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General strat for WLS

09 September 2014 - 06:39 AM

So I've been playing WLS with a couple people from trade, and we've been hovering between 2k-2.2k for a few nights. We're looking to push for at least 2400 before the season ends. I'm just looking for the general strat for this comp. I'll ask the lock to dot people up asap, and if we're versing a shaman healer, I'll make a quick swap to him with stuns and coil to force some cooldowns. Sometimes it's not always that smooth though, especially against KFC, they just tunnel the lock and he has no breathing room to keep up pressure.

Now a problem I've been having, particularly with hunter teams is that I'm struggling to eat traps. I sometimes get caught without safeguard, the hunter will root me then trap the shaman. Should our lock be playing close to the shaman so he can eat them?

Also what are some comps that counter WLS so we know when to call it a night if we are queuing into nothing but counters

Need help as KFC!

17 March 2014 - 12:42 PM

We're playing shaman KFC, last season was our first "serious" season and we managed to break 2.2k. This season we're looking to push 2.4+/glad. We've come into some problems, mainly against wizard cleaves and was wondering if you guys could offer some advice?

main comps we have trouble with are mld, god comp, lsd, rmd/p and beast cleave, even hunter/dk/healer

They just seem to put out so much pressure, and if I don't use my trinket at the perfect time to keep pressure up or score a kill I just get spammed cc until one of my team mates die.

We normally go storm bolt into trap, or if we're vsing a shaman/spriest i'll stun them to stop grounding/MD.

I see other kfc teams that are 2400+ and i just dunno what we're doing wrong...so if you could offer some tips that would be awesome.