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#4580886 Bias And Favoritism On Twitch

Posted by Slappajack on 06 May 2016 - 10:59 AM

Nice post Jack we still on for Odeon on WoW movie release ye?

O shit fam, I completely forgot that was a thing, in the deep south now so no Odeon here.

Face time it to me, I require the full Odeon experience.

I expect to see you in your Bulgarian rogue DFA crit inspired cosplay.

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#4580721 Bias And Favoritism On Twitch

Posted by Slappajack on 05 May 2016 - 09:22 PM

I didn't watch the video since every glinks thread evolves into some spread about how girl streamers are cancer and what not.

What you have to understand is when you become a personality, you are responsible for more than you could ever of thought.
I honestly don't understand why people would even watch gross gore in the first place - Generic british streamer with a shouty voice and a whine stream, but clearly there actually was a demand for it due to his popularity.

If you have an influence over a large majority of people. Slander is a massive issue, If for example another popular streamer threw a rape allegation with a backstory towards any kind of person who also has an influence over a community, such as a commentator. It becomes more of an issue than "Oh just grow some thicker skin" - Nothing can be erased on the internet and something such as an allegation can almost be as severe as calling out someone who actually did the crime. Imagine if you had a well reputed job in an extremely large successful company which obviously your friends, family and acquaintances know about and you opened your phone one day to see your co-workers, friends and family also accusing you of something awful due to the severity of the purposed crime.

These are examples of what allegations such as these can have on a person.

- Potential work opportunities turned down in any manager/community driven position due to the in-ability to contain a social media "outbreak". This means your employer could potentially receive negative press for hiring you.
"I don't want to support a company who hires pedo's" - Considering the audience for video games is often iron headed individuals who are hesitant to change their opinion, you can see why this would be a problem.

- Future and current relationships under strain/effecting performance.

- Emotional damage that the accused may have suffered from the ordeal can have extremely negative effects in later life.

Considering the average viewer of a gross gore stream is a meme spamming, loud and majority British crowd. Arguably the "loudest" demographic of audiences when it comes to twitch. Let's assume that only 2/10 people in his stream after hearing the allegation acted upon it what you have to understand is that those 2/10 are representing you as a personality/company or a brand.

"Gross gore said you did x"

If he has a million followers, 200,000 of them are directing hate, slander and threats due to his influence over them as a part of "HIS" community. Keep in mind that is only from TWITCH If he has old followers on twitter who don't follow his stream but are still part of the social media circle, the issue can very quickly spiral into thousands more doing the same thing under the mob mentality and anonymity the internet provides to communities such as his own.

Now referring to bias, lets evaluate the girl streamer conundrum.

You have Lea, runs a community of her own much like gross gore through multiple communication outlets such as twitter, twitch, Facebook the works. People are free to try and reason with this here but it should be incredibly clear to you all why there appears to be a "bias" as you call it, but in twitch tv's eyes you are comparing two completely different issues.

You have two streamers, both controversial for whatever reasons and have received multiple bans before as a slap on the wrist
"Hey stop doing that you fucking idiots"

You may not know this but Lea does actually have a degree in biology, let's assume streaming goes down the pan in the next year for god knows what reason and suddenly her and gross gore are both at the job center looking for work.

A quick google search of gross gore would show some old youtube clips, maybe some twitch vods and some reddit posts about him being banned on twitch and if it was just or not due to him being a little bit of a dick. Whilst allegations are incredibly serious the weight is on the "accused" rather than the "accuser" yes he looks like a bit of a dick, but the man clearly has communication skills to maintain a community for a number of years which a mistake, and a very serious one at that caused him to be terminated.

The employer then pulls up a google search of Lea since she has obviously but her name on the CV she handed in previously, he is then greeted by a barrage of twitchvods, Oddshots, twitter pictures and imgur albums about her "accidents".

Ot: I'm not fucking shitting you by the way, google legendarylea and look at the first result - Its even before her twitch or social media links if anyone finds that shit attractive shame on you

If you can't distinguish the difference between the two let me explain.

Lea, with that axe wound between her legs willingly gets drunk on the internet and then these accidents happen. No one is to blame for these mistakes apart from her self so she is in theory "Tarnishing her own brand". The only person she is screwing over in later life is her self, she can't say something along the lines of "Oh I was drunk" since the evidence is on the internet that this was an incredibly common occurrence and that she is not a very employable individual.

GrossGore on the other hand administered hate by making a comment about a well reputed and respected member of an incredibly large community without taking into account that his social media following could dictate the outcome of his allegation. No apology video can fix this since he put the thought of someone else being an incredibly evil human being into his viewers homes and they acted upon it by taking the issue directly to the accused. It doesn't matter how it started since there is an incredibly thin line between slander and a light hearted remarks between brands/personalities and companies - And if you don't know this as someone with some kind of social influence I would highly recommend you do some reading.

Whilst people may say the lea "accidents" could have effect on twitch's reputation, live streaming is a very community driven process. The platform itself is not directly responsible for streamers and obviously they want to give everyone a fair shot when it comes to bans ect. But with an issue such as slander with your platform being open to legal liabilities from the accused due to it showing no repercussions for emotional damage caused by allowing it to be broadcasted, you have to tackle the situation in a realistic way such as a permanent ban to avoid the same thing happening again in the future.

"oh a girl showed her gash on the internet" - Whats new it's 2016 aj.

It's not Bias, its two different issues. Stop comparing them.

edit: I should make videos instead of writing walls of text on aj - But fuck it maybe after the 15th. Plus actually watching now.

Glinks you don't understand the effect slander has by saying he can just youtube - You are quite arrogant in the way you perceive legal issues which involve social media. If he continues to youtube the same mistake can happen again. Putting a haul or a heavy lock on his community is the only way to supress the only potential of "future accusations".

When you say "In my opinion it should be fine, why did he get banned that's retarded as fuck. It's flawed logic".
Just refer to my previous wall of text. Its more more complicated and without any hate directed towards you as a person. It's great you want to share you opinion, but when you broadcast it. It requires a little more depth to give your statements some impact.
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#4578429 Mongery R1 Ddoser and Botter

Posted by Slappajack on 24 April 2016 - 08:58 AM

Who are you and why are you interrupting a child trying to raise money for a mandatory DX Racer chair.
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#4577220 Why Non-Gameplay Twitch Streams Are Bullshit

Posted by Slappajack on 20 April 2016 - 01:48 AM

What you fail to realize Glinkz (even tho i agree with almost everything you said) is that the vast majority of her viewers are simply not interested in what you or other "legit" streamers have to offer. Let's say she turns off her stream, you can be sure at least 90% of the viewers would simply go to another similar channel instead of Cdew's or any gaming content related channel.
So no, you are not competing with those twitch girl streamers, they simply don't attract the same audience, you don't share the same viewer base. (sorry for my bad english hope it's understandable)

Your English is perfect flubby. It's true, Like if you want to attract that audience you have to offer the same kind of content. So if someone watches Sodapoppin, they most likely watch Reckful or in a better example NMP's stream and maybe other streamers within the same area. It's like trying to compare Towelie/Swifty's viewers to your own.

You should work on getting your own USP (Unique selling point) - Since even though you may think it. Arena gameplay alone is no longer a USP. Anyone can que arena and unless you are playing with a personality or have something unique to other being able to Turbo or jungle or whatever at 3k MMR isn't going to cut it...Just go have a look at the league section if you think it's such a struggle here. People at super high divisions are not even passing 10 viewers and that game is entirely pvp driven with over 10x the amount of players.

Being a "Non gameplay" female streamer has a pretty obvious USP and you cannot deny it has a target market, you can't say that the reason you have less viewers is because the top 8 streamers have them all, that is simply not the case - They offer something you don't over an extended period of time.

Jah is a character, Pikaboo is a character thats why when they stream. People watch, high level gameplay is secondary to the new primary content which is the personalities behind the characters.

You have to realize you are catering to a sub section of a sub section which realistically, in business practice. Is not a good practice to go by.

(World of Warcraft "Overall brand" -> World of Warcraft: WOD -> Pvp Players -> Arena players)

Being an arena player, You interest, arena players and maybe aspiring member's of the pvp community. That's it. It's not a roast towards gameplay streamers, but I know if I turn on my stream and stream High mmr Rbgs I am only going to interest RBG players unless I have something unique to offer such as me playing with a personality or me creating interesting engaging primary content with the game being secondary.

I read some other posts about leeches ect - It's not leeching in a business sense since it's broadening your "Audience Reach". If you catch 5 fish in your net you cast....You have 5 more fish than you started with. With close to no effort or time investment. If you don't capitalize on communities then the only person who suffers is you.

And to give credit to one person who did this before they got banned, was Barry. He offered something different to other streamers (He didn't try to be the good guy he just kind of went loco at the chance) he featured content with already well reputed names within the Warcraft streaming community thus making co-alliance with already successful communities which often have returning viewers whilst also offering high level gameplay in the background.

(Note this is not a post about him as a person I literally don't care its just a way to show you guys that it is possible to break through from the third page.)

Get called a leech by one community? I bet you at least one fith of them went to that persons stream to tell them that and increased the streamers ad revenue.

Gonna bait some hate here, but who remembers when Reckful was the main Warcraft streamer and Mitch jones used to play with him all the time? Nmp is correct in the way that he says Mitch exploded when he started questing girls...See what im trying to say here? Have background content, play with popular personalities whilst developing one of your own. Offer a USP that gives your audience a reason to return (Comedy - Cringe you name it)

Smart people with networking capabilities will do better than people who don't. This is providing that you already have a unique selling point already such as in this threads case, being a non gameplay personality driven stream.

Apologies for any typo's or grammar mistakes. I am writing this from an old Samsung phone whilst my current one is charging.

Edit: As I wrote this I went on twitch and saw ElementalQt streaming a blondiewondie cosplay and averaing 10x his normal viewership, Kind of shows that even crossdressing on a livestreaming website can be a USP...9 Subscribers as I wrote this.

If you want some money people, you know what to do next.
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#4574553 Nostalrius is gone.

Posted by Slappajack on 08 April 2016 - 09:08 PM

I just wanted to say that don't take your time on nostalrius as wasted time. It kind of re taught me the values of Mmo's and whilst our current game is complete shit, I have found myself being far more social and enjoying the game tenfold.

This is coming from someone who invested 32 days played on my enhancement/elemental shaman, Just cleared MC and farmed my own Chromatic Gauntlets, Nightfall, Looting eye of Sulfuras and getting a spinal reaper on the server closing announcement and also progressing to a measly r7 in PVP from world pvping whilst farming.

It's surprising how many people I met from AJ ingame unintentionally just by joining social guilds/Questing.

There is hopes for the server being re-hosted but the experience for me was so great I don't want to tarnish the memory, special thanks to Synkz, Aae, Arazh and the rest of the Wormnation for making the game a game for me again. It was honestly the most amazing thing being able to log on any time of day and experience a living breathing world, Escapism? Maybe, but it's not exactly a bad thing and I met some amazing people doing something we all enjoyed.

If anyone I met on nost wants to keep in contact, Hit me up on europe on my Btag Jackxoxo#2810 (I wish I could change it don't ask) Or otherwise follow me and Dm me on my twitter https://twitter.com/JaquondaDB

Much love AJ friends, this is literally the most positive I have seen a thread since early mop. It's nice to see so many people sharing their experiences and thoughts.


Edit: Sums up my experience close to perfectly, just picture org bank roof with 100+ people on it. http://i.imgur.com/ThsqqNI.jpg
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#4462064 New expansion unveiling August 6th

Posted by Slappajack on 29 July 2015 - 06:11 PM

It's sad after Mop and wod both being disappointments with such high expectations that I am just not feeling the "hype" like I used too when this sort of stuff gets announced.

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#4424431 Banned for nothing???

Posted by Slappajack on 15 May 2015 - 02:07 AM

Wanna know what else is black?

Your login screen because you are banned for 6 months?
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#4423660 BANNED

Posted by Slappajack on 14 May 2015 - 04:03 AM

One of them is cheating and hurting the game, the other is not.

You botted, you didn't cheat. There is a difference, you broke the TOS either way. You don't own your account, blizzard does. You pay for the right to play on their servers. If they don't want you botting on their servers then they will ban you, it doesn't matter what bot you use if you get detected you risk getting purged.

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#4400970 Battle Fatigue-like effects: Bad or Good?

Posted by Slappajack on 16 March 2015 - 02:59 AM

Why don't we make the game the way it should be, every class should do high damage/healing so avoid this kind of shit.

aka wrath.
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#4389190 ProGameX World of Warcraft First WoD Tournament 2015 (3v3)

Posted by Slappajack on 17 February 2015 - 07:28 PM

Cant wait for double druid jungle, rld and LDD to run this tourny, going to be so much fun watching any team that isn't wallas dampen people untill 98% dampening.

aka imagine if we banned resto druids instead.
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#4388936 Your Tournament Sucks.

Posted by Slappajack on 17 February 2015 - 09:47 AM

I am such a cheating, miserable, pathetic person

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#4387238 RBG Tournament LOL

Posted by Slappajack on 14 February 2015 - 08:26 AM

Was actually better than I expected, most delays got dealt with pretty quickly - Compared to blizzcon ect. And the games where not half bad. If people keep moaning then we won't get more tourneys. Which is sad to be honest since this is by far one of the better ones.

Edit: How is panooc still allowed to post here. It's actually like reading a toddler complain about things.
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#4378196 Holinka's respond about 3s question.

Posted by Slappajack on 01 February 2015 - 06:26 AM

so what i see is, Holinka actually enjoys playing PVP - yet he cant even see the problems.
dont even know what to name it - ignorant or just an idiot with lower IQ than a potato

You realise 99% of players who also pvp don't notice the problems with it because none have ever qued at a decent level of arena. Like without any shots being fired or anything. Just go and watch a WOD swifty video, he enjoys playing the game at 1.8k mmr or whatever as double healer arms but he thinks unholy dk's are super OP because they do a lot of damage and how assassination rogues are insane because "they are good against plate". Like even though this guy is responsible for balancing our game we can only assume that he is not a high level player due to the fact that nothing remains unchanged, but he likes to keep the community on his side so he admits to playing the game so they he feels like a more "relateable" game designer/Balancer.
Also don't complain about dk balance, its just an example.....

Basically Holinka is the clueless step dad trying to fix a broken family with multitudes of children from different fathers. He can't fix their broken lives but he might as well sound like a swell guy so they all get along with him.
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#4365815 Elemental PvP ಠ益ಠ

Posted by Slappajack on 20 January 2015 - 03:39 PM

lsd is viable, but its not cancer/easy to play

Yes it is easy, because you have to do far less with the comp to succeed. Much like LSD2.0. You can technically win games by turtling and out pressuring the other team. There's nothing wrong with that, its a legitimate tactic that has been used at blizzcons/MLGs. But you cannot debate that the comp is actually hard to play for anyone who is not competing at a blizzcon level.

Unless talents get changed like the wrath -> Cata transition, you cannot really change your opinion on how easy/hard a comp is because they barely change each expansion. The principle of LSD is the same, damage - It doesn't matter that ele does less damage now and has mana problems when forced to support. The idea behind the whole comp is to do damage, followed with the support from the shaman allowing the druid to push up and control the game.

Comps that do damage are always classed as cancer, LSD/TSG/WLS ect. Because they can usually get away with more mistakes than other comps.
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#4363654 Deep Freeze breaking only from Ice Lance damage 6.1

Posted by Slappajack on 18 January 2015 - 06:28 PM

I'm glad to see people like Charred actually posting again. It's been a while since I have been able to read this website without shit posting dominating every thread, stay strong friend.

But on topic, I was looking at the mage tree and thought maybe the whole tier should be re adjusted numbers wise. For example if you doubled the values on unstable magic (60% chance - 100% Damage) and combined this with the new set bonuses, you could technically have close to wrath style game play which could be viable? Like that means at least if your playing MLS for example you can go for the turret style of play, and if your playing RMD you can take ice nova for the burst and the instant cc to help secure kills. So you could actually have a varied set of talents for better game play. Since I have to admit, I myself don't play a mage any more. But I can really see why you all dislike it so much.

Keep in mind I'm only throwing ideas out that other people may not have considered so....Obviously numbers would be tweaked and I am honestly clueless on what could be done to make frost bomb a viable choice, but I know the majority of mages hate that talent as well.

we got a pro-mage mod on the loose, this is bad news for aj, dark days ahead

Do you literally do anything apart from shit post Nowadays? Honestly curious.
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