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#4396042 Gamers League RBG Fight Night

Posted by Elit3tk0 on 04 March 2015 - 05:41 AM

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Gamers League RBG Fight Night

Four teams have been chosen to participate in the first ever Gamers League RBG Fight Night. This is our first event that will happen continuously every two weeks.

The first fight night event will be occurring live on Friday, March 6th @ 8PM EST/2AM CET.

Gamers League Fight Nights will consist of four teams every two weeks with them fighting for a chance at a prize of $500 during each event. The losing teams will be eliminated until one claims the title of “Champion” at which point he must defend his rank from those who will challenge him. Join us throughout the stream for multiple giveaways and an expert analysis of each match. Casters Breakycpk and Desecration joined by analyzers Smitey and Gigasnail will be here to bring you all of the action as it happens!

Join us Friday, March 6th @ 8PM EST/2AM CET at www.gamers-league.com and twitch.tv/gamersleaguelive for the first Gamers League RBG Fight Night!


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#4395788 Warlords of dogshit

Posted by Elit3tk0 on 03 March 2015 - 06:45 PM

are you going to create a thread every time you die or what

i also wonder about the part where you think its okay to post a thread called "warlords of dogshit" and just link a vod where you do nothing but inhale a lot of air

i dont want to infract you because your next one triggers a suspension, but could you like calm down, breathe, and stop sounding like the most bitter dude in existence?

thanks in advance

feel free to discuss hunter barrage in the neighboring thread about it: http://www.arenajunk...-dear-blizzard/

edit: jk got infracted by another mod anyway

No problem Thaya,

I'll give him the infraction. ;)
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#4285524 S16 Day one - The good/bad/ugly - What blizzard can do and why they should.

Posted by Elit3tk0 on 04 December 2014 - 09:47 PM

nobody mentioned this?

This garbage has got to be some of the dumbest shit I have EVER seen in this game rofl

what a disgusting abomination

Nothing can be more abominable than the single worst combination in arena history :shaman: :warlock:

I'm sure you've paid tribute to this "ingenious" phenomenon yourself
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#4259206 True Blizzcon Winner = Dampening

Posted by Elit3tk0 on 09 November 2014 - 05:01 PM

No more flaming.
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#4217380 Playlists

Posted by Elit3tk0 on 25 September 2014 - 09:51 AM

Hey guys,

If anyone is looking for some music / tunes here's a sample of what I usually listen to. A couple people have asked so I figured others would also be interested. If you know any other songs of a similar genre to what I have then let me know because I'm always searching for new tunes.


Recently added songs are near the top.

Also, if you have a playlist of your own, I'd love to hear it. :D

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#4188553 WTF is this sh*t?!

Posted by Elit3tk0 on 08 August 2014 - 04:40 PM

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Orbe gelé = Frozen orb
Javelot de glace = Icelance
Glaçon = Icicles

Vous meurt. You're dead. xD
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#4141082 Ola Elit3tk0 modlord

Posted by Elit3tk0 on 12 June 2014 - 09:16 PM

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#4140974 [Enhance] New sham, got questionsss

Posted by Elit3tk0 on 12 June 2014 - 06:49 PM

Hey Apple,

There's some really in-depth guides for Enhance on AJ, but you should definitely check out this one made by Vanguards. http://www.arenajunk...aman-guide-547/

Most of the questions you asked should be in this thread. If you haven't already checked it out, you'll find most of your answers there.

Hopefully this helps. :D
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#4140527 Most overrated players

Posted by Elit3tk0 on 12 June 2014 - 04:26 AM

Going to have to lock the thread before name calling gets too out of hand.

It really isn't worth having player's names called out, especially when some of the people mentioned are actually better than a majority of the population, so it wouldn't be fair for them.

Anyways, most of the thread is pointless and doesn't do much besides cause problems. -_-
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#4138973 Poor roguetrainer :( No IPS = No win

Posted by Elit3tk0 on 10 June 2014 - 09:07 PM

if everyone else who doesn't feel the need to exploit in rbgs stops posting and ignores this thread then it will just be the sad idiots arguing with eachother and eventually when they see then are not getting any attention they will both stop replying to each other

they have both made it pretty obvious by admitting that they exploit that they don't give a fuck about public opinion, so people continuing to post and call them out is only encouraging them to keep on spamming his thread at this point, when its really a complete waste of time

Most of the posts were already taken care of by mods.

Hopefully the unpleasantness comes to a minimum.

Keep it classy people. :duckers:
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#4134125 Differences between EU and US Holy Palas

Posted by Elit3tk0 on 03 June 2014 - 03:29 PM

Hey ^_^

I don't post on AJ often, but I do stop by occasionally to stay in touch with news from around the globe.

US paladin choose the stat combo Mastery / Spirit , with Divine Purpose.

EU Holy Pals uses Crit/Spirit or better Crit / Haste combo, with Holy Avenger.

Is there something beyond this? comps situations or what?

I've had this question asked a fair amount of times, and I'm sure the players on EU are being asked the same thing so I figured I'd jump in to see what other people are thinking.

From my own perspective, I've been running with a Spirit / Mastery build since Season 12 before Illuminated Healing was slightly nerfed, and I still find it useful in a few situations (Illuminated Healing used to stack from Eternal Flame prior to Season 14). It can be said that the comp which is being played determines how a Paladin should reforge, and that is true to some extent. I simply find it convenient to stick to Spirit / Mastery while playing on US ladders as :priest: :mage: :paladin: / :warlock: :mage: :paladin: / :shaman: :warlock: :paladin: because many of the comps you queue into on US at high ratings include shamans or mist-weavers, and most of the time the game is prolonged. (On a side note, I also feel like the comps that queue on US are extremely limited compared to EU, and it'd be pretty significant to have a match end in quick succession.

There are actually a few comps where I tend to even go oom against, and it really helps to have the max amount of spirit, or else the game would end in the other teams favor. A handful of players tell me they don't find themselves going oom for the most part, but I can ensure you that a lengthy game against one of these teams could drain you pretty quick (Some comps to go oom against as a Paladin; :mage: :warrior: (monk) / ele :shaman: :warrior: (monk) / resto :shaman: :warlock: :warrior: / :warlock: (ele) :shaman: :druid: / enhance :shaman: :warrior: (monk) ). This is just a small list that I thought of off the top of my head, and most of them consist of :shaman: :warrior: . Usually the teams with the least amount of CC end of being the teams which I go oom against, and if I don't actually go for a drink early in the game we could lose before dampening.

US Paladins play wizardcleaves.

Also, these are just comps that I've been playing in the past month or two only because I haven't had time to mess around with other people due to exams etc., but if you are playing with wizards, you probably need a little bit more spirit if you notice games last longer than you'd expect. And with that, since I pretty much know what to expect on US ladders, I normally don't bother switching Spirit / Mastery for Crit / (Something Else) only because I don't care for buying an extra set of gear on 3 different toons. Although I DO construct two different sets for tournaments consisting of the usual Spirit / Mastery and Crit --> Spirit --> Haste. I use the second set for games that are expected to end quicker.

And even though it's good to be reforged / specced accordingly to what comp you're playing, using whatever build you like won't necessarily hold you back from winning.

Crit/haste > *

I used to run TSG in S12 and ended up getting rank 1 on a few battlegroups, and I used Spirit / Mastery which worked just fine. Whether you play with Crit or Mastery, just know what it will take to keep your team up, and know how long you'll need to do it for.

Also, during the time I've played with Mastery, I noticed on Recount that Illuminated Healing is always going to be your second biggest healing output each game behind Eternal Flame. I haven't checked this with a Crit set, but it's always good to have extra buffs scattered around your team, even if it's a shield for only 1,000. The buff could potentially be the difference of having your :mage: Alter Time stolen, or :druid: Nature's Swiftness purged.

And finally, the last thing you mentioned was playing between Divine Purpose and Holy Avenger. From my experience, Holy Avenger is a remarkably powerful talent. So powerful that... I feel like the talent is actually filled with over healing. The talent actually provides so much burst that you will pretty much top your entire team probably 2-3 teams. The only thing is, there isn't a comp that will kill your entire team 2 or even 3 times over again within a 18 second window. Without Divine Purpose, this means you're pretty much wasting all of your heals in this short burst which most of the time isn't even necessary. Not to mention, I can usually get away with healing a teammate for 2 to 3 globals to consider them safe (Holy Shock + 3 Holy Power Eternal Flame).

The problem with Holy Paladins isn't whether or not if they're able to keep their teammates up, it's more of a matter of how long they can be kept out of CC before being put into the next one. For the most part, as long as I'm not cced, I tend to keep my entire team up even without critting. As a Paladin, as long as you can make sure you won't be put into a CC for an extended period of time, you should be able to top your team despite the reforge / stats you choose to play with.

I think I covered most of the topics previously stated, but anyways hopefully this helps for you as well as others. Feel free to ask other questions in case I'm not around on AJ or let me know what you think with what I've mentioned @ www.twitch.tv/elit3tko.

Cheers :lol:
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