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Enhancement 5.4. Mastery vs Agi

11 September 2013 - 11:53 PM

So with the advent of Stormstrike being nerfed and Lavalash/Elemental blast being left alone (With EB gaining 25% crit) what is the current consensus on Mastery Vs Agi.

I've omitted haste and crit because crit is now, in my opinion, devalued severely because of the elemental blast change. I don't really believe haste is viable either, due to the lack of uptime against most teams.

So, Mastery gems or Agi gems or a mix of both? For me, i'm going mastery.

Whats the point of melee anymore?

08 July 2013 - 02:25 PM

Here's a question I've been asking myself for a while now. As a player of the most caster-oriented melee I still feel absolutely outclassed when playing against a hunter or any other caster in an arena battle. Why is this?

A few reasons I feel being a melee is simply not beneficial to the game anymore.

1. Casters rarely take more damage from us than they deal to us.

  Casters (and hunters) historically outside of soul-link warlocks were considered in deep shit if a melee was sitting on them. Why? Because armor actually meant something in previous expansions (WOTLK and below). So you actually had a sort of cat-n-mouse type thing going on, warrior charges mage, mage blinks, warrior intercepts mage, mage frostnovas, warrior gets dispelled etc etc. Now I feel that outside of cooldowns the warrior is the one that's consistently running away, what gives?

2. Mana means nothing.

   One of the allures of being a melee was a seemingly endless supply of damage which meant if you could pressure up a team long enough as a melee your lack of crowd control would eventually OOM the enemy healer AND dps and put you ahead leading to an eventual victory. Now there were some problems with this design (I'm looking at you viper sting/mana drain..ಠ_ಠ) but overall it was a solid reason to have a melee and a warlock for that matter. Nowadays I see games of my own and top streamers going on for 5+ minutes while the enemy teams healer is completely tapped and outside of sitting on a spriest who has spent way too much mana spamming flash heal all caster DPS specs don't give a flip about mana. It might as well not exist.

3. Dispel has a cooldown. "Welcome to CC-ville. Enjoy your stay! - Wizards"

   This isn't a new change, no doubt, but is one I find to be a large problem for melee oriented teams not just cleaves but melee/caster/healer. What is the point in dispelling a poly off me when the mage is already instinctively casting another or his teammate is casting fear? Why do these things not have cooldowns? While I understand having your dots spam dispelled by tard shamans in cata was annoying what is the point of bringing a melee over a caster when we are not only far easier to crowd control (as in, only enhancements have the actual tools to stop the spam CC) but have to actually reach our targets just to do less damage than the wizards are doing to our entire team?

4. Positioning

  Funnily enough most melees are defensively weaker than their caster counterparts, despite having to run into the enemy team who is pillaring if they want to score a kill or even get pressure (thanks gate!). How can this be? Well I feel it goes back to how gear was in WOTLK and TBC. Melee, especially plate wearers, had higher armor higher dodge and generally much higher health than their wizard hat wearing counterparts. What they didn't have is absorption shields and the ability to kite or cast self heals repeatedly. This is one of the several reasons why feral druids are so incredible right now compared to other melee, if they want to get out they can powershift slows and snares and run away while their bleeds still do pretty nice damage.

So the reason why I posted this isn't a pity party but rather my concern for the viability of melee in the upcoming patch. With melee effectively requiring a hunter to put them on their shoulders in most cases i'm sure to many the upcoming domination by wizards may not be too shocking. All in all here's hoping for the return of melee/caster/heals.

Am I entirely wrong? Tell me what you think.