentives did you get, for example in Cata? You knew you were not getting glad so why bother trying to climb?

Different rewards and goals such as 2400 pvp enchant and 2600 tabard are VERY important, as they give many players a reason to enjoy the game and push their limits.

I will overlook the fact that the post-s8 tabards look like shit and take it as a serious step in the right direction.

Now, complaining about all this is fine and dandy, but that doesn’t get us anywhere, does it?
So, what CAN we do? In order to make the game more enjoyable, A LOT of rebalancing would have to happen. However, it boils down down to two simple steps in reality:

  • Hire top PvP players to balance the PvP section of the game. I’m sure there are plenty of players out there who would do it for free, but even if they were to get paid it would be worth it for the game’s health.

We know some players consult Blizzard when it comes to PvP, but the problem is just that - they merely consult. The idea is that a group of top level players should be in charge of the PvP section, even if it’s just for Arena. If Blizzard wants to go their own way still, and implement more Ashran-like abominations, by all means let them, as long as top players get to dictate or at the very least cooperate with  Arena balance.

  • Separate PvE and PvP abilities. Blizzard has tried for 10 years to ignore this, but they have slowly started to realize it can’t be ignored. Once this point is accepted, we can finally start talking balance in a serious matter. Execute is too good? Only make it usable on 10% hp players. Rogues deal too much damage? Make red buff only 30% against players. (Note how these might or might not be necessary right now, they are just examples.)

I hear some of you ask: why do you still play the game, and why don’t you play on AT if you think S8 was so much better?

Despite its flaws, S8 PvP was as close as WoW PvP has ever gotten to perfect. No, it most certainly wasn’t perfectly balanced, but it’s hard to deny S8 gameplay was FUN. High pace gameplay alongside easy-to-learn-hard-to-master classes made it the most enjoyable season we have seen so far.

However, it is healthy for WoW to move on. The ever-changing gameplay is one of WoW’s most important aspects. I believe that, with effort from both the community’s side and from Blizzard, we can turn this game’s PvP into a healthy and enjoyable state again.

A little bit about me:

I played on and off almost every season and got my Glad title in S10. Even though I like to think my opinion is worth something, I am fully aware some of you have achieved much more in this game. I look forward to hearing your constructive criticism, should you have any.

I am always eager to discuss. Feel free to private message me or hit me up in game. Hell, you can even watch me suck and complain at http://www.twitch.tv/babbidibubbi on an extremely casual schedule.

Thank you for reading.

#4399160 2900 R[L]D - Suomensnutz 2

Posted Knaittiz on 11 March 2015 - 11:01 PM

Pvp videos are still a thing right? just sum 6.1 clips


:warlock: :warlock: :warlock:  gg wp

#4389220 Your Tournament Sucks.

Posted Snodz on 17 February 2015 - 08:31 PM

Companies wont do anymore tournaments if they realize the community is this toxic, literally all you are doing is ruining RBGs by doing shit like this

#4389128 Your Tournament Sucks.

Posted Winkay on 17 February 2015 - 05:36 PM

View PostKidneygod, on 17 February 2015 - 04:09 PM, said:

Reinhartdarussian is the most disgusting guy ever involved in any tournaments.

He put $3000 of his own money as prize money, go throw yourself of a building you underweight virgin

#4388824 ProGameX World of Warcraft First WoD Tournament 2015 (3v3)

Posted Mehhx on 17 February 2015 - 04:04 AM

I will win.

#4380276 Team Datacus comments

Posted Winkay on 04 February 2015 - 09:48 PM

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#4374494 dancing with the stars (melby&alessia) vs lsd

Posted Mehhx on 28 January 2015 - 06:00 AM

high rated rog boomkin disc (melby & alessia) vs lsd (zeepey loony namqt)
raw gameplay, zero editing
skype included

video had to be uploaded in 2 parts unfortunately ;

part1: https://www.youtube....h?v=2oTmiTba6Tg

part2: https://www.youtube....h?v=B7uAKPC0Fw8

all credit goes to the prince of persia and his wonderful ability to sniff an opening for a sap

#4374881 dancing with the stars (melby&alessia) vs lsd

Posted akaishuichi on 28 January 2015 - 11:33 AM