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make it so your personal mmr gain is based upon the enemy teams MMR

like if you have a 3200 personal mmr, and the enemy team is a 2200, you gain nothing.

if the enemy team is 2700, you still gain nothing

if the enemy team is 3k, you gain a +1 or whatever it should be accordingly, etc etc.

dont allow people with 3200 personal mmrs to gain +30 just because their partners are low mmr

make it so if you have a high personal mmr, and the enemy team has a low mmr, you dont gain shit, and also put a cap on the amount your teammate can gain, so if youre 3300 mmr, your partner is 3300, and the third guy is 1200, and you win against a 2800 mmr team, the two 3300s gain +0, and the 1200 gains a cap of +30 or +40 or something

Okay so what you are proposing is that the mmr change adjusts itself based on the other teams mmr. This is a phenomenal solution and I am here to tell you why.
Once this change is put into place, a team's mmr will follow the same pattern as their rating. This is a good fix for the mmr system because due to an increase in the amount of accuracy, in how m^2r (mmr, this is explained later) is adjusted, the resulting mmrs of the entire arena ladder will become more accurate. In the interest of increasing the accuracy of this system further, blizzard is to at this point install an additional 'hidden 'hidden rating'', know as 'mmmmr'. This is matchmaker matchmaker Rating. It is hidden from view until such time as people create addons to keep track of it, and eventually blizzard puts it on the arena scoreboard. Mmmmr is known as m^4 r.

As decades pass blizzard is to increase the powers of x in m^xr by approximately 2 per 5 years; 4 per decade. This is to ensure its accuracy is good enough to compete with current game titles with far superior graphics and far more engaging gameplay but much less accurate rating systems. Through this method, blizzard will forever and ever keep world of Warcraft in it's position as the #1 esport of the human race.



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Posted stalebagel on 21 February 2013 - 01:37 AM

Legend has it for every follower he has another innocent child falls victim to his sexual misconduct.

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rep for everyone

#3844386 I remember when

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I remember fun

#3844312 I remember when

Posted Claynz on 04 February 2013 - 10:47 AM

I also remember season 11.

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Sai what happened to your rank1 last season... oh forgot you traded it and it got disbanded

#3833895 Mother russia

Posted nozzamorph on 11 January 2013 - 06:14 PM

in mother russia when u loose you gain rating.

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Of course it is on every newssite, nonetheless the dead of winehouse is on MANY sites more highlighted than the assault in norway. Didnt expect that I have to explain that for some stupid guys out there who just think about one online article someone posted on aj.

That is because IT JUST HAPPENED. That's how the news works, the story arc of Winehouse's death ends today. The Norway attacks will be in the news for weeks to come.

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