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Need help as KFC!

17 March 2014 - 12:42 PM

We're playing shaman KFC, last season was our first "serious" season and we managed to break 2.2k. This season we're looking to push 2.4+/glad. We've come into some problems, mainly against wizard cleaves and was wondering if you guys could offer some advice?

main comps we have trouble with are mld, god comp, lsd, rmd/p and beast cleave, even hunter/dk/healer

They just seem to put out so much pressure, and if I don't use my trinket at the perfect time to keep pressure up or score a kill I just get spammed cc until one of my team mates die.

We normally go storm bolt into trap, or if we're vsing a shaman/spriest i'll stun them to stop grounding/MD.

I see other kfc teams that are 2400+ and i just dunno what we're doing wrong...so if you could offer some tips that would be awesome.