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#3488559 beginning dps rotation?

Posted Cloudlol on 17 September 2011 - 02:08 PM

RPD= I have no idea ive never ran it.

Unholyplay (spriest/DK)= Dot target that DK is on, and possible off dots on swap target to force spread pressure if you dont have double melle on you, mana burn healer while DK rides kill target (if you arent getting trained). If they they are stupid enough to train you just roll dots off of his gnaws on melee with a fear on them after and its over. If they train your DK fear healer wings + spikes= profit.

Shatterplay/Shattreeplay= Dots on kill target to blanket mage deeps, then when a dps is polyed with triket down blanket healer into fear/hex/sheep/clone and wings burst a target.

Shadowplay= Dot Main target and offtarget, when full fear is landed on a dps or healer and a target is at about 70% juke kick pop wings and /profit.

*edit Question*

Evangelism has to have 5 stacks for the buff to take effect before rolling dots.

i.e. if you roll dots with no stacks they will not get the 10% damage increase. Same as shadow orb consumption