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Total War: Arena, Alpha Keys

09 July 2015 - 06:28 PM

All my friends who are interested in this type of game already got alpha keys from me or somewhere else, got 3 spare keys so might aswell post them here.

2) 38VA6-3EVD6-A8WP3

Can simply be redeemed in steam, have fun. :)

[EU] Ret lf 3s

05 July 2015 - 08:44 PM

as the title states I'm currently looking for a 3v3 team, or at least people who would be up for some games. My arenajunkies profile shows my titles, my max experience is around 2,9k which I did in season 15 by playing PHP.

My warlords experience is pretty limited to be honest. In warlords season 1 I reached something around 2,6k but didn't really bother playing more.

I'm capable of speaking english and german on a decent level, so communicating shouldn't be a problem either.

What do I expect from you? To be fair I don't expect you to be the best player I've ever met, some decent experience would be nice, obviously being able to communicate would be great.

If you're interested hook me up here, send me a PM or add my battletag which is thazable#2580.

Cheers. :)