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What addon is this??

13 April 2011 - 03:24 AM

//Pharaun ninja edit:

Post addon identification questions here. Please include a screenshot or at the very least a video.

At :50 in. The addon showing Barkskin; I want to know what it is. It shows dispellable buffs (Even though Barkskin isn't dispellable, maybe it's just "important" buffs?) such as BS or Unholy Frenzy/Death Wish. Thanks.

"perfect" Hunter gear (Hit-specific)

13 April 2011 - 03:03 AM

Yeah, the title is confusing. I was wondering if anyone knows what the "perfect" Hunter gearset would be, since the off-pieces all have variances with haste/resil or hit/resil. I know we need 5% Hit for PvP, but is there a way to perfectly achieve 5% through reforging and gear? I believe I seen a topic that showed this before, but I can't find it now (May have been on another class).

Obviously it will be a little off due to the higher stats on Vicious vs Bloodthirsty, but it should be close enough. Thanks.