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In Topic: Tired of the endless flowing tears

Today, 06:16 AM

I'm of listening to people cry about being tired of people complaining about this game.

It's dead, no one plays, look at the "Reading topic" portion of this thread, it will never break 15 users.

In Topic: Holinka you failed this game

Today, 04:42 AM

I'm actually pretty impressed with this expansion.  I'm impressed that they were somehow able to make the traditionally "skill oriented" melee option (rogues) the most brain dead class in the game.  I'm not even sure how that's doable.  I guess it started with a brain-dead spec (combat) then sprinkle in some talents (BoS + Elusiveness) and glyphs (recovery).


Yesterday, 03:56 AM

View PostCreptius, on 24 April 2015 - 09:38 PM, said:

You made a mention about "fun" factor.  People always overlook this aspect of the game when looking at balance and representation.



Shows warlocks are the 2nd least represented class in 3s.  They have similar representation to spriests.  Are they as strong as other top tier classes?  I believe so, many people just quit the class b/c it's completely gutted at the moment.  Melee rides you 24/7 and you just derp around.

Samething hurt MOP, there was sooo much instant cc that healers were spending 30-40% of arena matches sitting in cc.  I had a lot of glad level healer friends either 1. quit the game, or 2. quit healer because it was not fun spending more time holding down push to talk and narrating than actually playing the game.

Current state game, if you play a rogue, hunter, and warlock at level 100 for 30 minutes each, you will think it's insane that people put time into, and play warlocks seriously.


Yesterday, 03:51 AM

View PostVoksen, on 24 April 2015 - 08:55 PM, said:

The shit show ends when you give up on live/retail (and pmuch any Blizzard game at this point...RIP Blizzard 1994-2008).

To be serious about gaming, and I mean as a self-respecting gamer in 2015 - you have to move onto other things.  If you really need some kind of WoW nostalgia fix, there are plenty of private servers.  Unfortunately, most of them are bad (each has its various reasons like inactive, laggy, corrupt mods/GMs, etc.).  Corecraft is one of the last hopes, but I think its safe to say its been overhyped now and the moment has passed.  The sweetspot for capitalizing on people's "I want my 2008 back" nostalgia and uniting most of the old masters into a kind of centralized community was something that might have been done back in 2011-2012 (like with AT somewhat).  As it stands, that dream is dead.

To get on with your life, you have to basically let go of the game as is.  No patch is going to fix pvp under Holinka's watch.  The tarnish to WoW's image and popularity is pretty much non-recoverable.  Blizz already lets bots and cheaters fill-in certain queue slots, and nothing will revive the ladders/forums/blogs quite like the old days.  Elwynn forest and other locations are dead as fuck on even the best servers (the last time I checked there were 39 level 100's on US Tichondrius alliance during peak hours).  The GCD tournaments are a last grasp at buying another few debatably relevant months out of the game.  The list of (just plain logical/objective) reasons to quit go on and on.

If it were in my hands, I'd change the payment model completely.  Its 2015 and pay-to-play is almost more ridiculous then pay-to-win.  Like many have suggested, offering an officially sanctioned,  minimal-grind, pvp-only tourney realm is the only way to go.  If done right, it would be properly maintained, democratically balanced, and rolling-release adjusted.  A great, and perhaps the only post-2015 relevant way to support an end-of-life product, and to get people to opt-in and fork over $15/month worth.  It would probably have to cycle between variations of the "correct" seasons, however (e.g. S6-S7-S8 then back to S3-S4 then back to w/e was good in cata/mop).

Just my $0.02.

One of the most thought out posts I've seen in a while.  Couldn't agree more.


24 April 2015 - 08:17 PM

I know people like to bitch and vent, that's the only reason 95% of us check this site.  The other 5% are delusional pvp will get fixed or new to the game.  But please, show some fucking respect,

for the most broken arena season we have ever had, season 5.

It is the sole reason there are no longer titles from 2s.  Season 5 dk reached a level of god status that will never be eclipsed again in this game.  Monks were released in a broken/shit state b/c devs were scared of a dk repeat.

You had videos on warcraft movies withe one button macro Dks playing at 2600 mmr.  The top 3s comp was hunter/double healer, but they didn't wear you down, then randomly 2-3 shot you with explosive shot procs/stuns.  

I believe the pvp scene was never able to fully recover after the s5 launch and following season beastcleave shit fest.  WOTLK's popularity came off riding the coat tails of the one truly successful expansion, TBC.  It was the beginning of the end.

Please give a moment of silence to season 5.