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Will you keep your honor for WoD?

05 November 2014 - 06:05 PM

Sorry if this question already has been up on AJ, havnt been checking it for a while. But will you keep your honor for WoD, or will it be converted to gold when the expansion arrives?

What do you listen to while playing?

07 March 2014 - 06:41 PM

Hi there, i couldnt find the previous thread that was made about this (a fairly long time ago), but i'm gettin abit tired of my playlists and would like some inspiration for some new cool tracks for gaming :) I'll start by shareing my 2 lists!

Can you feel my heart - Bring the Horizon
Reinventing your exit - Underoath
93 million miles - 30 seconds to mars
Situations - Escape the fate
Something - Escape the fate
Pretty handsome awkward - The used
Kryptonite - 3 doors down
Sleepwalking - Bring me the horizon
Studying politics - Emery
It's not my time - 3 doors down
Headstrong - Trapt
Tears don't fall - Bullet for my valentine
Alive - P.O.D
Rise today - Alter bridge
Fire - Black city
It's not over - Daughtry
Wake me up - Crown the empire
The drug in me is you - Failling in reverse
Sweetness - Jimmy eat world
Cute without the E - Taking back sunday
The ghost of you - My chemical romance

Personal top 3:
1. Wake me up - Crown the empire
2. Sweetness - Jimmy eat world
3. Can you feel my heart - Bring me the horizon

Trojans - Atlas genius
Pompeii - Bastille
Shake me down - Cage the elephant
Kids - MGMT
Everybody talks - Neon trees
With me - Sum41
Boxing day - Blink182
Pretty little girl - Blink182
Still into you - Paramore
Car radio - Twenty one pilots
Holding on to you - Twenty on pilots
Chasing cars - Snow patrol
Wonderful life - Hurts
It ends tonight - The all-american rejects
Beekeeper's daughter - The all-american rejects
Use somebody - Kings of leon
Closer - Kings of leon
Pumped up kicks - Foster the people
Toy soldiers - Eminem
Space bound - Eminem
Chocolate - The 1975
If you could see me now - The script
Human - The killers
Radioactive - Kings lf leon
Wall - Enter shikari
Soul meets body - Death cap for cutie
Believe me - Fort minor
Leave out all the rest - Linkin park
The funeral - Band of horses
Young homie - Chris rene
Trouble - Chris rene
Rockin' with you - Chris rene
Team - Lorde

Personal top 3:
1. The funeral - Band of horses
2. Young homie - Chris rene
3. Team - Lorde

Hope you'll like some of these :D (sorry if any misspelling, typed it out rather fast (probably is some smart way to link i but dunno :D)

Edit: added my prefered 3 of both lists for those of you who cba going through it all :)