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Today, 04:10 AM

View PostPhaelle, on 29 July 2015 - 03:33 AM, said:

It didn't involve an enhance, but to be fair the blizzcon grandfinals where Jungyup, Sleepings, and Goochi won as PHD was one of the most exciting blizzcon finals ever. People in attendance were throwing things and screaming at points, and both the wow and AJ forums practically exploded. Most of the other blizzcons you can barely even tell a crowd exists, you can mostly just hear people rustling snack bags in the crowd and 1, maybe 2, threads pop up about it.

This was due to crazy/risky ballzy play by the pally, which carried that comp.  I remember people trolling the hunter for backpedaling during games sparking "is backpedaling bad or just repositioning" debates.  The enjoyment out of that comp was watching a healer play out of his ass to carry a sub par comp.

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Yesterday, 04:15 PM

Why did you come out of stealth that early?  Did rogue sap anymore?  Doesn't look like anyone else took damage.

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Yesterday, 03:58 PM

I just saw something that got me hard,


Hunters are currently 2nd lowest represented class, infront of only monks.  I guess all those fotm hunters ran over to their mages.  This is good news enough that I'm making a comeback to pvp; going to find some 3s this weekend for the first time since Obama's first term.

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Yesterday, 03:24 PM

View PostLloix, on 28 July 2015 - 02:33 PM, said:

Why don't you guys just agree that hunter, locks, and mages have been the most consistently powerful classes in the game?

Edit: This argument is pretty WoW forum-tier

If we can agree rogues have ruled the melee tier for all of WoD; excluding ferals in 2s/duels :D

I would also put warriors and rogues into that consistently poweful tier.

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Yesterday, 02:03 PM

View PostLolflay, on 28 July 2015 - 01:22 PM, said:

I can, and I will, in a situation where Warlocks are trying to be dickheads, but until then, I patiently await in the shadows :ph34r:

We've had some pretty retarded and OP comps, the best I can remember is spell cleaves wotlk, brainless RSL in cata, and sl/sl super tanks in tbc.  If it wasn't for triple dps in cata RLS might have been one of the most broken things we've seen from a pure representation standpoint.

The run hunters have had through cata->mop->wod though, I mean you can't really compare any ranged dps class to that.  The level of broken shit, brainless tunneling comps, and auto win cc.