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#3637580 MoP DK abilities

Posted Cyraxx on 09 February 2012 - 03:33 PM

View PostCyraxx, on 09 February 2012 - 11:30 AM, said:

Hope this thread will not get flamed to the ground and bellow. :)

View PostNermó, on 09 February 2012 - 12:10 PM, said:

reading your suggestions makes me want to kill myself, i hope you dont play the game atm

View PostCyanerd, on 09 February 2012 - 12:12 PM, said:

Jesus just remove the class already.

View PostPawzz, on 09 February 2012 - 01:29 PM, said:

edit: sorry to say but dk is the most annoying class ever

View PostShadyx, on 09 February 2012 - 02:03 PM, said:

Shouldn't be approved as a class.

What was I thinking?  :lol:

#3619737 Resto Shaman Guide (Basics)

Posted Laser123 on 20 January 2012 - 07:24 PM

As the title says I'm linking a BASIC guide I just did, it won't help anyone with exp as a Resto Shaman, however it will help those that are thinking of starting a resto shaman or those that are lesser exp'd as one.

Please Subscribe if it helped you and like it, be sure to leave some feedback for furture videos and/or anything that may help me to make videos better.

Part 1:

Part 2:

Channel to Subscribe: http://www.youtube.c...HD?feature=mhee

Thanks. - Sorry about the video format, I'll change it for future videos.

#3604832 nerf this dam class

Posted Eowynnz on 03 January 2012 - 09:30 AM

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#3594781 How to Become a Gladiator - Introduction

Posted Guest on 21 December 2011 - 08:27 PM

Why should you become a Gladiator?

First of all, let me introduce myself. My name is Rodney "Talbadar" Pare, and I've been a member of the Arenajunkies community for a long time. I've gotten Gladiator on a priest from Season 3 through Season 10, and I've  participated in multiple MLGs and Blizzcon 2010/2011 3v3 Arena Tournaments. Arenajunkies has asked me to help write a guide on how any player can improve and become a prestigious Gladiator. This guide will be written over the coming weeks and will include a lot of content on a variety of topics going over what it takes to become a Gladiator. Before we go over any specifics - let's ask ourselves a very important question: Why should I want to become a Gladiator?

Let's face it, most players don't try to become Gladiators just to have those sweet blue (or red!) helmets
Posted Image
Players try to get Gladiator because they know that being a Gladiator means that they are one of the most prestigious WoW players.

Benefits of being a Gladiator

-You're known and recognized as a great player in the long term, regardless of your class, spec, gear or current season.
Most active players know what the Gladiator title means. It means you spent hours and hours playing on a top notch team and succeeded against other top players in arena. It doesn't matter what composition you played or what bracket of arena you played in - everyone will know that you are a better player than the rest. Players will send you messages on your Gladiator characters asking for tips and even recognize your alts.

-You're better at PvE. You have good situational awareness, you do more DPS, more healing, tank better and get invited to more advanced guilds.
If you went through the narrow victories, crushing defeats and learning experiences of becoming a Gladiator, then other players will know that you have great potential. Playing the game at a high level of arena or PvE requires many of the same basic concepts: good positioning, good situational awareness, high DPS, good healing, good communication and good listening skills. Having a Gladiator title will allow you to raid with better players and get invited to top-tier guilds on your server.

-You obtain the best of the best PvP Gear and receive rare and respected titles/mounts.
Gladiators wear the best PvP gear available. Gladiators who play throughout the season will not only have the best PvP gear, but they will have it faster than everyone else. Gladiators also have access to the tier 2 PvP gear with different skins and higher item level weapons. And last but certainly not least Gladiators get the 'Gladiator' title to show off to other players as well as the exclusive mount that can only be obtained once for each season of arena.

Posted Image
A prestigious Gladiator Epic Flying Mount

-Gladiators get to play with other Gladiators.
If you've obtained the Gladiator title then other Gladiators and maybe even Rank 1 players will want to play with you. You don't have to go searching for partners not knowing if they are as good as they say - good players will come to you!

-You have fun with your team and win more arenas and battlegrounds.
Gladiators have more fun because they know what to do in PvP and make less mistakes. When you make less mistakes you win more often and when you win more often you have more fun. Gladiators also win more fights in battlegrounds which can lead to faster honor and quicker victories.

Now that you understand what the benefits are to being a Gladiator let's go over what this post is all about!

What is the 'How to Become a Gladiator' Series?

Each week a new article (maybe even video!) will be released giving you, the players, insight on how to become a better player. We, the Arenajunkies Content Management Team, will go over topics including (but not limited to):
  • Keybindings and UI suggestions
  • Findings teammates to stick with
  • Communication and constructive criticism
  • Target swapping
  • What to do when 'X' happens in arena
  • Positioning as a healer, melee, or caster on all maps
  • Much more!
Even experienced Gladiators will want to read this series as we build a strong foundation for all players to work towards. With the upcoming season and MMR reset, you will want to follow along as everyone starts fresh and increase your chances of achieving Gladiator this season and seasons coming.

I'd like to conclude the first article of the Gladiator series with this final statement. You don't have to be a Gladiator to want to improve and become a better player in World of Warcraft. However, players who want to improve and become a better player should strive to become a Gladiator. Why? Because there are so many difficult aspects of the game you will learn by becoming a Gladiator that will make you a stronger player. You will learn about: better positioning, better keybindings, better macros, better DPS rotations, what to do when you get counter-spelled, what to do when your healer gets controlled, how to coordinate with your partners, how to find partners, what setups to run, how to communicate, how to take constructive criticism, when to swap targets and many more essential topics. How do you become a Gladiator, you ask? You'll find out more next week!

Also be sure to follow ArenaJunkies on Facebook and Twitter to keep up to date!

#3522286 My Rogue and Mage redesign (Patch notes)

Posted nikolas on 20 October 2011 - 02:30 PM

No TLDR. You're here because you got nothing better to do, so might aswell sit down and read.
All these changes are made with purpose to make the game more enjoyable, fun and skill based.
I've spent some hours doing a review of Rogue and Mage, and think I've landed on a pretty interesting result.
I bet Blizzard would've done this if they actually had enough resources to think.
I will comment all the changes and explain my thoughts.

- Reduce armor effects has been increased from 12% to 15% across the board.     


Melee needs buffs in pve, makes expose/sunder more attractive in pvp. Part of my scheme to promote expose armor.
- All trinkets and abilities that removes all effects that prevents you from controling your character has been increased to 2.5 min.


Never been a fan of defensive/offensive cds aligning.
- All casting increase effects has been reduced to 15%.

-Melee's and caster's mortal strike effect will now stack with eachother. Two of a kind will still only be 15% healing reduction.


Promotes "skillcomps". Keep in mind RLS wont benefit from this.

- Blind's energy cost has been increased to 25.


Blinding off the bat should be less viable.
- Cloak of Shadow's duration has been lowered to 3.5 sec.


Nothing is more annoying than watching an immune player kill your team mate
- Garrote's damage has been increased by 100%.

- Kick now interrupt for 4 sec. Energy cost increased to 20.


Might also consider 25. Interrupts of the GCD shouldnt be usable whenever. This goes for all classes.
- Gouge now has a 15 sec cooldown, but can be used from behind.


Rotating gouge is too good in the current state. Also annoying to have it dodged. Its not hard to figure where the eyes are from behind if your opponent is anotomically correct.
- Feint now reduces all damage taken by 50%, but duration is lowered to 1 sec and energy cost increased to 50.


Reactive ability that requires energy pooling. Nice to used when kited, but requires timing.
- Recuperate now restores 1% of health every 2 sec.


Down 50%. Self healing across the board needs to get nerfed.

- Energetic recovery has been reduced to 2|4|6 energy per sec. In addition the energy cost of Recuperate has been reduced to 15.


Nerfed by 25% overall. Should make haste more needed. In general too good.
- Rupture's damage has been increased by 1000%


Made it 1000%, stop whining about it now, you get the point...
- Redirect now has a 10 sec. cooldown.


To prevent rogues from becoming too tunnely with the changes to finishers as youre about to see. Might consider transfering expose/rupture with a glyph.

- Kidney Shot has it's duration lowered to 1|2|3|4|5 sec.


6 sec. stun is too good. No logic behind the 1+x design anyway.
- Premeditation has been renamed Meditation. Meditation does not require stealth.


Same reason as Redirect. Nice change anyway.
- Find weakness has been changed: Whenever you apply your exposed armor ability, you reveal a flaw in your target's defenses, causing all your attack to bypass 20|40 % of that enemy's armor for the duration.


This is an importaint change! The state some human rogues are in now is just retarded. 6 sec KS and shd and youre dead. This change make it requires more setup and promote finisher build up rather than globaling.
- The improved stealth from Vanish has been reduced to 1 sec.


Glyph remains if you like gouda.
- Spells that have a travel time will now display as miss if the Rogue Vanish as the spell is traveling. This does not apply to spells that land instantly.


Fun and skillful mechanism. Vanish instants, even tho its "intentional", is too gamebreaking.
- The base damage of Eviscerate has been reduced by 25%, but will gain an additional 0.5% damage for every percent of total health your target is missing.


More inteligent use of evis.
- Deadly Thorw has been changed to benefit more from combo points. It should now do about the same of Evicerate's base damage for every combo point.


Less of a sad moment when you have to 5 cp DT. Can now also land kills!
- Smokebomb's duration has been reduced to 3.5 sec., but it's cooldown lowered to 1.5 min.


Just a smokebomb redesign all together.
- Whenever a player tries to target an enemy player in an enemy Smokebomb, they can still cast spells, but if the cast finishes before the smoke fades, the ability will display as a miss. This also applies to healing.


Smokebomb NS much?
- Smokebomb is now off the GCD and made more responsive.


To supplement the first changes.
- Relentless Strikes now restores 5 energy per combo point.


Less RNG.
- Glyph of Garrote has been reduced to 1 sec.


4.5 sec. is too good. Period.

- Glyph of Hemorrhage has been removed.


Should be a choise to get the 10% dmg increase through Garrote/Rupture.
- Crippling Poison has been reduced to 60% movement slowing.


With the ammount of range closers rogues dont need it. Might also consider 50%.
- Mind-Numbning Poison has been reduced to 15% casting time increase.

- The PVP-glove bonus for rogues has been changed to: Changing weapons in combat will no longer trigger a global cooldown on your abilities. In addition your Throw or Shoot ability doesn't require you to stand still.


Interrupting should cost resources. Opens for more intelligent play. Not sure if Throw should be usable while auto attacking. Might become too spammy and would need a longer CD if so.

Rogue summary
I want to change the Rogue class from a oneshot shd machine into a class that relies on building up finishers to wear someone down. Getting the Exose up and running. Recu up. Rupture and SnD and were good to go! When hes low you can go over to spamming Evis. I hope you see how this punishes bad players that open ambush bs, evis, bs, bs, bs, evis. I haven't given much thought to the talent trees, as I just have a rogue alt I really never play, so shoot me if my insight is off. I basically just changed what I thought made Rogues flawed.

- Talent school specializations has been removed. Instead all spells are buffed by 25%.


I'm talking about the flat damage buff you get after choosing a specialization. Utilizing all your spells, even if it doesnt share the same color as your main nuke, should be rewarding. Not depressing.
- Polymorph's cast time has been reduced to 1.5 sec.


Might not be needed if mages go haste.
- Ice Lance has had it's damage reduced by 45%, now does tripple damage vs. frozen targets.

- Ice Lance's mana cost has been increased by 100%.


Trying to make mana matter abit more, and spamming lance should for sure not give you mana from regen.
- Frostbolt has had a 40% damage increase.


Consider I removed 20% from Shatter and 15% from Frost Specialization. Makes it a netto 5% buff.
- Mage Ward's absorption has been increased by 50% and now works on all magic effects.

- Mana Gem has been increased to ~17000 mana on level 85.


Hate seeing mages use mana gem first when they are oom, should be punishing to forget it.
- Mage Armor restores 2% of maximum mana every 5 sec. and reduces duration of magic effects by 25%


Forget the Mana Gem or waste Evoc you should go oom.
- Ring of Frost now have has a 2 sec coalesce time.


To be used with the Piercing Chill freeze which you're gonna read about very soon.
- Icy Veins's duration has been reduced to 10 sec. and cooldown reduced to 1 min.


More hardcast kill opportunities.
- Improved Freeze has been reduced to 2 talent points, and gives 1|2 charges of Fingers of Frost.


This balances the mage tree quite well and makes all talent "go up". A typical spec will now be like this: http://www.wowhead.c...h0bZZffdhsbsdro .Point is to make reactive/shatter barrier or ice shards so good that you might end up choosing away blaze speed/imp blink.
- Fingers of Frost has been redesigned: Now works will all spells. No longer increases damage of Ice Lance.


Hard cast all day long.
- Piercing Chill has been redesigned and made a reactive ability (1 Talent point): When activated, your next Frostbolt will cast instant but do no damage. If dispeled, the dispeller will be frozen in a tome for 3 sec. 15 sec CD.


A good mage can follow up with a sheep, or rof if preassured. Should make dispel less of a nobrainer. Only shares DR with itself and breaks on direct damage.
- Reactive Barrier has been renamed. No longer has Ice Barrier as a prerequirement: Tundra: When you place your ring of Frost Ability the ground will instantly freeze (doenst affect coalesce time) Slowing all enemys by 30|60% and dealing frozen damage over time.


This is more like Affix's design, even though it still entomes people. Should be an awesome asset for RMP, and the dot should tick for a considerable ammount. Remember it costs 2 talents! It WILL be a trade off.
- Shatter Barrier has been redesigned: When your Ice Barrier breaks, enemys within 10 yards are slowed by 30|60% for 5 sec. In addition, make you immune to movement slowing for 1|2 sec.


Blazing speed taken off steroids. Short dura freedom makes it "balanced" and possible to land casts.
- Glyph of Frost Armor is now a Prime Glyph


Why the hell not. I want to remove Necrotic with Icy Veins all day long with these changes.
- Glyph of Ice Lance increases critical strike ratio by 5% rather than damage.


Opens up for more haste.
- Early Frost has changed place with Imp CoC and requires you to take Piercing Chill before it. It now proccs after you use the Piercing Chill ability.


Makes it more controlable. Also you might consider not specing it.
- Ice Shards has been redesigned: Your Blizzard slows for 30|60% and can now be used with Piercing Chill (cost no mana and does no damage). In addition the damage of Ice Lance is increased by 5|10%


By now you wish I worked for Blizzard, dont you? Ice Lance gets abit lacklusting with all these nerfs. Makes the talent more attractive. Ofc it breaks stealth/camo.
- Shatter has been redesigned: Your critical strike chance on frozen targets is multiplied by 1.5|2. In addition, your critical strike chance vs frozen players is increased by 15|30%.


Fixes the problems, keeps the scaling for pve, everyone happy? Frankly it's not too hard to understand the tooltip even.
- Frost mastery has been redesigned:

Absolute zero (Base 5 mastery, 2% increase per stack per 1 point in mastery):

Casting Frostbolt causing you to lower the temperature around you. Other direct damage spells you may cast will benefit from this and become more potent, but consume the effect entirely.
This effect stacks up to 5 times and every point of mastery increases the damage for one stack by 2%. 10 sec. duration. This also unlocks a thermometer under your portrait which will become real flashy when you reach 0 *K (joke)

Explanation: The point of the Shatter and Mastery change is that they will provide a fundation which doesnt need to built upon in arena.
The FoF and Shatter change will increase the crit cap in pve to 50% and make all spells benefit from FoF, which makes crit really strong.
The mastery will have a 100% uptime in pve and provide a 10% damage increase per point of mastery (5 stacks) which when getting mastery values
around 15 will make it a 150% damage increase on lance/DF/FFB, which will make mastery extremly strong.
Haste will also be strong, but the only thing it does is increase the procc rate of FoF, which to me seems like inferior to mastery/crit.
So, what I've done is made mastery/crit really valuable in pve, but with a low uptime on mastery procc and base 30% crit vs players,
haste will be the way to go. Then again mage with no mastery will do 50% extra damage on lance/ffb with 5 bolts in a row, which  seems good enough.
Some mastery numbers.

FFB: 11500 base dmg, 2.03 crit, 5 mastery (nothing on gear), 5 stacks, 40% resi:

FFB: 14000 base dmg (trinket use), 2.03 crit, 5 mastery (nothing on gear), 5 stacks, 40% resi:

FFB: 11500 base dmg, 2.03 crit, 15 mastery, 5 stacks, 40% resi:
11500*2.03*(1+(15*0.02*5))*0.6 = 35017,5

FFB: 14000 base dmg (trinket use), 2.03 crit, 15 mastery, 5 stacks, 40% resi:
14000*2.03*(1+(15*0.02*5)) = 42630

IL: 4500 base(nerfed by 45%, multiple by 3), 2.03 crit, 5 mastery (nothing on gear), 5 stacks, 40% resi
2475*3*2.03*(1+(5*0.02*5))*0,6 = 13565,475

IL: 5500 base(nerfed by 45%, multiple by 3)(trinket use), 2.03 crit, 15 mastery, 5 stacks, 40% resi
3025*3*2.03*(1+(5*0.02*5))*0,6 = 16580,025

IL: 4500 base(nerfed by 45%, multiple by 3), 2.03 crit, 5 mastery (nothing on gear), 5 stacks, 40% resi
2475*3*2.03*(1+(15*0.02*5))*0,6 = 22609,125

IL: 5500 base(nerfed by 45%, multiple by 3)(trinket use), 2.03 crit, 15 mastery, 5 stacks, 40% resi
3025*3*2.03*(1+(15*0.02*5))*0,6 = 27633,375

With my changes, a frozen lance crit hits for about 9k, which with the current live seems very little. Keep in mind base damage of all spells might be redone with this model. Im looking at how good mastery scales.

To be honest, these numbers look really good.If you invest all your stats into reforging, you get paid of real well (66% more dmg for 10 mastery, 100% for 15 mastery, remember the 5 base),
but youll never get the 5 stacks going. If you get 15+5 mastery you might end up seeing 90k FFBs in bgs (no resi). Also, in pve, the mastery will have a 100% uptime which makes it really valuable,
while as in pvp, you kinda need to get the haste before you can get the mastery to get the uptime. And even without any mastery it still promotes hardcasting as it gives a 50% damage increase.
Might consider changing how many stacks and how much percentage they give. Forgot to factor in the glyph change on the Ice Lance calculations and left out the 10% damage increase from Ice Shards.

Mage summary
Taking a fucked up class and making it less fucked up. Very hard to know where to start, but I think I came up with some really good changes here. Cover your sheep with Piercing Chill? Oh, the Paladin got frozen from dispeling it? Guess I'll just RoF him too then. Suddenly you have a class with a much higher skill cap which just loves hardcasting!

So, what do you think? Any flaws in what I've done? And remember, just because this would nerf the classes, it would certainly make them more healthy for the game.

#3520463 Rykinia 2

Posted Tosan on 18 October 2011 - 05:15 PM


Hey guys, here's my 2nd Hunter arena vid.  Hope you like.

Thanks for watching!

#3473639 Where are the Warriors?

Posted deac00r on 06 September 2011 - 06:17 PM

#3439366 lock thread

Posted Necrolina on 16 August 2011 - 06:19 PM

Best comb:

Posted Image

Very viable, undoubtedly without counters - works for any hair type. It doesn't struggle either.

Especially good for a feral.

#3268770 Tutorial Videos for Newer Warriors

Posted Draax on 29 May 2011 - 04:40 PM

Hi guys,

I have been playing a Warrior since Vanilla WoW and have just started making videos that I think will help beginner to intermediate Warrior players in PvP. Now before you flame please re-read the previous line. This is for beginner to intermediate Warriors to help them in PvP. I understand that everyone has their own methods to do things, and that I may not do things the way top pro sponsored players do. I am fine with this, I do feel that I learn a lot from looking at how others do things, and making my own judgments on what is useful and what just won't work for me. I hope some people can find some useful information in these videos that will help them increase their game play in arenas and rated BGs

Currently I have the following videos on my channel:
-How To Setup your Warrior for PvP (Macros, Keybinds, UI and Spec)
-How To DPS as a Warrior in Arenas (Taste for Blood talent, Double Overpowers and Slam usage)
-How to setup Tell Me When addon (Track Buffs: Taste for Blood, Offensive procs, Enemy cool downs, Stuns, silences and the internal cool down on Improved Hamstring)
-Prot PvP The Flag Carrier (Swifty spoof intro-Yes it's the real Swifty, Your role as the Flag Carrier in rated BGs, Mobility, Survival and Utility)

I like to be interactive with my viewers so feel free to post comments on my YouTube page on what you would like to see a video on and I will try to do my best to make a technical breakdown on the popular requests.


Hope you enjoy the videos


#3264702 Making fake casting more rewarding

Posted isabis on 27 May 2011 - 04:51 PM

Hey, I got this idea a few days ago about making fake casting more rewarding.
We all know what is the situation with interrupts in this game nowadays, it's a real pain for a healer to catch up with healing when being nuked with random silences and controls and classes like mages can barely get a cast of when being focused. This is my attempt at fixing this problem.
How it would work is giving all healers and casters power up via talents when being interrupted while not casting.
Same as they implemented meditation for healers all around this would be done for healers and casters now.

Here's are ideas for few spec:

Holy Paladin
You gain Holy Boost buff whenever you get hit by Pummel, Kick, Counterspell etc while you are not casting. Holy Boost increases healing power of your next healing spell by 30%. Lasts 15sec.

Disc Priest
You gain Holy Shield buff whenever you get hit by Pummel, Kick, Counterspell etc while you are not casting. Holy Shield makes your next direct heal place an absorbing shield on friendly target, absorbing 30% of the amount healed. Lasts 15sec.

Frost Mage
You gain Frost Quickness buff whenever you get hit by Pummel, Kick, Counterspell etc while you are not casting. Frost Quickness reduces casting time of your next Frostbolt by 30%. Lasts 15sec.

Would require tweaking numbers a bit. This should give you an idea of what I was thinking about.
Don't mind the buff names, I wrote whatever came on my mind first. :P
What do you think about this idea?

#3249856 BlizzCon Benefit Dinner

Posted Leonardu on 20 May 2011 - 02:00 PM

Not joking here, we should fucking do it. Every AJ member donates like 20 cents and we should be able to cover it. Then we make the guy dress up as a fucking paladin wearing pink dildos and shit, and then he just brags about his pve fucking manapool and get us nerfed even more in pvp.

Lets go

#3248250 Hpal, Warrior, Mage v MLS / LSD2

Posted Belligerent on 19 May 2011 - 06:12 PM

Looks like you're playing with a paladin. Try playing with a healing class.


Posted youandiuandi on 08 May 2011 - 06:50 PM


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