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Is Seraphim really under Final Verdict in all contexts ?

14 December 2014 - 06:59 PM


As most of the time, i follow the " leaders " and do some kind of copy/paste, because some spent much time on practice, are very experienced, skillfull or all of this ... Sadly, it often leads to something like " Everyone uses the same build " with no real alternative, even if nobody's obliged to follow the " ultimate build ", most of us will follow it without even trying alternatives, and so did I until now.

I think Seraphim gives us alternatives. Maybe it's not the best " brute damage output " talent, but I think it has a real tactical potential in terms of " mini burst " to kill that flag carrier, that healer or even to train someone.

Is there some specific context where you think the same, that it has potential or is it simply " Final Verdict all the way ", and if you think so, what's missing to Seraphim to become a really good alternative to Final Verdict ?

Thanks in advance for your ideas and opinions.