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WoD S3 Thoughts Hpals

21 November 2015 - 11:48 AM

I am not sure how I feel about the rise of Mistweavers cleaves. I feel like MW cleaves outclass Hpal cleaves in term of dampening capability and utility. MW TSG and Turbo seems incredibly strong. How does everyone else feel about playing Hpal in WoD season 3?

Btw, I started streaming... www.twitch.tv/vincentwong1 :)

Suggested Disc priest change for 6.2.3?

01 November 2015 - 08:33 AM

Due to the lack of disc priest representation, I think it is safe to say that disc priests could use a small buff to their kit. I was thinking maybe to change their pvp set bonuses. I noticed a lot of disc priests don't use 4 pc and hardly any use 2 pc.

So from what I notice, a lot of people don't like how disc priests don't really provide a damage buff. Monks give 5% stats, Druids 5% stats 3% vers, Paladins 550mastery or 5% stats, Shamans 5%haste/550 mastery/900vers on dispel!

As such, disc priests are the only class that doesn't provide their partners any damaging benefits. Only a dispellable fort buff. Another discontent about disc priests is that, a lot of their healing is in power word: shield, and vs a smart team that purges, purge becomes perhaps too potent.

So I suggest if they change our 4 pc to give us something like 'grace' back. Except it would be something like

"Gives your target 300 Versatility per penance cast, stacks up to 3 times for 300/600/900. Lasts 10 seconds. Magic."

This would give disc priests a reason to use 4 pc, because this would give us utility for our allies through versatility and also dispel protection

Any thoughts?

PvP changes you'd like to see (discussion thread)

28 October 2015 - 11:25 PM

Lets have a discussion on what kind of pvp changes everyone wants to see, obviously this thread will more be based on opinion than what the game may actually need. So for every change that one wants to see, lets have some reasoning for it. So then others will understand your desire for the change more. Feel free to comment on other's post as well!

I'll start,

I want to see Hpal changes, such as changing Saved by the Light and Avenging wrath. I think those two abilities are too powerful especially since they are so easy to use. I understand that WoW is trying to take away more abilities so the game is easier to play. I like that but I think the game should be a lot harder to master- It should be more interactive and requires a little bit of thinking. I suggest that Saved by the Light get changed into something like,

Saved by the light: Consumes up to 3 holy powers to shield your Beacon of Light target for 10/20/30% of their maximum life. Usable while stunned or feared. Instant. 1 min cool down.

If redesigned like this, then the player would have to consider things like 1) how much damage is about to happen? 2) Do I have enough holy power to make efficient use of this?

I also think that there should be a more effective use for holy power. I thought the whole goal with WoD was to make healers cast more. So far I mainly see Hpals as the healer that needs to cast the most (outside of wings that is).

Resto Shamans can spam unleash riptides (even when being trained) to keep themselves topped. Resto Druids spam HoTs and then genesis. Disc priests have a lot of instant healing too, especially with power word: shield and saving grace (although dispels are perhaps too potent with little to no dispel protection for priests).

As such, I would like to see changes to the 'Sanctified Wrath' talent tier. Divine Purpose making WoG instant would be a nice change. Avenging wrath in general would be a lot weaker- 20 seconds instead of 30 seconds, holy shock not getting extra CD reduction and crit during wings too. This would make holy power management a thing and not just pop wings and press heals to be full health (as easy as before).

6.2 (post 15% healing nerf) Most hated comp to fight against

31 July 2015 - 02:01 PM

Feel free to add a comp or comment on what you hate or like about the meta right now! :)


Added Lock/Shaman/X

6.2 Holy Paladin discussion

31 July 2015 - 01:53 PM

How does everyone feel about holy paladins post 15% healing nerf?