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18 May 2016 - 01:39 AM

View PostBuglamp, on 10 May 2016 - 10:58 AM, said:

Looking at the fallen dead figs instead of focusing on the ripe ones.

I took an online test once - "what Poet are you?" - and got Sylvia Plath. :/

haha I remember that one!

In Topic: Do you have male camaraderie in your life, junkie?

09 May 2016 - 02:43 PM

View PostBreadstick, on 04 May 2016 - 10:12 PM, said:

i relate a lot to the ordering everything online so you could avoid talking to people/cashiers etc thing

when i was a hopeless neet i'd do shit like that a lot. i'd avoid certain restaurants so i wouldn't have to explain my order or get it specialized in any way. anywhere like subway where i'd want to build my sub i just skipped because i didn't want that interaction. it's like when you avoid face to face human interaction for that long you become socially fearful or something

now i work in IT which you'd expect to be nerdland (and it can be) but you have to talk to people a lot. i have to work alongside people, i have to communicate well with end users, customers, clients etc. i used to be afraid of making a fucking phone call, had to get over that real fast.

just getting yourself out in the world and experiencing things will make you open up so much socially and just have a healthier mentality and personality

i really haven't felt this kind of personal independence before that i've felt in the last year. it's that small growing feeling that i'm really starting to make it, when i really REALLY doubted i ever was going to "make it" a few years ago. i had fucking nothing going for me 3-4 years ago, now i have a job i love in a field i love where i'm treated well and have already advanced my position, have my own income, my own vehicle, my own bills to pay... i'm not afraid to go out and do my own thing anymore, i'm not afraid to communicate with the world in person anymore

i used to be really scared of asking people questions. i didn't want to bother them. it wasn't long before i realized i wasn't going to make it doing that and i started asking any question i had. it carried over from work into all aspects of my life and it's been so beneficial. and unless you just have no situational awareness, people don't mind being asked questions at all for the most part. most people like the feeling of their expertise in something being needed

we're all always going to battle our own demons but i've come a great distance just from putting myself out there and trying something on a whim

great story that resonates with me a lot. I was fearful of taking risks, small and large, once upon a time because I was afraid of conflict. But then I realized that there's no happiness without risk, since you can't create something great without a chance of failure or rejection. maybe it means that life will always be full of suffering. maybe it means that life is far more dynamic and fun than meets the eye.

In Topic: Watching this gem yet again

15 April 2016 - 08:57 PM

I wrote a placeholder text to address the Donald Trump social media warrior text, but it got deleted. I'll just say that I rarely even talk about Trump, I never post Facebook statuses about Trump, and the comment thread you talked about was 90% me roasting some kid who does nothing but spam my girlfriend and I's posts with contrarian bullshit. That's a little bit excessive.

There's a lot of misinformation that gets spread on Facebook. I comment perhaps on 1% of the posts that I see when it's a bit too much. If that somehow looks like a problem to you, then you need to diversify your newsfeed assets or get more friends. LIke, that's a bit bizarre if your newsfeed is nothing but comments made by me on a friend's status and random news stories over the course of a month.

I'll address everything else when I have more time. Currently home with my girlfriend packing for a trip and thought I wouldn't leave you hanging.

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15 April 2016 - 08:48 PM

View PostLloix, on 14 April 2016 - 11:15 PM, said:

Yea honestly if you can't just hang out with friends without whining about puss you're going to be annoying.

>tfw I cant whine about puss without annoying my friends

In Topic: Watching this gem yet again

15 April 2016 - 05:59 PM

View PostYVNG_CARL_YVNG, on 14 April 2016 - 09:47 PM, said:

this is an embarrassement. the comparison to Germany was even worse. matter of fact all the comparisons fail since she was talking about ideological groups, not religious ones. the ideology proposed by the islamic state is to be seperated from the general belief system of a muslim. as for germany, it wasn't just SS and SA members looting jewish stores. everyone tried to get the best of it, everyone tried to bring some kind of profit to himself. every single German who didn't (passively or actively) opposed the regime (there were lots of ways how people fought back) indirectly supported it. they are at fault. we are talking about nine out of ten people here. it is not a comparison. the peaceful majority has never been irrelevant, the opposite is the case. they are involved.

as for islam, it is a completely different scenario. we have groups like the peshmerga actively fighting a war against the islamic state. they are being held down by turkey, but europe is trembling in fear because turkey is important to solve the refugee situation. they're mortified, petrified. we have an obligation to act if we want to criticize. there are groups like east-asian muslims where radicals are practically nonexistant. there's sufis who are essentially non-violent. there are.......

islam has always been a personal religion, not an organized religion like christianity. now we have salafi groups who are being sponsored by the uae, paid to spread extremist ideology. while christianity has been building communities for centuries, islam has only started recently. there are barely any people spreading the word about secular islam. there are barely any people spreading the word about a modern, liberal, middle- and northern european islam. it exists. some muslims eat pork. some muslims don't wear a burka and don't make their wives wear a burka. if anything, we have to tackle the source of the problem. but the western world won't do that, because uae has so much precious oil. germany has been delivering weapons to the uae for fucking decades, guess what those were used for?

the goal of said salafi groups is to win over newcomers (ie: refugees) who generally have a worldview that is more comparable to that of a european (which is why they fled in the first place) than it is to that of a salafi extremist. when we are talking about muslim extremism we are referring almost exclusively to a minority of salafi arabs. the only reason why they got so powerful in the first place is because they benefited hugely from the destabilization (thanks fucking burgerland) and the knowledge & weaponry (thanks again fucking burgerland) brought to them in over thirty years of conflict. they benefit from a strong israel and a weak palestine, actively producing propaganda and creating a new scapegoat: the western world and jews. this is a problem we've brought upon us. muslims and jews have been living (mostly) peaceful for centuries and great britain had to fuck it all up with the treaties surrounding the birth of the state of israel.

it is exactly like the ugly burka girl said, you stupid niggers need to read a fucking book. islam is not homogenous in any way. the speaker is a worthless populist, everything she says has absolutely no substance and is nothing but big words to fire up the crowd. her pityful attempt at swooning over the americans talking about "4 dead" at the end makes me sick. she doesn't even offer a fucking solution. what is even remotely interesting about what she has to say? she acknowledges that there are extremists, but doesn't tell us how to deal with them.

why didn't america (or the western world in general) support the fucking kurds more? why are we batting an eye when russia is actively defending their interests in the syria conflict? those are real fucking issues we could be a part of, that is some positive change we could help bring along. but you people would rather bask in your supposed moral superiority, jerking off in a corner. if the extremists are all that matter then please go ahead and propose a fucking solution as to how to deal with them.

(you blow, reliuna.)

i don't know what exactly you are trying to say, but if you're saying that "killing half of germany's population solved the problem" then you're being ignorant.

after ww2 all nazi politicians with the exception of the highest officials just continued on with their posts. they were still in power. people were still clinging on to the ideology, just silently. it took germany more than 20 years (think the mid 1960s, the first time real change was happening) to get rid of that infection. change doesn't happen overnight. in the case of germany it took student protests and a german terrorist group actively killing off politicians that made career under hitler to even start a change in thinking. most people don't know about that, then again most people don't know anything about the history past 45 anyway.

if you were being ironic, just ignore my post i suppose.

great fucking job, i'm sure your family is proud of you. you're an embarrassment.

Islam isn't homogenous. You only need to look at the difference between Muslims in the United States, Egypt, Iran, and Indonesia, to know that. However. there are certain attitudes that are scarily present in Muslim countries, especially within the Middle East. I think those are cultural attitudes haven't gone away thanks to a lack of wealth, failed state institutions, etc., but that doesn't mean that the minute you start bringing in refugees, they'll suddenly change to a more European way of thinking. That simply does not happen in 90%+ of cases. You cannot change a lifestyle overnight.

And even if the vast majority of these people are nonviolent, and if those in warzones tend to disapprove of violent extremists, the rest of the population tends to have way too much support for rogue organizations like Hamas, the Islamic State, Boko Haram, al Shabaab, etc., especially since these groups often advocate similar sets of beliefs.

The more frightening example is that nearly every single American politician wants to continue more of the same geopolitics-as-usual bullshit that has done nothing but provoke the bee's nest over and over again. Either our leaders are incompetent, corrupt, or evil. Why have we inadvertently funded Syrian and Libyan extremists? How did we allow weapons from Benghazi to be shipped to Turkey and Syria? What's the point of NATO if members like Turkey seek to undermine our security in the Middle East? When are we due for another round of liberating and nation-building? I imagine Syria is "ripe for democracy". That scares me, since it seems like the reactionary extremist groups will continuously feed off of both anti-American and pro-Shariah sentiment to create a giant ideological clusterfuck that will continue to endanger the safety of everybody worldwide.

Maybe Islam is a red herring, and I definitely wouldn't discriminate against more secularly minded or reformed Muslims who seek asylum, but the fact of the matter is that the average Muslim holds beliefs that are complete anathema to Western society, and these belief systems are encouraged and perpetuated by "Muslim" institutions. Calling Islam "a personal religion" makes you ignorant of organized theocracies like Iran and Saudi Arabia, the historical caliphate, and the fact that Islam calls for a very specific brand of legal system in the form of shariah law. It's far more than personal, which makes integration a tremendously challenge. Unlike the United States, it seems like Europe has been horrible at integrating these people to be more like Europeans by the first/second generation, probably due to latent "white man's burden" racism that I often see over there. I can only see disaster in the long run.

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