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Insane Good Resto Shaman Looking For Serious 3s

17 March 2014 - 12:15 PM

Alright, now im back here again trying to once again try and find a very solid and good players to play with, I would say that im a very good resto shaman that has the ability to predict every swaps and therfor my gameplay is passiv. I got 2.2k Last Season As Shadowplay with ez. This season im looking for something more serious that can place me with the top players. My comps that i´d love to play is. LSDv2 / MLS / RLS / KFC. I am also very active, able to play everday between 3 Am - 9 pm

Add My tag Tínkz#2966



27 February 2014 - 11:48 AM

What do i need to do / have to recive junkies?

Resto Shaman LF Serious Partners

30 January 2014 - 09:18 PM

Hello Everyone!

So, im here today to introduce myself, first before i go any further i wana say that im here in hope to find arena partners that i can play with. So yeah, im a 2.2k resto shaman which i got last in cata, im playing right now aswell, got 2.2k as highest in mop, but still struggling to get any higher because of the limits that the people im playing with. They are not as competetive as I would like them to be. My name is Tinkz, i have been playing wow for 2 years, first i played pve but quit it because it was no challange for me, and from there i started pvping, first i found it really hard but now it is simple as counting to 123.

Im looking for competitive partners who has the same goals as I do, which is to play against and be one of the top players in wow. As a person i prefer playing with calm people who has understanding of posetive thoughts, that it can push a team to victory. You should have fun while playing aswell being personal and joke around. I just love to have fun and maybe you should aswell.

at this time im styding part time to increase my grades to be able to apply to university in the future, which is next year. So, what im trying to say is that i have alot of spare time this year, so im wana take advantage of it and practise arena as much as possible.

If you are interested, please write me a private message