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Cooldown stacking and WoD!

17 January 2014 - 08:41 AM

Now the info about WoD is finally starting to come in and I think we find the biggest culprit of MoP being fixed for WoD:


Posted Image


Arena reporting system

14 December 2013 - 10:08 PM


I made a topic about this and well; I know it's mostly EU thing but it might be US thing in different cases aswell. What are your thoughts? I for one hate the current system and I don't even bother with bots in general anymore and on top of that any exploit out there.

Imagine if you had this system when the hunter pet exploit was out there? I think most wouldn't even dare to exploit when a reporting system this easy would be out there.

Grievous Gladiator and Gladiator cutouts in EU/US

27 November 2013 - 11:18 AM

Finally Blizzard published data to determine the cutouts for this season. The data is "right now" (Updated 15.1.2014) as in if season ended this second. The ladder is massive and it's live all the time, so it changes, but it never goes below these numbers (unless players delete their characters in massive scale)

As we all know, Grievous Gladiator is top 0.1% and Gladiator is top 0.5% of the ladder.

EU 3v3 - #1132 - ~2261 rating
US 3v3 - #960 - ~2220 rating

Grievous Gladiator
EU 3v3 - #226 - ~2500 rating
US 3v3 - #192 - ~2414 rating

Q/A section, I will try to update this post with relevant questions/answers/posts/statements etc.


View PostElorxo, on 27 November 2013 - 11:23 AM, said:

no way? feels way too low

maybe i can send braindance a screenshot of my first glad title and my oxford acceptance letter and then i can be cool again

Do the math yourself, get lowest rank and divide it with 200 and you get last Gladiator rank per ladder. Divide that number again with 5 and you get last r1 rank.

For example EU 3v3 right now:
262042 / 200 = 1310,21 - which is 1310 spots for Gladiator
1310,21 / 5 = 262,042 - which is 262 spots for Grievous Gladiator
262042 / 1000 = 262,042 - which is 262 spots for Grievous Gladiator


View PostSnuggli, on 27 November 2013 - 11:43 AM, said:

makes sense, been fighting loaaads of people with glad/r1 titles at 2.1-2.3k rating.

does this take into account people who havent played the 60 games or w/e to be eligible for title?

Being eligible for title doesn't have to do anything with the amount of players in the ladder, which is where the cutouts are calculated from (both Blizzard and player side)

Right now, everyone who has a ranking in the ladder (check the API pages) are calculated towards the cutouts and it doesn't depend if they have enough games played or not.


This is how fast the ladder evolves:
When I created the topic, the ladder had 262042 players. Right now there's 262155 players. That's over 100 more in about 3 hours? That means that there is every 6th hour new Gladiator spot in the ladder, making 4 new Gladiator spots per day.


View PostHiddenstalke, on 27 November 2013 - 01:32 PM, said:

Guys, dont forget 2 things - atm all battlegroups are in one and it is personal spots instead of team spots. so 1,3k spots ~ +400 teams.
Since everyone who played now counts and can't drop off makes the number bigger aswell.
The system is the exact same as last except the fact that more people count towards the titles since they cna't "disband spot".

But yeah, overall the number increased like 4 times compared to last seasons.

Exactly this.
400 teams divided to 16 battlegroups is 25 teams per battlegroup, which is pretty damn close to top BG's in EU (Misery had about 30 and Rampage had about 25). So it's pretty much the same as last season's numbers were, but now that the unified ladder is here and activity has gone down in 2k+ arena, it's pretty much onbvious that this is what is happening.

s14 might be the longest season yet..

21 August 2013 - 01:09 PM

Aigh, I've read around and doing research about this next expansion thing and it kinda hit me. We're starting a new season in couple weeks and there is actually no official information about 6.0/next expansion.
All we have information about duration of 5.4 is that it's the last major patch of MoP, so no 5.5 or 5.6 coming out.

The Dark Below is now trademarked and/or patented in Europe aswell and it has passed the fraud checks etc, so unless someone is pulling out world scale WoW troll, it's the next expansion.

So what all this means is that the next expansion and it's release date will be revealed in Blizzcon 2013. MoP got revealed in Blizzcon 2011 and it took them about 5 months to get Beta rolling and around year to get the game out. So, if they follow the same release style, we will have an year long season in our hands.

Are you willing to play for that long?

(Disclaimer; Everything is purely speculated. Only reason I wanted to bring these thoughts out are to see if anyone else has the information I might be lacking)

Twitch.tv proxy by R1CH

26 July 2013 - 09:38 PM

Aight, so I stumbled upon this thread on Teamliquid, where R1CH has made a Twitch.tv Proxy for those who lag. For those who don't know who R1CH is, he's a computer wizard with the coding skills of a God. Iirc he wrote XSplit a new DLL-file which increased the programs performance by miles etc..

As he said, this is a experimental thing, so treat is as such. For some this might not work, for some it will. For me it worked and it removed lag almost completely on US streamers. I run 100mb DL 5mb UL internet with i7-3770k overclocked, so it definetly can't be computer/internet speed issue for me.

Teamliquid thread


So there's been a lot of complaints about twitch's poor performance recently. While they are to blame for some of it (lack of European data centers and other POPs), I suspect a lot of the problems stem from Flash player and poor TCP/IP tuning. I wrote a program to analyze how fast Flash player is able to receive the data and it did appear to stall from time to time, which may affect how TCP RWIN tuning over higher BDP connections (ie, Europe to US) works, potentially causing too small of a window size.

This program will intercept RTMP connections and handle the networking separately from Flash player using an event based system for maximum performance. If Flash player is unable to read the data fast enough, it will be buffered (up to 4MB). Additionally, a larger initial receive window is attempted.

Fortunately / unfortunately my own connection rarely lags, so I have limited data to see if this has any effect, but from my sample size of kollin, it appears to improve things a little so why not give it a try!

Visual Studio 2010 Runtimes
Google Chrome
Pepper Flash (Chrome's internal flash player, unless you change it this is the default
Windows 7


Put both files in a folder somewhere and run Chrome, then run TwitchProxy. You can tell if it works by watching the console, when a stream is open you should see it spamming away about buffers. If it breaks and you can't browse anything, just restart Chrome - all changes are applied in-memory only. If you restart Chrome completely, you will also need to restart the proxy for it to apply to the new Chrome process.

Note that this program is pretty much an experiment so treat it as such.