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#4270336 Crazed Berserker and 1Hands

Posted Ezyo1000 on 20 November 2014 - 07:23 AM

View PostYoloswaggae, on 20 November 2014 - 04:11 AM, said:


maybe someone can explain the dmg difference to me? I notice the difference in the wordings for Crazed Berserker "You deal 30% additional damage when wielding only one-handed weapons."
and Gladiator Stance "Increases physical damage dealt by 20%", but where do i find those "30% increased dmg", because as you can see the average in dmg is way behind the 20% increase of Gladiator Stance with 2 1 Hand weapons as fury.

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It just means that in 6.1 or later when people are asking for buffs for fury blizz will fix this "Bug" and then pay it off like buffs and call it good.

#4270186 Crazed Berserker and 1Hands

Posted Yoloswaggae on 20 November 2014 - 04:11 AM


maybe someone can explain the dmg difference to me? I notice the difference in the wordings for Crazed Berserker "You deal 30% additional damage when wielding only one-handed weapons."
and Gladiator Stance "Increases physical damage dealt by 20%", but where do i find those "30% increased dmg", because as you can see the average in dmg is way behind the 20% increase of Gladiator Stance with 2 1 Hand weapons as fury.

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#4240564 LoseControl timer spiral

Posted Iceqt on 23 October 2014 - 06:45 AM



local o = CreateFrame("Cooldown", addonName .. unitId)



local o = CreateFrame("Cooldown", addonName .. unitId, nil, "CooldownFrameTemplate")


My modified version for WoD:

#4239946 6.1: Gforce's Guide to Protection

Posted Speedymart on 22 October 2014 - 06:26 PM

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As many are blind to the gloriousness that is gladiator stance prot, I decided to create a guide to save my fellow warriors from certain frustration. Here's to those who charge blamelessly into arena with their futile specializations that result in their imminent demise; may they soon respec at the graveyard.


Posted Image

Gladiator stance is our new level 100 talent introduced in WoD. It allows us to play prot, but in a more DPS focused roll. By taking the talent, we give up the stamina bonus from prot as well as the ability to use defensive stance. Luckily, all our spells don’t have stance requirements. We retain the simple spell rotation that once resembled MoP arms, and gain even more defensive cool downs. The only downside is no MS, but MS has been irrelevent for a very long time now.

Unfortunately you won't be using this talent, and as such gain the armor, stamina, and damage reduction bonus.

Rotation and abilities

Sit in defensive stance 24/7, do not enter battle stance under any circumstance as it's pointless.

Fortunately our abilities are very straight forward. They all just do damage, with very little actual thinking involved.  Some abilities will reset the CD of others, but that's as deep as it goes.

Execute > Shield Slam > Revenge > Devastate

As the only abilities that cost rage are Hamstring, Heroic Strike, and Shield Barrier you can just mash Heroic Strike 24/7 without a care in the world unless you're hanging on to life by a thread and need to spam barrier. Avoid being rage capped unless you are setting up a significant burst opportunity. Use heroic strike procs as they happen.

As we are prot, our thunderclaps are free, have a ~5.5 second CD, slow, and spread deep wounds. Spam that shit like no other and you'll rot the enemy as if you were arms.


Ah, talents. So many choices, how shall I ever choose!?!

I wish. Warriors have some of the worst talent choices in the game at the moment, especially as arms and fury. Prot is nearly as bad, except our talent choices are actually useful sometimes.

Posted Image

Tier One

Posted Image

Our mobility is absolutely horrendous at the moment, and after playing a bunch of games I've come to a couple of conclusions.

#1 - Use double time against mages (along with rude interruption glyph)
#2 - Use Warbringer against everything else (along with blitz glyph if double melee)

With so many classes having freedom, we simply cannot use anything else then stun. Sure, it hurts our mobility but the utility that the stun brings is just so important at the moment.

Against mages I recomend going double time, as you need it to deal with both blazing speed and blink; along with any random novas you'll find yourself in. It can be used again ferals as well, but honestly the charge stun is still very important against them. Don't even think about using double time against ret teams. Ever.

Tier Two

Posted Image

With the nerf to second wind, the only option has become enraged regeneration. Luckily it no longer requires to be enraged for the full effect, and with battle fatigue gone it’s pretty damn reliable.

Fun fact: Enraged Regen and Last Stand scale directly with health. If you’re using battle shout, swap over to command before using these two abilities in order to maximize their effects.

Fun fact #2: Last stand is different from rallying cry in that unlike cry, you do not lose the health once the effect ends. It’s essentially a free 100k+/- heal.

Tier Three

Posted Image

Execute does not scale with rage as prot, and as such the sudden death proc is a full damage execute, which hits the hardest out of all your abilites, even after the nerf.

Unyielding Strikes is in a strange situation. Anger Management is every thirty rage, however it seems to be ignoring unyielding strikes. In other words, your near free heroic strikes are reducing CDs by second each time, regardless of how much rage they cost. This can lead to very impressive CD timers, and may easily push it over SD in raw damage output. Not too sure if this is bugged or intended.

But again this depends on what comp you're running into, as warriors we have absolutely atrocious mobility and the stacks from unyielding will constantly fall off if you're not careful, while the RPPM (Random Procs per Minute) from sudden death will cause them to proc asoon as you actually can smack something again

As we aren't using Gladiator stance, Heavy Repercussions isn't even worth considering.

Tier Four

Posted Image

One of the significant changes from MoP is now Storm Bolt and Shockwave are on the same tier. This choice will really be up to which comp you play. Storm Bolt may seem better as it’s a ranged, 30 sec stun, but the skill cap for it is much lower. Getting a triple Shockwave is huge in a game, and it will also reduce the CD to 20 seconds, which is obviously shorter then Storm Bolt.

If you’re playing with a Hunter and you need some help landing those ranged traps, then take bolt. However, if you’re playing double time you can charge someone, drop a shockwave, then charge back as well. This would leave you with shockwave in case a big opportunity presented itself for some big plays.

One thing to note is both abilities scale with Anger Management. As you spam rage so quickly as prot via heroic strike, you will find yourself with 18 second CD stormbolts, and around 12 second shockwaves if you hit three targets. You can very easily DR your own stuns to immunity with this, so be aware.

Tier Five

Posted Image

With the nerf to Safeguard it is no longer our go-to talent. What you will take will be dependent on which comp you are up against.

MSR is great for those dirty wizards spamming CC, or that sense of mind that you can reflect that CC regardless of who the enemy is targeting. Reflecting the 12 second PoM sheep that is hunter trap is an amazing feeling. MSR now replaces spell reflect, and with the CD at 30 seconds you really need to understand when to use it.

Safeguard is good for those who like to train the blue all game. It’s a consistent 20% damage reduction every 30 seconds. Be aware most of the time you'll be stuck in a root while your partner dies, so it may be worthless.

Vigilance is good when you’re up against something like ret/priest/hunt where their entire kill window comes in short windows every couple of minutes.

As RMD is everywhere and I play with a blue I run Safeguard, as it's also infinitely more useful again the rediculious amount of melee cleaves at the moment. I usually only go MSR againt hunter teams, and sometimes I don't even bother as I find myself rooted out of range so often it's pointless.

Tier Six

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As we're running Anger Management, neither ability sync's up with the now 2min CD on use trinket very well. With the 1.5min Avatar change it's hard pressed to find a situation where bloodbath would be better, but it has its uses against teams that kite you hard. Bloodbath is constantly a 40 second CD without unyielding strikes, and could easily be even lower with it. Avatar hovers around a one minute CD depending on uptime.

Regardless of the comp, one minute avatar is pretty hard to argue against.

Bladestorm does too little damage as prot to be worth considering.

Tier Seven

Posted Image

Gladiator’s Resolve. Anger Management. It gives prot the ability to spam our stun and burst CDs very often.


Must Haves:

Shield Slam: Offensive dispel as part of your main rotation? Brainless application? Hell yeah!

Heroic Leap: The old 4pc bonus. When you leap, you gain a 70% sprint for three seconds.


Blitz: For triple stun/root action.

Rude Interruption: Since you'll be training casters often, this is a fun choice. How dare they try to cast. I run this most of the time, as there are plenty of oppertunities to get the bonus damage unless you're facing a double melee, in which case go blitz if needed.

Long Charge: More chasing potential for those slippery classes.

Hindering Strikes: Those shape shifting Druids won’t understand until it hits them.


WoD did a significant number of racial tweaks this time around. Recently the PvP trinkets were nerfed making Human a much weaker choice compared to before, and then they were buffed immensely in 6.1. In other words, go human.

Horde racials were nerfed into oblivion. The entire faction is unviable from a competitive standpoint. Here’s to hoping the NA community picks up on the EU way of life and everyone goes to the significantly superior Alliance.

If you become frustrated from sitting in roots all day, and you’re not playing with a Paladin, then just go Gnome. You’ll lose a significant damage bonus, but the 1minute escape artist is just so much fun.

BiS Gear List and Upgrade Patch


Bonus armor items first. Then trinkets. Then follow the biggest score difference. Legs, then waist, etc. Use the vers/mastery legs as your off-piece mainset as it gives the biggest stat allocation.

Use the 680 legendary bonus armor ring as your second ring and upgrade it to 690 when possible.

If you are in a mythic raiding group, any 690+ gear that has a better stat allocation is preferred if at all possible as long as it does not break your set bonus.

Ironicly, all the set bonus pieces give the absolute lowest stat values except for the shoulders. This mean that late into the season, you'll want to have two sets of gear. One with the 4pc set for when you're being trained and get the free rage, and one running only 2pc for the extra stats in games where you're not trained.

Stat Priority

Bonus Armor = STR > Vers > Mastery > Crit > Haste > Multi

1 STR =  1 Bonus Armor. They both give 1 AP per point, except bonus armor gives % physical damage reduction which makes it a little better in a PvP setting. However, we do have a 5% str bonus passive, which means that it's a toss up if you want the very slight extra damage, or the much bigger physical damage reduction.

There's a couple pieces of offset that have bonus armor, so be sure to grab those as it's essentially bonus strength. Flat Str/AP increases are very noticable post stat squish.

These stat weights are based off the 50% nerf to crit & multistrike in PvP. It also reduces haste as there are significant periods of time where we're simply being kited.

Bonus armor - 4.39
Vers - 1.5
Mastery - 1.44
Crit - .98
Haste - .96
Multi - .85


Posted Image

PvP gear does not have any gem sockets. I’m not happy about it either, but it is what it is.


Just a couple of must-have macros from my standpoint. There's quite a few more I use, but they are more personal then anything.

Intervene healer/DPS. Have one of these for each of them.

#showtooltip intervene
/cast [@catflaps] intervene

Intervene healer/DPS. Have one of these for each of them.

#showtooltip intervene
/cast [noharm] intervene
/targetlasttarget [noraid, noparty, noharm, exists]

Intervenes the first thing in front of you. Will not drop target, nor randomly bug out like most macros do. *No path available bug still exists, but it’s nothing that can be fixed on our end.

#showtooltip 13
/use 13
/cast unleashed rage

We no longer have recklessness or banner, so this is literally our ‘Swifty one shot macro’. It’s just your on-use (You are Human, Right?) and whichever talent you picked.

#showtooltip Mocking Banner
/targetexact Mocking Banner
/cast [noraid, noparty, noharm] Intervene
/targetlasttarget [noraid, noparty, noharm, exists]
/cast Mocking Banner

Suck it arms/fury, we still have banner intervene. This macro will not drop your target, nor randomly bug out and target random people. It is –the- best banner macro you can have, bar none.

/cast [@focus] Charge
/cast [@focus] Pummel

Space saving macro, will charge/pummel your focus depending on range. This works due to charge’s minimum range requirement.

#showtooltip Charge
/cast [harm] Charge; [help] Intervene

Charge and intervene in one macro. It’s convenient when some random pet is following the enemy if you don’t have anything else over there to charge/intervene, and using the fast intervene macro would be unwise.

#showtooltip shield slam
/cast shield slam
/cast [@arenapet1] taunt
/cast [@arenapet2] taunt
/cast [@arenapet3] taunt

Macroing taunt into your main abilities will piss a lot of pet classes off.  Really brainless but has led to plenty of pet kills in my time.

Wrap Up

Prot is insanely strong ok. Border-line overpowered good. I’ve been toying around with in for the last five months on beta, and it is the go-to an alright spec. You do twice the damage, twice the utility, and die twice as slow.

You will run kitty cleave, WLD, TSG, ATC, or any other melee cleave and enjoy it. The enemy team will become truculent the second you connect. Mainly due to the fact that they can't kill you. You are what Blizzard wanted; the result of turning our favorite spec into unplayability, followed by nerfing the your other spec, and finally resigning to simply do what they wanted and become god incarnate a walking blob while having fun.

#4190662 Just a reminder to WoD devs if they ever do read this board

Posted Lolflay on 13 August 2014 - 02:16 AM

1) Remove Parry. It's so fucking stupid that it's unreal. Seriously, NO MORE parrying in PvP. Balance around it accordingly.

( might as well remove dodge as well, outside of stuff like evasion )

2) Melees were balanced around having infinite resources. Casters were balanced around having finite ( or infinite, but with proper management and gameplay ) resources. The solution isn't to add infinite mana to casters and make melees do better sustained, the solution is to KEEP the previous solution going strong.

That is all. ( also, well done making ability prune so hurtful for casters as opposed to melees )

#4189537 Lf script to show only current hp on unit frames.

Posted Aelwi on 10 August 2014 - 10:00 AM

Should do the trick:
/run hooksecurefunc("TextStatusBar_UpdateTextStringWithValues",function(f,s) if f.TextString then local t=s:GetText()if t then s:SetText(t:gsub(" / .*",""))end end end)

#4188604 Lf script to show only current hp on unit frames.

Posted glonglon on 08 August 2014 - 05:44 PM

Glad I could help, spyro will probably come up with a script soon :)

Btw, If you also want to return the mana value of an unit you can easily do it using the UnitMana api.

#4188196 Lf script to show only current hp on unit frames.

Posted glonglon on 08 August 2014 - 03:31 AM

Hi Thazable,

I don't know how to do it with a script but you can easily return the life value of an unit using a weakauras custom function and the unitHealth api.

Step #1 : Download weakauras.

Step #2 : Launch the game with the addon enabled and type : "/wa".

Step #3 : Create a new text aura :

Posted Image

Step #4 : Go to the display tab and  put "%c" as a display text (%c means custom function) :

Posted Image

Step #5 : Expand the text editor and copy-paste this custom function that'll return your character hp in an abbreviate value :

local health = UnitHealth("player")
-- Replace player by target, partyX, arenaX if you want to display the life value of those units
local abbr = ""
if health >= 1000 then
health = health / 1000
abbr = "k"
if health >= 1000 then
health = health / 1000
abbr = "m"

return ("%.0f%s"):format(health, abbr)

Step #6 : Now go to the trigger tab, select custom trigger and use these trigger and untrigger :

Posted Image

Step #7 : Go to the load and select paladin :

Posted Image

Step #8 : And voilà it works now, you can move the text aura close to the frame of the corresponding unit :)

Posted Image

Step #9 : If you like fancy stuff, you can change the color and font in the display tab, for example I like to see health numbers in green, you can also make a custom color function to change the color of the text according to the life percentage of the target :

Posted Image

Hope this helps,

#4167241 Ferals. My opinion. #honest

Posted Clickerz on 11 July 2014 - 07:03 PM

To start let me introduce myself

I am yipz! I started to play feral back at the very end of Wotlk in which expansion I played a holy paladin. When I made the transition,although my original plan was to play resto, I fell in love with feral. I was already a serious pvp and high rating contender on hpaladin in wotlk and once cata came I went full on feral achieving gladiator and r1 ranks very quickly and improving a huge amount in short windows of time.

Once mop hit I reached my peak in pvp and I am playing at my top level. Through the years I have learned many things about feral druid and feel like I have a good grasp on how the game works.

pt 1 - current feral in MoP

Currently in MoP we are in the last season, prideful, and feral is very strong...... somewhat. Feral is strong vs players that arent at the tip top of their gameplay. The high consistant dmg and playing with a class such as a hunter allows weaker players to be punished easily by the fast gameplay! Which is good.... but leaves the problem about what to do vs those top players!

Top players will abuse feral druids.we have no way of avoiding cc like other melee

warriors- spell reflect, charge, stormbolt
shamans(enh)- grounding, windshear, instant hex
rogues- cloak of shadows(not to mention rogues getting cc'ed doesnt amtter their damage comes in short burst windows 3-5 seconds not the case for other melee)
dks- dark sim, ams, deathgrip, asphixiate
ret paladins- range HoJ, bubble(one of the weaker melees
WW monks - incap, abilitiy to port cc, many different stuns

ferals, typhoon..... and thats it. It makes feral druids very easily cc'ed thus causing the issue that top players can take advantage of them

Thus feral is just a damage bot class currently. As we have no way to disrupt the flow of the game we are helpless in many situations and rely on our partners to do everything for us. Which is most definitely not an enjoyable way to play the game.

A warrior can tripple shockwave an enemy team or stormbolt a different player to open up space for their team

A shaman can assist with tremors and dispels and instant hexes and groundings

A monk can incap from range and keep the dps their on stunlocked

A rogue can stun the entire enemy team or silence them with the push of one cd

ferals have nothing to prevent things. Yes we have a tool called disorient roar but its not reliable or valid enough to be called something that can make or break the flow of the game. casted cyclone on a melee class when you need to be keeping up consistant damage in your rotations is fairly hard to do against competent teams.

Its enjoyable to feel like your contributing to your teams arena match. But currently as feral... doing dmg... doesnt really feel like Im contributing very much at all.

Obviously its too late into the expansion to change anything so Ill go to the pt2 in looking into WoD and changes I would like to see happen and how they could make feral a more enjoyable class for all

Pt 2 WoD and feral druids and the current outlook

In WoD it looks like they want to turn ferals into hybrid healers, with little to no CC. While this seems like a great prospect for 1v1's as the healing power will make ferals very tanking it yet again lacks the control and feel like your adding to an arena match and a setup to kill.

Healing is fine, and having healing utensils is great as a hybrid class. I believe they should. But I also feel to have a fluid feeling melee class is important to success in the fun department aswell as seeing results in pvp arena.

What they did right!
They made it so savage roar is now passive and combo points are no longer target based but you can switch them from player to player. This allows great potential for a high skill cap on feral as you will have more options to maim(a stun) and be able to swap easily with bleeds to score a kill! I LOVE IT its so much fun being able to off maim a healer and cast a cyclone out of it with a root on the dps is so enjoyable. Actually being able to do things is sooo much fun. Being able to cc with a stun and feel like your peeling effectively without losing dmg(more combo points) is really enjoyable.

what is still going wrong
I fear even with these changes the problem will remain the same. Feral is easily cc'ed aswell as the team mates on their team because their lack of descriptiveness. I could copy and paste exactly what I had up top but feral still has no real ranged way of stopping or preventing any cc or changing the flow of the game.

I also dislike the removal of hibernate and roots... only using pred procs on healing is boring and doesnt give you a choice which is a powerful thing... while they are trying to remove keybinds I believe removing a staple of druids (hibernate) is silly and unnecessary

make feral immune to all cc sure... but it wont change the fact we cant stop our healer or dps from getting cc'ed.(obviously dont do that) but Im just trying to make a point.

A melee class should be disruptive and not simply there to do dmg.. just feels on early beta hope someone can understnad what Im talkin about

#4185220 Deaf player hitting 2200 in 3s

Posted Elixa on 03 August 2014 - 06:22 PM

Hitting 2.2k 3 seasons in a row was pretty awesome for me. I ran god comp with friends for funzies, but didn't realize were doing so good for our first night of playing together at 2300 mmr and no they are not gladiators. So yeah thought I'd try this, in search of players for arena or rbgs. Over 2k-2.1k cr on 4 toons this season for both arena and rbg. Looking to play on my 2100 cr hpriest for both 3s/5s and 2040 cr dk for rbgs. 2k cr in arena as well, but prefer rbgs more on it. Maryjane#1856


#4182460 Make enemy druid shroom red like RoF/bomb

Posted Fedx on 30 July 2014 - 06:52 PM

I guess blizzard could make the green circle red instead of green so you know which one heals you and which one doesn't. What do you guys think? This maybe has been said before idk im new here :)

#4168399 becoming a good rogue ? reply please

Posted glonglon on 13 July 2014 - 04:44 AM

View Postkidace, on 12 July 2014 - 10:56 PM, said:

Becoming a good rogue ? reply please

Step 1 : Enable GladiatorlosSa, your game awareness will automatically reach the "jedi" level.

Posted Image

Step 2 : Become a focus drug addict (gungho, athene xtreme...), this will allow you to perform those "khuna style" pre-kicks.

Posted Image

Step 3 : Buy gunnar glasses, this will allow you to tryhard 200 arena games in a row without eyestrain.
Posted Image

Step 3a : If gunnar glasses are too expansive for you, remember that you can easily build custom ones with piss bottles.

Posted Image

Hope this helps,

#4164670 Ret on Beta

Posted Crono_Smash on 08 July 2014 - 02:26 PM

View PostAnimefreak3K, on 08 July 2014 - 01:30 PM, said:

No, it's gone for us.
Damagepush is only possible through AV, Glyhe "Word of Glory" and 4pc PvP-Set bonus. Goes up from 100% to >140% if everything is up.

Add Crøno ;D

I'll miss Guardian...

And if you look at the numbers I gave you, you'll see that our melee damage (auto attack, CS) is higher and our ranged damage (Exo, judge) is lower.

Our damage SHOULD be about the same, but most of us on beta agree it's REALLY LOW. We just can't kill someone and if we're not with EmpSeals, we get killed eventualy. I think our baseline survivabiltiy should go like 5% up, with EmpSeals Insight 5% down and overall damage about 10% up at least.

Interesting fact, Blizz is nerfing Ret ranged to buff melee...

Anyway, they keep saying Ret is only getting number tweeks and if done right, we'll be OK - except for RBGs of course.

#4164445 Ret on Beta

Posted Crono_Smash on 08 July 2014 - 02:13 AM

Thanks Animefreak =D

Pasting what I got so far:



MoP = Live 5.4, Full Conquest Gear, with Inq up and Might
WoD = Beta 6.0, Full Conquest Gear, with Might
The middle line, is how much it suposed to be if only the squish were applied. (MoP/100*43)

Life = Health Pool
Dif% = The % difference between both servers (so the squish is should make all numbers be 43% of the original)
Crit, Mast = Obvious, strait from character panel
Exo CD = Obvious too, just so we know how much slower ou rotation will be (15%)
ExoD = Damage of Exo
Judge, Auto Attack, CS, Hand of Light, FoL, WoG, TV = the respective damage of each

Still, with EmpSeals we're near indestructible on duels because of insight healing + justice kite.

Overall, our damage is WEAK and healing STRONG. Must be fixed soon, and seriously.

Other info:

- Can cast 4 to 5 FoL on sequence.

-Sacred Shield or Eternal Flame can multistrike, please describe the mechanism.
SS cannot Multistrike, EF can.

-Youtube lots of duels
Made a video, gonna take some time to upload/etc. So as soon as possible.

-In comparison to ret paladins current capability of healing, do we heal more or less?
Without EmpSeals, just a little more than on live but with Insight EmpS, we’re indestructible.

-Do you think it is possible to outheal some dps as long as they don't have CD's up?
Yeah, with EmpSeals.

-Do eternal flame or sacred shield look any good?
Not enough. SS is absorving 10k of 250k healthpool and EF ticking for 1k.

-If you freedom yourself two times in a row while sitting any CC, will the duration be reduced by both freedoms or just by the first?
It’s really, not a stackable but all CCs with it active are reduced.

#4164205 Ret on Beta

Posted Animefreak3K on 07 July 2014 - 07:26 PM


if you freedom yourself two times in a row while sitting any CC, will the duration be reduced by both freedoms or just by the first?

It's not possible, you gain a buff that doesn't stack. Even if this would work, you would be silly, du use it this way ;) .


is ret/hunt strong?

Yes it's still strong. Maybe stronger than on live, because Huntes get more slows and passive Healings aren't balance (as i mentioned before).


Still, with EmpSeals, our Seal of Justice give us some insane survivability because of mobility and Seal of Insight heals for OK, not awesome but is really worth swaping.

And kinda op, because of the massive heal you gain - through the hole fight.

The buff from SoJ with emp. seals can be combinated with pursuit of justice. Very nice ;) .