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#4167250 PHDK Strengths and Weaknesses

Posted Dills on 11 July 2014 - 07:05 PM

View Postdrzy, on 11 July 2014 - 04:53 PM, said:

WMD kill mage, put like every wyvern on the warrior

god comp kill mage -> wyvern spriest and trap the other guy and blow up the mage

beastcleave go hunter (some people go enhance idk why i feel hunter will die a lot quicker)

tsg i'd say probably go warrior, with a monk healer the dk wont really ever die if the monk is good

Oh gosh some of this is very wrong. I've played PriestHD so much this season as well as the other forms of hunter dk x so I will give you pretty much every strat you need OP. So, assuming you have a priest healer you actually are going to do this:

Vs WMD: you aren't going to wyvern warrior much, you're actually just going to asphix the druid whenever you can and after that you can just wyvern trap if your priest cannot get a fear off that asphix in the opener(this will apply to almost every mage druid team). Tunnel mage as hard as possible, trapping off scatters/asphixiates is actually bad mostly with priest because of how your cc chains will work out, it makes it more awkward for priest to get fears, and it is very important you just enable your priest to get as many fears as possible.

Vs Godcomp: Okay spriest is actually your best target for this match up, we used to go mage a lot, but have found spriest is the best kill target. Hunter DK X just destroys shadow priests, a good mage is going to kite the fuck out of you. Usually what we'll do is if they prehot the shit out of the shadowpriest, we'll hit the mage for a couple seconds but not pop any cds at all onto him, and then we'll swap to the shadow priest with everything as soon as we get cc onto the druid so he can't get any hots out. Basically just garg crows rapid fire and just go fucking ham as hell into the shadow priest. You can either start your cc chain with wyvern>trap or asphix>wyvern. I've got a couple vods of the match up here as well for you to watch how we play it out: http://www.twitch.tv...poo69/c/4539688

Vs Beastcleave: If they have a hpriest healer, you will train the enhance shaman as hard as you possibly can with everything into that priest. It's a rough match up and straight forward but you just need to go as aggro as possible. If they have a monk healer, type /afk, you will never ever ever ever win if they slightly know what they are doig. Hunter is the best target vs monk variant, but it's just incredibly hard for you to get a kill. Monk beast is one of your absolute counters are far as cleaves go.

LSD: You need to train the Ele shaman into the ground. Get fears off of cd, and you just need to play as aggressive as you can. Keep running at that ele and eventually you will score a kill against them. It can take a while, but you're going to have to be patient, and never sacrifice your offensive pressure. Go spirit bond as the hunter to help you against their rotting.

TSG: Somewhat annoying, but you can beat it as long as you have a priest healer. Make sure he gets fears on cd on the healer (Half of this comp is making sure you enable your priest to get fears as much as possible). Run at the warrior for days and hope for a kill. This match up is alright.

Anyways overall just the strengths of this comp is it's crazy offensive pressure, and it's weaknesses is that it's extremely linear and straightforward, you can't really change up your strategies too much because you are too limited in what you can do to win. If you ever lose your pressure and get forced defensive by another team, you will most likely lose the match. Go ham niggie.

P.S. If you have any more questions about this comp and match ups, feel free to ask me in this thread, on my arena junkies profile, or in game. Good luck ^^

#4125890 Hiatus, need a "refresher"

Posted guyfawkesforlose on 22 May 2014 - 09:32 PM

For addons, I don't know what you used and I haven't been aware of anything new, but as a baseline I would recommend the following:

Very Helpful:

1) GladiusEx - as far as I know, its Gladius with some extras. It provides arena frames with CD trackers, DR trackers, a prominent display of trinket (the break all cc "gtfo" trinket) usage, and many other things to help with arena awareness

2) Battleground Targets - Provides battleground frames very similar to Gladius. Besides health and resource bars, can be configured to show you how many people on your team are targeting specific enemies (for those "I forget, who did target caller say to kill?" moments), will show all enemy classes, specs, etc. Fantastic for (r/R)BG awareness.

3) OmniCC - enhances blizz UI by putting numerical values for cooldown timers either in place or in addition to the blizz shadow clock thingy.

Cool, but not OMG status:

1) Capping Battleground Timers - puts all sorts of timers in your UI, how long you have to accept the queue pop, how long till a base or node is captured, at the current pace how long till victory and who will win, all sorts of other cool BG stuff.

2) Purge - an announcer that can be easily configured for all sorts of things, I use it for Interrupts (both mine and teammates) and purges/dispels (Player1 dispelled lock aids from Player2, Player3 purged something cool from Arena1)

3) Reflex - Provides for statistical analysis of pretty much everything pvp. BG, RBG, and Arena information such as Win/Loss, performance info (you did x amount of damage/healing, x put you 3rd on your team and 4th overall). It will even break things down for you like you are 10-2 on Tol Viron, 6-6 on Dal, and 3-7 on Blades Edge, or even crazier like You are 5-3 against team X, and team X consists of players a,b, and c from realms d,e, and f. Not game changing, but can help you identify patterns over time and work to improve yourself. More than anything though, people I know just use it for fun.

4) Tidy Plates - very configurable addon that enables customization of enemy floating health bars, placement and size of buffs/debuffs on those bars, cast bars underneath/over health bars, threat info (for dem dragons) etc. Definitely worth a look see.

5) Bartender - move all your bars, resize them, and do all manner of other weird things

6) Recount - Keeps meters and stats on just about anything combat related you can think of.

You should still be able to purchase Glorious Tyranny, Bloody Dancing Steel, and Spirit of Conquest from Doris Chiltonius (horde, I don't do blue side) which should cover all of your conquest and rating required pvp enchants. Hopefully this answers everything you needed.

#3866993 New Shado Pan Arena and Blade's Edge changes

Posted Ayrasaurus on 26 March 2013 - 11:55 AM

View PostSkenz, on 26 March 2013 - 11:45 AM, said:

the new blades edge means 1 more lock nerf

A class should never be balanced around 1 or 2 maps being broken for melee instead they should fix the issues with locks not balance them by giving them a cheese strat.

#3867889 Current state of AJ: Moderation

Posted Cakesz on 28 March 2013 - 09:03 AM

View PostSykeasaurus, on 28 March 2013 - 07:05 AM, said:

Bit hypocritical.  You didn't read what I typed within this thread, clearly.  I addressed the wintrading / DDOS'ing.  Apart from that abuse specifically outlined in your post, what other abuse are you talking about?  Please refer to post #2 in this thread about wintrading / DDOS'ing.[/b]

You're right, I didn't read that, so I apologise for that part.

The obvious abuses that is being ignored is selling boosts, which a lot of people on this site are responsible for and for which is the biggest reason why people are turned off from PvP, it's hilarious that it is so often ignored.

Most people not hardcore involved in Arena these days just look at Glad/R1 teams/titles and believe that they are probably win-traded or title sales, I used to regularly post on the official forums for about a year and that's by-and-large how the rest of the community sees it.

And they are right, at least in Europe, I don't know the extent of the problem in the US but it's obviously a problem there too, and it's by a lot of the most "famous" players as well, players like Zunniyaki, Flubbah, Minpojke etc for example are amongst the worst offenders, so why are they not banned from this site?

They are purposely destroying the competitive side of the game and yet the site which supposes'd itself as the "competitive site for Arena" doesn't say anything. A big problem with this site is how everyone is so gutless and nobody says anything to anyone about this. Grow some balls people.

Another example is the hilarious fact that the Yaspresents retards are allowed to even be here, the Arabs who have been buying the R1 title for 6 seasons now, yet you guys even advertised their little tournament, sure it's good to have tournaments, but them running a tournament doesn't make up for the rest of the shit they have caused.

Naturally nobody gives a shit about this aspect, they are all 15 year old kids making money and all the mods are friends of theirs, so this part of the site/community won't change at all.

But if it doesn't, let's drop this charade of you and the mod/admin team actually giving a damn about moderation.

It shouldn't be hard for anyone to figure out. If 80% of every Glad title is wintraded or sold, those very few legitimate players left in the game, will not stay playing the game, this is why the community is dying.

Just a thing, people always talk here about how much better the SC2 community is compared to the WoW community, in the SC2 community, those few people that "boost" to Grand Masters, are not allowed to stay as members of TL and stuff like that.

#3849040 Balance is not the biggest problem, systems are

Posted Thaya on 14 February 2013 - 04:33 PM

Foreword: please read the entire post before commenting. I was a little bit too quick to post it, and as a result of adding ideas and thoughts to it, it's now a little hard to follow: I start with an example before explaining the main problem (inductive reasoning). All the important stuff is at the end.

Ever since WotLK ended, I've had the opinion that the problem of WoW PvP is not balance, but the systems. In fact, the things I'm going to talk about have always been in place, I just didn't notice them because I enjoyed random battlegrounds, skirmishes and 2v2 up until Cataclysm. I don't want to make this a nostalgia thread or a rant on bringing back skirmishes, but a few words have to be said about skirmish: reintroducing skirmish arenas, with the way the game has evolved since they were last active, would be a stupid decision. Back in WotLK individual skill was a much bigger factor than it is today - this is both due to developer decisions and players getting much better in these 4 years - arena is all about team synergy now, individual skill doesn't even fascinate anybody anymore. A single player just won't be able to make enough of a difference on his own to make it fun in the slightest, perhaps with the exception of one or two specs, and I'm not even going to talk about the obvious problem of team compositions and how predictable it will be. If they are reintroduced in the original implementation, people will play them for a short while, and then it will just be another dead area of the game.

Let's forget about the other PvP modes for now and focus only on arenas - it is a little game of its own, there's nothing that feels or plays quite like it, and it has a community of its own.

A huge problem with the arena system is that there is only one, ranked, mode. I believe it applies to everybody, or at least the vast majority, that you're not always in the mood to play serious, to play to win. And I believe every arena player has been in a situation where you wanted to try playing with some other people or your friends - just for fun - but couldn't due to being locked to their "serious" team. The real reason people want skirmishes back is because arena players simply don't have anything to do when they're not in the mood to play serious, or when their team mates are offline, or whatever other reasons not to play ranked. Ever noticed how many people buy Arena Pass just to be able to mess around without putting their live ratings in danger? it's always a very short sparkle of interest, because AP isn't really that good of a solution, but it's a good example of what people want.

And so, why not do the obvious thing, the thing that exists in several other super popular games?

Unranked mode.

Give it a a matchmaking system to match equal teams, but no ladder and no statistic tracking at all. No need for teams too, just let any party of 3 queue for it, even cross realm parties. Characters will still have MMR attached to them, and the average of that MMR will be used for the party - imagine it as if a temporary arena team is created. It just won't matter, it won't give rewards, it won't be displayed on the UI, the matchmaking system will extend its search range a lot quicker (aim for 2-3 min queues tops, even at the cost of equal matchups), and there will be no competition based around it. An organized skirmish, that's exactly what it should feel like.

Firstly, this will be a less serious environment to play in for the veterans, a polygon to run new teams or just play for fun, something you can queue any time of the day carelessly, something you don't have to commit to. And secondly, this would be a wonderful thing for new PvP players. It's just like the real thing, but without the pain of losing; I know people who tried arena, sucked due to being new, and never touched it again because they just kept losing. WoW arena has a very steep learning curve at least due to the amount of information you need to memorize and get used to before you really feel like you understand what's going on, being put straight into a competitive environment makes it that much harder; on top of that, gear is a much bigger factor than it's ever been, but let's discuss this another time.

Now, since I've touched the subject of new players... Let's go back to the real world where PvP isn't just arenas. The general consensus on AJ is "who cares about random BGs", but it is so much more important for the game overall than people think. Random BGs is the first place people unfamiliar with PvP go to, not only because of gear, but because it's the only type of PvP you can queue solo for. This is where they get their opinions about the PvP side of the game, and do you honestly think it's a good one if every second active poster here is botting, and some of you even actively support it? If I continue this subject I'll have to repeat myself a lot from an earlier thread about honor and battlegrounds, but key points were: the honor grind must be shortened A LOT, it's totally wrong that getting starter PvP gear takes so long; winning/losing shouldn't be as important as it is (random is random); and botting should be at least risky and more complex to use than it is today.

Another problem with the systems is how weird the matchmaking system is. Why do you sometimes not get a high rated team from your realm that you KNOW is queueing, and instead get 10 min queues into a team 700 rating below you? Why do you sometimes experience the opposite and get the same team 3-5 times in a row when you KNOW there's other teams queueing, and you even have to sit and wait for them to finish their game when they bump into somebody else? Why do battlegroups still exist even though it's been many years since it's possible for cross battlegroup matchups? all battlegroups do now is slow down queues for everybody and give out free rank 1 titles from 5v5 shares. Why does it take years to fix an exploit in the RBG MMR system, an exploit that people made thousands of euro on, and even humiliated Blizzard by making 5000 rated level 1 characters for the purpose of advertising? Why do RBGs have a much, much better effort:reward ratio in a game that's based entirely around character/gear progression? RBG is easier for the individual player and gives everything that arena does plus more (higher cap), that's wrong on so many levels. Imagine how all of this mess looks like to new players.

It is the oldest and ugliest system in the game by far, it's had so many things built on top of it and patched that it's just an archaic abomination.

There's so many great ideas out there. It doesn't even have to be unranked mode - that's just my take on it and an idea I haven't seen discussed before. Think about weekly challenges/tournaments with rewards - regular 100k gold tournaments would be intense. Introduce observing, at least in ghost mode like on a certain private server, but preferably more like the 5.2 Brawl (can keep it tournament-only). Introduce a best-of-3 mode for it, and allow it to be used in wargames.

Think about getting rid of end of season rewards completely. End of season rewards only promote cheating and boosting by now, and their value as an achievement of skill diminished to the point they're almost irrelevant. You could replace them with the aforementioned tournaments, or do other things like temporary per-season achievements that turn into FoS (f.ex. a new Arena Master per season, Flawless Victor, 2.2/2.4/2.7 per season). You know how fun it is for new players to get a RBG achievement every 100 rating they advance? Imagine if Arena had something similar, and you got Gladiator at say 2.5k, Duelist at 2.2, etc. And the seasons are really short so it doesn't get stale - you don't NEED TO introduce a new title and set of gear every single season.

Think about reintroducing 2v2 in some shape or form (f.ex. with a healing debuff, because right now healer/dps vs healer/dps is impossible), with rewards or achievements to it, especially something for the newer and less experienced players - 2v2 is actually one of the greatest and easiest ways to learn other classes as well as a great way to pass time when bored, it solves nearly every problem I mentioned here.

The way PvP works right now doesn't allow new players to enjoy the game. This is my entire point with this post. The biggest and most important reason that arena activity is dying is that old players are quitting, but no new players are picking up WoW PvP because it sucks to play with randoms and tank down to 1k rating on your first session. There is no "entry level" in WoW PvP, you're thrown straight into ranked 3v3 where you get crushed by people fully geared and most likely with years of experience because WoW PvP hasn't really attracted players for years. THIS is what needs fixing, and it's much more important than balance.

I'm not saying that balance is irrelevant, but no matter how good and balanced the game will be, it will never attract new players if the systems stay the way it is. There's a couple of very good changes in the patch - they fixed gear progression, which was the reason S12 had half the active teams compared to S11 (despite being a fresh expansion), and they also listened to our complaints about rating decay - we haven't even fully acknowledged how huge that change will be. Ultimately I'm making this thread in hopes to motivate them to work the PvP systems more, I imagine it's an easier task than balancing and is more useful at the same time.

Most of these won't even require too much developer work hours, and they won't affect PvE or other parts of the game. You can stick with temporary title rewards or gold and it'll be just fine for us, don't waste your precious developer time on tabards/mounts/pets. We just need a bit of your programmers work hours. Please make PvP fun again.

#3848119 Return Of The Rogue!

Posted steeze1 on 12 February 2013 - 06:47 PM

Hey guys, its ya boi Steeze with his newest education lesson named Return Of The Rogue. Thanks for all the support.

#3847832 PvP in 5.2 with official forums thread

Posted Djandawg on 12 February 2013 - 12:42 AM

I'd like to see every melee lose a stun.Removal of additional interrupts: fae silence, disruptive shout etc. People need a casting window, especially when trained by 2 melees.

Reducing hunter cc, so that the healer isn't %30 inactive in arena by instants.
NS removed from non healing specs and put to 3 mins cd. Pom not interacting with cc spells except for arcane.

Holy paladins losing repentance. Doesn't make sense to give a the most defensive healer triple non dr-ing cc.

Resto shaman healing reduction, removal of tremor from totemic restoration. Holy paladin instant healing nerf.

Shadowpriest losing life swap and/or moving health percentage for disc priest to %35 so that they aren't in execute range(especially after phantasm nerf)
Also I'd like to see targeting of pets/totems with macro etc removed.

Rogues losing paralytic poison(as mentioned in the post)

The problem with the post in general is, you request change of dynamics, like whole resil system etc, where in reality some classes have already %14 crit with full crit reforge and no abilities/cooldowns to increase crit chance. So if you give say %20 crit reduction, mages will crit say %60 of the time but a lock will do like %0. There's a better way to address this, which is nerfing broken burst modifier spells and so on.
I appreciate the time and effort put in the post, good luck.

#3847641 PvP in 5.2 with official forums thread

Posted Braindance on 11 February 2013 - 06:55 PM

I made a thread on the official forums regarding pvp balance in 5.2. If you have some time, read its entirety and tell me what you think. The best would be if you commented bellow the official thread itself with your own suggestions and arguments to promote constructive theorycrafting and to bring some more attention to the issues of 5.2.

Thread can be found here:


It would be great if any multi rank 1 and any of the more "famous players" adds some more ideas in the thread itself.


#3848030 VT Dispel Fear DR - Intended

Posted CrossBlesserx on 12 February 2013 - 02:13 PM

View PostEltekk, on 12 February 2013 - 01:54 PM, said:

oh my god everywhere i go on AJ there is this dude djfrostbomb..

He is trying to break some sort of record on most useless posts made in  a month.

#3848026 VT Dispel Fear DR - Intended

Posted Eltekk on 12 February 2013 - 01:54 PM

oh my god everywhere i go on AJ there is this dude djfrostbomb..

#3847547 Arena Egos

Posted Thugjitsu on 11 February 2013 - 04:43 PM

View Postandysc, on 11 February 2013 - 04:13 PM, said:

Hey, moron:

Your name is, "Thugjitsu." Your posts all have very mildly veiled elitism in them. (Fought in the best gyms; with the best teams; know the best guys; can't help but laugh) You took the time to upload a picture of someone, supposedly you, kicking a heavy bag? Are you serious? You're worthless. Stop trying.

Lots of, "top fighters" are completely arrogant douchebags, like you're trying to be. The only problem is you can't. You're too shitty at WoW to have any bearing in the conversation here, and you're what.. going to fight professionally? Please. Lots of people who have been the best at things since history has been recorded have been hugely insecure, paranoid and even downright tyrannical.

Could you beat Mike Tyson at anything? Didn't think so, the dude is a crazy elitist prick. That is what it takes to be the best for some people. This game isn't even a PvP game, and it's so easy to get highly rated over and over again and your only achievement is one Gladiator title as a Warrior in season 9.

Drop your act, pal. You're nobody. You don't know anybody famous. You don't fight them. You're not in good shape. You're some scumbag who took one kickboxing class running around here now like the movie First Blood was inspired by your real life. You want people to take a step back and realize that your fake real life achievements are better than their fake in-game achievements? I'm sorry, but they're not.

There are two types of people who compete:

1) Generally gifted people with real, inalienable talent - champions. Tiger Woods, Mike Tyson, Michael Jordan, Lance Armstrong, etc

2) Insecure people whose paranoia makes them so self-aware that they fix all of their deficits enough to be considered good or decent, never rising to champion status - Eli Manning, etc

Which category do most people who play this game fall into? The second, obviously. Now, why is that do you think? Well for starters, World of Warcraft simply isn't competitive at all, so the second category really thrives in a setting where the boundaries of victory and success are so easily muddied. And second, why would a champion play this game? You can't even be the best at it. You could literally log on right now and be the absolute best that there has ever been at one class only to find that a patch coming tomorrow, next week, next month makes you obsolete. Why would any truly talented person subject themselves to that?

They wouldn't, so you fall into that category. Gladiator one time as a Warrior in S9 - need I say more? No one cares about your mixed martial arts background. You're a fucking joke. You'd think you'd have a Medal of Honor with how much of your post was dedicated to something you do as a hobby. You're a nerd, dude.

So why don't you spare us your tips from the bottom, throw on a Tapout shirt and fuck off.


edit: A GREAT example of this is Khuna and Reckful. Khuna is a tryhard who barely speaks any language, cheats to get ahead, is in threads like this groveling with 12 time Duelists and acting like he's the best. Ever see Reckful do any shit like that? Nah, because Reckful is an American champion and Khuna is a 9 time Duelist, two time win-trader, one-time Gladiator who has to commit real life crimes for in-game achievements.

Reckful is from the only country to ever be back to back World War champs, Khuna is from the only country that has lost more wars than Germany. Look at what a pathetic moron he is, lol.

Hard to act like a badass when you have to try and steal someone's identity to get the achievements they have in a game because you know you could never, ever beat them. No such thing as halfway crooks, bro. You're shook.

^Insecurity at its finest, thanks for proving my point :)

#3847323 5.2 PAYBACK TIME

Posted originn on 11 February 2013 - 02:51 AM

This is how i feel about 5.2 after dealing with warriors

#3847358 Arena Egos

Posted Kungfucow on 11 February 2013 - 04:07 AM

View PostGodx, on 11 February 2013 - 03:20 AM, said:

No dude is going to let you touch his wiener if you think you're bad at this game. If you don't think you're good, then you fucking suck. Egos are healthy, it keeps you from sucking. I'd rather takl to someone who thinks they're fucking amazing than some emo little bitch always going "I'm so bad :( /cut wrist"

-Got A low self esteem bro? you can rent my ego

You are a complete tool. Egos do not keep you from sucking. They are the reason so many players DO suck to play with. I'd rather play w/ someone who is a good person vs. a good player any day. Finding someone who is both is what's really rare/special. It's been a long time since I had the pleasure of playing with people who were great at the game and also great people outside of it, I'm confident I will find some players like that again somewhere down the road. So far this season it seems to be one or the other. In the meantime I'd rather play w/ "bads" who are actually enjoyable to be in skype w/ as opposed to douchebags like yourself who think they are sliced bread and sound like nails on a chalkboard.

#3847348 Arena Egos

Posted Synkz on 11 February 2013 - 03:53 AM

It's kind of a waterfall effect too, I've noticed. The 2500 guy will act like a jerk to the 2300 guy, so then the 2300 guy acts like a jerk to the 2000 guy and then the 2k guy acts like a jerk to the 1800 guy and 1800 like a jerk to the 1500 guy and it just keeps going.

Feels bad, man.

#3847322 Arena Egos

Posted Snackumz on 11 February 2013 - 02:50 AM

I always wondered why egos seem to be so important to arena players everywhere. whether it be titles or just being known as a good player, why does it matter so much? it seems as though people don't even venture to playing with players that may be below their league of play or even above their league of play. i still enjoy just queing with random people from trade because it can be fun, even if you play with someone that is horrible for a night there is always the off-chance that it you could have a lot of fun and maybe even meet someone that is new to arena but could potentially be really good at the game. i know it sounds stupid to even bring up a topic like this but it really seems quite prevalent within the arena community that rapidly decreases everyday, so might as well have fun playing with people that are fun to play with while it lasts.

tldr everyone is gonna call me a faggot