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Unholy Death Knight PvP changes.

12 April 2017 - 05:42 AM

A quick introduction as to where we are in the current meta.
Unholy death knight is by no means 'bad', we are actually very strong and can pull out some serious damage over time. That is also the problem "overtime". The current meta of the game is on demand burst. Which outside of apocalypse is miserable.
I was playing at 2500-2600 CR/MMR last season and am struggling in the 2k bracket PURELY because people can out burst with cool downs (Turbo etc).
That being said, I do like fast paced game style instead of 10 minute [email protected]# games all season.

There a few opinions I would like to share to which I think Unholy will be viable in season 3's meta.

1. Necrotic strike is a waste of a talent. 
Since there was absolutely no scaling done to make this talent viable in the slightest. Health pools are now 4-6 million and it only applies are 130-160k healing absorb. Even if I used all 6 runes on necrotic strikes, most healers (mainly priests) can take it off instantly without casting with no consequence.

2. Crypt fever needs a rebuff. 
It got nerfed last season because it was too strong, which it was undoubtedly. CF has fallen victim to the same scaling as necrotic strike. It does abysmal damage, as does all the traits on the same line.

3. Gargoyle should be a scary cool down. 
Gargoyle is almost laughable, it's a minor damage buff. In a 40 second skirmish match my gargoyle did 0.9% extra damage than my risen skulker, which is a permanent minor pet with no cool down. Gargoyle used to be "omg run away or kill it" as a 3 minute cool down should be. Enhancements, warriors, dh's and almost all the dps classes get kill potential abilities on a smaller cool down.

4. Death Coil. 
Although this is being addressed in 7.2.5, it is the first change that will help this class in pve and pvp. If you haven't read this change, they are increasing the cost of death coil and its damage substantially. Which will be a pure buff, as we won't be swimming in un-spendable runic power and pumping out more damage.

5. Don't blanket buff us.
We don't need a 5% strength buff. It will most likely just out tilt good abilities, fun ones such as Apocalypse and result in them being nerfed. This will just keep making the class go backwards. As seen with frost DK's, they have a few overpowered abilites (chill streak) and got completely gutted as a result.

Thank you for reading my post, if you have anything else to add please comment below!

Happy killing!


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Best 3v3 Comp for Hunter

05 October 2016 - 09:18 AM

I've seen a lot of different comps going and tried a few myself.





What I want to know is what is the strongest? I see dirtyreedz is rank 3 now and there are almost no DK or enhance up the ladders. Which is your favorite and why?


XGlad Hunter LF decent 3s

29 September 2016 - 02:40 PM

Took a long break from PvP from the end of MoP all through WoD. Looking to get some serious queues going.

Pref comp beast cleave but ill be down for anything


Toon is Horde-Barthilas

Hunter PvP Talents.

23 September 2016 - 04:54 PM

Pretty torn on what to pick. More so for the last row, while go for the throat looks decent would dire beast basilisk or hawk be better? Hawk being a 30 sec cooldown is more sustained but can break cc depending on who youre running with and im not sure about basilisk as im only pvp level 44.


Whats everyones top picks?