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#4091323 reflect meta gem

Posted Virent on 03 April 2014 - 12:52 PM

View PostMarshmellow, on 03 April 2014 - 12:29 PM, said:

I've been using it on my monk with


so many pist wizards
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#4081456 Day 3: PvP Live Tourny discussion thread

Posted Synkz on 16 March 2014 - 10:06 PM

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#3991345 scumbag reckful

Posted Fizion on 13 November 2013 - 01:27 AM

View PostNeosaurfang, on 12 November 2013 - 06:10 PM, said:

I dont watch streams because i dont use adblock and they spam 2-3 ads in a row, only person i  watch is a person that has downsyndrome and im modded so i ban people who talk shit to him as he can't read alot him self and mostly uses Text to speech and there are alot of dickheads out there saying shit to him,

Reading this makes me think you're the one with downs.

#3971215 Regarding Batens Thread on Wintrading

Posted Shawir on 23 October 2013 - 02:04 AM

u r big ddoser tho so u kinda not in the very best spot to call out ppl on anything

get a grip fgt

#3861729 ArenaJunkies Gladiator Badge Bug

Posted Polygonzz on 14 March 2013 - 06:29 PM

View PostOhhiimMvp, on 14 March 2013 - 05:55 PM, said:

Look kid, you hit gladiator once. Now let's break it down, why did you hit gladiator?

1) You played a warrior in a season that was dominated by warriors. (No Skill)
2) You played KFC. (No Skill)
3) You used a one shot macro. (No Skill)

This doesn't give you the right to come on here and act like your hot shit and start talking and posting a thread everyday about your "accomplishment" or "issues". I don't even consider S12 a legit season and I'm sure plenty of others agree. Also I don't know why you're saying I'm mad. My post doesn't even come off as mad, it's coming off as you're being annoying. Then you called me a no life, lol, I'm not even going to start, but I'm pretty sure I have a way better life than you if all you care about is getting your S12 helm on AJ in 2013...

you sound mad bro

#3946791 Hotfixes September 23

Posted Capstone on 24 September 2013 - 02:25 AM

View PostShock1911, on 24 September 2013 - 01:52 AM, said:

Chimera Shot's damage has been increased by 50%.
Explosive Shot's damage has been increased by 10%.
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#3946182 Apologies to Kpul, Exumbra from Rank 1Duelist Bigmoran

Posted Zaephyr on 23 September 2013 - 08:41 AM

View PostAngrypiexx, on 22 September 2013 - 11:38 PM, said:

yep, a typo while writing on a foreign language. pressed U instead of I on my keyboard. Meaning stands still, your act is in between ridicolous and rude. but hey, you got dem rep points

shut the fuck up

#3939082 Archpriest hired a laywer

Posted Takkitwang on 13 September 2013 - 08:39 PM

Tbh Hvidepenge, that is just cruel if it is true. Sorry, but what you did is just plain wrong. No matter who you are doing it to.

#3939329 The Truth; 5v5 Tich Disqualification

Posted Shawir on 14 September 2013 - 01:17 AM

View PostTease_, on 13 September 2013 - 04:57 PM, said:

I haven't read any comments that make him seem like a saint out of the bible, if you think that you musn't know very many kind people or hear very many kind things about people. He's just a nice person, there's no act to it. I've known Kisz for I think 2 years now, he's just truly a kind person, nothing more to it. He plays for fun and he plays with just about anyone, isn't elitist, and has played Ele since before Ele was good. Just unfortunate to see someone who plays their class well, played fairly, get dq'd.

They didn't cheat. That's the point of this thread. They honestly did nothing more than just play the game and then finish at r1, log in the next day, and have an e-mail from Blizzard saying they are DQ'd. That means ANYONE in this game who holds any title might just randomly get DQ'd. It's more the principle behind the whole thing, how win traders/ddosers/account-sharers all get to keep their titles, but a team who legitamately got R1 gets Reset. They weren't safe all season, and all top 3 r1 teams q'd on the last day of the season, leaving Kisz's team at R1. If they were cheating you better believe r2 and r3 team would of made it loud and clear to everyone.

you're irrelevant shut the fuck up

#3938939 "Charity"

Posted FuguFish on 13 September 2013 - 02:50 PM

Why isn't this post locked yet? Money means absolutely nothing and never will. The rich get richer, tend to be the most ignorant of all, and most of them deserve zero respect because the real nice guy nearly always gets fucked. If history teaches a lesson, it's that money doesn't get you remembered.

Please, if you really care then go do some real volunteer/charity work.

#3938596 Some 5.4 Resil Numbers

Posted Veev on 12 September 2013 - 10:53 PM

View PostDeadscumlord, on 12 September 2013 - 10:44 PM, said:

So how good is Resil Stacking this patch?

For most classes I'd say it's still slightly easier to obtain a 1% damage dealt increase than a 1% damage received reduction via gemming, so the trend of continuing to gem for damage will probably continue, but gemming for resil is still very effective if you know you will be getting focused (or if you being trained poses the greatest risk to the team).

#3938589 Some 5.4 Resil Numbers

Posted Veev on 12 September 2013 - 10:43 PM

Due to base resil being increased from 65% to 72%, the resil formula being slightly altered, and the addition of the new trinket resil bonus, thought people might be interested in seeing some numbers for 5.4:

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(5500 resil is about the max that you could possibly get, if fully gemming for it.)

#3938146 "Charity"

Posted Vadren on 12 September 2013 - 04:00 AM

View PostThaya, on 11 September 2013 - 11:39 PM, said:

Ugh can people stop using that stupid "where do you see yourself in 1/2/5 years from now" argument. None of you know where you will be in years, nobody in the world knows where he will be in years from now.


On a slightly serious note (and not directed at Thaya because he's cool) because I feel like decent trolling has turned into some morons actually hating these kids:

Anyone able to make a decent living right out of high school doing something they love is in a seriously advantageous position in life... As long as they're smart enough to save some of it if the source of income is volatile (like with streaming).

Even if not - Sodapoppin and Reckful (and maybe the others) are probably learning valuable skills at how to present themselves, as a public persona or otherwise, and some good business and marketing skills on top of that. Not to mention the social skills involved just in handling their followers. These can be more valuable than an education. Anyone who can't see that, or thinks the popular streamers are fucking themselves over in life by streaming now instead of going to school, either has no life experience or has bought deeply into their parent's 1970's middle class road to a safe income, get married, have kids and kill yourself bullshit. The world is changing faster than the previous generation's concept of success.

I wish I had the courage to try and make even a minimum wage streaming myself playing video games. Fortunately I do have a job I enjoy (even though I don't make 6 figures) and maybe sometime in the future I'll have enough credentials that people will actually listen to my advice (but it will probably be out dated and useless by then).

These kids tried to do something good with the tools they had available to them and good on them for that. If you don't like how they did it then you should do better or shut up (or at least be clever and funny in your trolling).

#3938074 The Truth; 5v5 Tich Disqualification

Posted Azaelz on 12 September 2013 - 02:29 AM

Posting on behalf of Kisz.


Hello again everyone,

I'm here with very good news today as we just found out that our disqualification has been reverted. I'm sure in no small part due to the efforts of everyone here who supported us.


I'm writing this now to thank everyone who helped us in any way, we truly appreciate it. I was overwhelmed by the responses I received in-game, over Skype and in this thread from all the people sending their regards and support, it means a great deal to me personally to have that many friends be there for me when the chips were down.

Hopefully everyone can see now that we were legitimate and that unfortunately Blizzard does sometimes make mistakes.

I'd like to give a shout to Xarkhorin, a Spanish EU game master who did more for us than any other person at blizzard with whom I spoke, he took the time to properly look into our case and it showed. Thank you.

Hello everyone,

As some of you may know by now the Rank-1 5v5 team on Tichondrius-US (Shindy, Iamzod, Thinkchair, Jyostar & myself (Kisz)) has been disqualified for allegedly participating in "fixed" arena matches.
Email: http://imgur.com/fC5gOC7

I'm writing this post on my teammates behalf with the intention to give our side of the story and refute these claims, nothing more. I will not be crying, flaming, linking Skype logs/screenshots or inciting drama of any kind though it may be a long read. I know that the arena community is not what it once was nor do I expect to change the status quo towards online achievements because I would never be so naïve as to think that I could. For those of you who know me personally either in-game or through my stream I would like to think that you know I would never cheat to get ahead, not in real life nor online. I generally never compete in 5s, It's more often than not a corrupted mess of meaningless ddos, win trading, sniping, paid carries and other such nastiness. This time however it did mean something to me which is why I felt the need to bring this here because I can say with conviction that every single one of the games played on our 5v5 team “dont speak english” was 100% legitimate. I've spoken to the relevant people at blizzard and there is nothing that can be done to reverse the disqualification, that's not what this is about.

On the final night there were 3 other high teams queuing that we knew about from observing in-game.

Team 1;  Novoz, Thugonomics, Veller, Snaregodx & Dannycarey
Team 2; Sodah, Talbadar, Venruki, Karvinen, Kollektiv & Nadagast
Team 3; Hansol, Dibz, Takenotez, Shapez & Dotatko (apologies if I misspelled any of your names, I feel like you probably don't all have “z” at the end haha)

Events as they happened from our point of view:

TLDR; We played against 2 games against 2 different teams on the final night (Hansol and Novoz) and beat them both legitimately, all parties involved know that there was no foul play and should be able to testify as such. We queued up that night not knowing who we would fight or what the outcome would be.

-We played consistently throughout the season with multiple different people, attaining and holding R1 for a significant portion of the season.
-Going into the last few weeks Team 1 overtook us and we proceeded to leap frog up in rating, eventually ending with our team at 2642 and theirs slightly lower.
-In the following days they queued up and also landed on 2642. We were tied, we accepted that with the knowledge that if any other teams were to approach that rating we would simply queue up again.
-Going into the final day of the season our teams were still equal and that night everybody was online. We knew that Team 2 was queuing and we were waiting to see how they did.
-Team 2 and Team 3 queue into each other 3(?) times and Team 2 is now approaching our rating, we decide to queue up.
-We play Team 3 and win.
-We queue up, we play Team 1 and win. Our rating is now 2673. This is where we ended at.
-Team 3 stops queuing and disbands their team. (found out about this later)
-Team 1 and Team 2 now queue against each other multiple times to try and catch up with our rating. We do not queue at this time because there is no need to until the winner of this series is decided, we had a significant lead.

Fast forward to the final hour and at that point we knew that Team 1 had beaten Team 2 and were close to our rating but we were unable to locate them in-game to check their arena rating. We decided to queue up with very little time left until the server downtime and face Team 1, we kill a member of their team but the server goes down before the game has ended, no points awarded or subtracted from either team. There was no way for us to know what their rating was, we didn't know who was higher until the next day when the armoury came up.

As my final thoughts I'd like to say that I met the Korean team through doing arena on Tich, I live in the UK, they live in Korea and we're both playing on US servers. Despite being across the world from each other, playing in three different time zones and not speaking the same language we were able to connect and enjoy WoW together, this is why I’ve always appreciated the internet and online gaming. The community is what both makes this game great and at the same time threatens it the most. I was very privileged to get to play with them, they are all great people and regardless of this disappointing outcome they earned their rank 1spot on Tichondrius playing arena how it was intended to be played by being friendly, enjoying their time playing and above all being fair and honest in the process.

I appreciate those of you who still make WoW enjoyable and thank you for taking the time to read this wall of text. Best of luck in Season 14.


P.S. It will always be harder to be kind and decent, especially online, but don't think for a second that it's not worth it. Better believe that.

#3932496 There's too much on the front page

Posted flannelsoff on 28 August 2013 - 10:57 PM

i was once on aj front page and i heard azael speaking out of nowhere...i thought i got the azael trojan........